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					Building C/C++/Fortran Applications for
OpenSolaris and Linux

Vijay Tatkar
Sr. Engineering Manager, Sun Developer Tools

• Industry Challenges for Application Developers
• Use Sun Studio to Optimize Application Performance
• Single Source for OpenSolaris and Linux Platforms
• Enhanced GCC Source Compatibility in Sun Studio
• Building Parallel Applications
• Increase Productivity with NetBeans-based IDE
• Call to Action: Download, Developer Services, ...
• Q&A

Microprocessor Trends
•   Between 1993 and 1999 - average CPU
    clock speed increased tenfold
•   What killed my 10 GHz CPU?
    > Design impediments to HW approach of
       increasing performance
         ● heat
         ● power consumption
         ● slow memory

•   Implications:
     > Multi-core chips everywhere: SPARC(8-
       cores, 64 threads), Intel(4-cores), AMD(4-
       cores), ...
     > Parallelism is the new speedup

                       The GHz chip clock race is over!
Industry Trends
      Multi-core Development            Heterogeneous Development
      New challenges require new SW     ●
                                            Multi-platform development -
      development                           OpenSolaris & Linux
                                            Lack of advanced toolchain –
                                            developers need freedom and

          Compatibility                                     IDE
      OS Compatibility - RHEL 3 -> 4-   ●
                                            New generation uses IDEs
      > 5 difficult transition          ●
                                            Poor satisfaction with C/C++/Fortran
      Toolchain Compatibility – g++         IDEs on Solaris and Linux

Sun Studio 12
        Performance                     Parallelism
  • Maximize Application          • Simplify Multi-core and
   Performance                      parallel application

      Productivity                        Platforms
 • Improves productivity           • Single source for
  with a next generation            Linux, Solaris and
  IDE                               OpenSolaris; SPARC
                                    and x86

Sun Studio Software Overview
Integrated Toolchain

    Compilers: Record setting parallelizing C/C++/Fortran Compilers
    IDE: Award winning NetBeans-based IDE
     > Command-line and GUI

•   Code and Memory Debuggers: Stable, Scriptable, Multilingual
    > dbx: Easily debug multi-threaded apps
    > RTC: memory leak, access, usage

•   Performance Analyzer: Application Profiling Tool
    > Identify hot-spots
    > MPI Profiler/Analyzer

•   Thread Analyzer: Multi-threading tool
     > Detect race and deadlock conditions

•   D-Light GUI Plug-in
•   Multi-core Support: Tools, Optimizations, High Performance Libraries, OpenMP v3.0 API,
    OpenMPI (Sun HPC Cluster Tools)
•   Platform Support: SPARC (Soalris OS) , x86/x64 (OpenSolaris, Solaris & Linux Oss)


Write Fast Applications

World Record-setting Parallelizing Compilers
  Sun Fire X4600                                                 Sun Blade X6250
     ❏ Best in Class SPECOMP L2001:                                 ❏ Best in Class SPECint2006:
        11% Faster than HP DL585 G2                                    69% Faster than IBM BladeCenter LS21
     ❏ Best in Class SPECint_rate2006                                  28%Faster than HP Proliant BL20p G4
     ❏ X86 champ on SPECfp_rate2000                              Sun Blade X6220
     ❏ Fastest SPECfp_2000 system on planet (7/2006)                ❏ Best in Class SPECOMP M2001:
        beating even IBM Power5+ systems                               126% Faster than IBM/Power5
  Sun Fire X4200, X4100, X2200_M2
     ❏ Sun snatches two World Records in new SPEC CPU2006
        benchmark: SPECint2006 and SPECfp2006

 UltraSPARC T2 (8 cores/64 Threads)
     ❏ Best Chip score on SPECintrate 2006 and SPECfprate 2006

        Dozens of Recent Industry-based Benchmarks!
Maximize Application Performance
Sun Studio 12 vs. Sun Sudio 11 & GCC
      Sun Studio 11 vs. Sun Studio 12 (SPARC)                                                      Sun Studio 11 vs. Sun Studio 12 (x86/x64)
             Throughput Measurement

                                                                               27%                                                               16 %
SPECINT                                                                                      SPECINT

                                                                             Sun Studio 11                                                      Sun Studio 11
                                                                             Sun Studio 12                                                      Sun Studio 12

SPECFP                                                                                       SPECFP
                                                                              21 %                                                               15 %

          0    0.25         0.5          0.75      1         1.25      1.5                             0       0.25   0.5   0.75   1     1.25

          GCC 4.1 vs. Sun Studio 12 (SPARC)                                                                GCC 4.1 vs. Sun Studio 12 (x86/x64)

                                                                              38 %                                                               13 %
SPECINT                                                                                      SPECINT

