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									Print out and save this file - your Government Gateway User ID is your login to this site

What do I need to do with the email you send me? We will send you an email, and we need you to do two things: 1. Click on the link in the email to confirm that we have the correct email address 2. Print out a copy of the email, or save it electronically in a safe place - if you forget your User ID or password, you'll need a personal reset phrase given in the email What do I do if I have forgotten my password? Retrieve the saved email. Go to and you will be guided to enter your memorable word (which might be your mother's maiden name, depending on which word you chose) and the reset phrase given in the email. The combination of these two pieces of information is a special security combination that allows us to issue you a new password. If you have signed up for other services (see below) you may be asked for additional information that you would have access to as a user of that service. Where else can I use this User ID? Your Government Gateway User ID is used for a range of government services to business including VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax, PEACH and NCTS. For each service, you will need to supply additional facts to ensure your security - but after this, your User ID and password will let you in every time. You can also use your User ID across the network of sites, including for users in Northern Ireland. What type of User ID is this? If you told us you were a sole trader when you registered with Business Link, we gave you an individual Government Gateway ID. If you told us you were any other kind of business, we gave you an organisational Government Gateway ID. This is based on our best estimate of the other services you will want to use. A small number of government services will only accept one or another. If you require a different type of account for a different service, you'll be able to acquire it when you sign up for the service in question. All you need to do is not enter your existing Government Gateway User ID and password when you sign up for the new service, and you'll be given a second ID for the service in question.

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