                                                                             GCC 4.1                                                            GCC 4.1
                                                                             Sun Studio 12                                                      Sun Studio 12

 SPECFP                                                                                      SPECFP

                                                                              93 %                                                              18 %

          0   0.25    0.5         0.75     1    1.25   1.5      1.75    2                              0       0.25   0.5   0.75   1     1.25                   9
Runtime Performance Optimizations
Sun Invests in Compiler Performance
Optimized performance for each                                                      SPARC optimizations
target system: UltraSPARC, X86,                                                       ●    Niagara, US-IV+, US-IIIi
and x64 - maximal system                                                                   optimizations
                                                                                      ●    Linkopt
                                                                                      ●    New CoolTools for
  ●   Automatic parallelization and                                                        UltraSPARC development:
      vectorization                                                                        ATS, SPOT, Discover, ...
 ●   High-level loop                                                                  ●    KPIC optimizationsBinary optimizations to improve cache
     transformations                                                                  ●    Modulo Scheduling
 ●   Interprocedural optimizations Common                                 UltraSPARC
                                                                                      ●    Block Scoped optimizations
 ●   Profile-Guided Optimizations
 ●   Advanced OpenMP support Optimizations                                 Optimizations
 ●   Prefetch support for newer
     systems                                                                               X86 optimizations
     Aggressive inlining and cloning
                                                                                               >     SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3,

 ●   More efficient machine resource utilization (throughput)
 ●   Optimization of (-xbuiltin) calls                                                               SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4a
 ●   Inline template (assembly) code                                                                  instr in assembler and
     Alias-based type disambiguation

     Highly optimized code generation

 ●   Options to exploit advanced architecture pipelines, cache,                                >     Instruction selection
     Linker scoped variables                                  Math libs     x86/x64                  for each target chip
 ●   Class Hierarchy Analysis + Optimization                              Optimizations        >     Alignment
Optimized Math Libraries                                                                       >     Vectorization
 ●   Maximally optimized                                                                       >     Instruction scheduling
     advanced math libraries                                                                   >     Strength reduction
     (BLAS, FFT, LAPACK)                                                                       >     Branch prediction
 ●   libm, libmvec, libmopt, libmil                                                            >     Induction variable elim
 ●   Libsunmath                                                                                >     Invariant hoisting
 ●   MedliaLib, SSE(Math) intrinsics                                                           >     Loop interchange
                                                                                               >     Loop unswitching
                                                                                               >     Alignment of symbol blocks
                                                                                               >     Loop unrolling


Unifying OpenSolaris and Linux

Full Support for OpenSolaris and Linux
   •   Customers have heterogeneous OpenSolaris + Linux
        > Single advanced toolset for both platforms
        > Same sources, same features, same components,
           same performance
   •   Sun Studio now supports Linux to ease multi-platform
        > Complete feature set available on Linux
        > C, C++, and Fortran compilers, with optimized math
           and standard libraries and solvers
        > Stable C++ ABI for Linux
        > Improved GCC source compatibility with feature
           extensions like __attribute__, asm_inlines, etc
        > OpenMP and MPI support
        > Dbx, Performance Analyzer, Thread Analyzer, RTC,
           NB-Based IDE, dmake, ...
        > Industrial grade individual developer and enterprise
           support options

Be Smart. Be Compatible.
  •   Compatibility between releases
      > Allows developers to upgrade their
         environment and continue innovating
         (versus reworking code)
      > Leader in C++ ABI compatibility- link
         with objects produced by earlier
  •   Enhanced GCC compatibility
      > Eases adoption of Sun Studio for GCC-
         based developers
      > Improved source and binary
  •   Solaris Binary Compatibility Guarantee
      > With Sun Studio software
      > Source and binary compatibility

Binary compatibility with gcc
 #include <stdio.h>
 extern void   hello_gcc();
 void hello_suncc(void)
                                       void hello_gcc(void)
         printf("Hello from SUN\n");
                                           printf("Hello from GNU\n");
 void main(void)

 $ gcc hello_gcc.c -c
 $ cc main.c hello_gcc.o

 $ ./a.out
 Hello from SUN
 Hello from GNU


Simplifying Multi-threaded and Multi-
         core Development

Compiler Support for Parallel Apps

                     Sun Studio Developer Tools

                       Easiest                           Hardest

           AutoPar          P-Threads           OpenMP             MPI

        libumem         Atomic        Solaris       Posix          Event
                      Operations     Threads       Threads         Ports


                  UltraSPARC T1/T2
                    SPARC64 VI,
                   UltraSPARC IV+                                          16
Automatic Parallelization

What is OpenMP?
• Language extensions for writing shared-memory parallel applications
    in C, C++ and Fortran
•   Consists of:
     > Compiler directives (pragmas)
     > Runtime routines (libmtsk)
     > Environment variables
•   Advantages
     > Incremental parallelization of source code
     > Small(er) amount of programming effort
     > Good performance and scalability
     > Portable across variety of vendor compilers
•   Sun Studio 12 supports OpenMP 2.5
•   Sun Studio Express 07/08 supports OpenMP 3.0
        OpenMP: defacto standard for creating parallel
         applications, supported by all major vendors
Parallelism: Opportunities vs. Challenges
• Speed ups can be impressive depending on application type with little
  or incremental programming effort
  > modulo: Amdahl's Law
• Challenges are subtle, difficult to track, very hard to prove
  > Parallelism leads to data access contention / memory stomping
  > Data races and deadlock detection is a harder debugging, profiling,
      performance problem to track and fix
• Sun Studio offers Tools support:
  > Thread Analyzer - pinpoints data-races and locks
  > Performance Analyzer and Debugger(dbx) - Multi-thread, OpenMP and
      autopar aware

Thread Analyzer
 • Race and Deadlock detection Tool
   > Identifies non-deterministic or incorrect
     > Identifies actual and potential deadlock
 •   Supports multi-threaded applications:
     POSIX, Solaris and OpenMP Threads
 •   Easy to use GUI - Integrated into IDE
 •   API provided to inform Thread Analyzer of
     user-defined synchronizations
 •   Supports C, C++ and Fortran

• Based on dbx, with easy to use GUI integrated in IDE
• Multi-thread aware
  > Debug optimized code
  > Debug POSIX threaded and OpenMP parallelized code
  > GUI Threads Interface - Browse, select, view active threads
  > Monitor thread entry point, PC, events, LWPs
  > Programmable event-triggered actions
• Supports C/C++, Fortran
• RunTime Checking for Memory leak issues:
  > Out of bounds access checks
  > memory leaks / usage
• Multi-session, follow-fork, attach to running process
• Fix and Continue
   > Quick recompile and reload (without restarting debugging session)

Performance Analyzer
 •   Assess the performance of your multi-threaded application
     > Identify hot-spots
     > Offers performance data at statement, instruction, routine level
     > Tune your application
     > Displays Compiler Commentary describing optimizations
 •   Supports POSIX threaded, OpenMP parallelization and MPI
 •   Works with unmodified binaries - low overhead
 •   Easy to use GUI – Integrated into IDE
 • Displays various performance metrics, understand where time is being
   > Timeline, HW Counters, Synchronization delay, Memory allocation, MPI
      tracing metrics
 • Supports C/C++, Fortran and Java


Build applications faster

Next Generation IDE
 • Background
   > New generation of developers
      want sophisticated IDE (vs
      command line tools only)
   > Market study: low satisfaction
      rating for current IDEs on Unix
 • Key Features
   > Sun Studio 12 based on
      NetBeans 5.5.1
   > Intelligent Language-Aware
      Editor – code completion, code
      folding, syntax highlighting, etc.
   > Dynamic class browser
   > Wizard for creating Makefiles
   > Full GUI Integration with Sun
      Studio Tools
   > Highly configurablel

Sun Studio IDE Details
•   First hour productivity
    > Ease of installation and configuration
    > Existing application migration: based on makefile or configure
    > New application development: templates, makefile wizard
•   Project system: imposing structure without reorganizing
•   Logical source browsing: classview
•   GUI Editor
•   C/C++ integration in editor: code completion and more
•   Sun Studio tool-chain integration: Debugger (dbx), Performance analyzer,
    Thread analyzer
•   Version control system integration
•   Plug-ins: C/C++ refactoring, Call graph, Assembler editor ...
•   DEMO!

Demo: IDE, Debugger,
Analyzer on an MT app

New in Development

Studio Express: Mapping the Road Ahead

 •   Preview Releases of Sun Studio
 •   Introduce new functionality and invite developers
     to help drive tweaks, changes, features in future
 •   Direct feedback to engineering staff via forums
     and online bug/RFE submission
 •   Almost Quarterly Releases:
     > 7/08: MPI Profiler, OpenMP3.0
     > 5/08: OpenSolaris repository
     > 2/08: Improved IDE (based on NB 6.0)
     > 6/07: Project D-Light showcased at J1
     > 2/07: Early Access for SS12
     > 12/06: Upgraded to NB 5.5.1
     > 8/06: Sun Compilers for Linux
     > 6/06: Thread Analyzer Previewed

Try out these new features
•   Compilers
    > Support new x86 features: SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4a, sparcima, SPARC64 VI,
       SPARC64 VII, UltraSPARC T2
    > Optimize for new Penryn, Barcelona and (upcoming)Nehalem, SPARC64 (Fujitsu/OPL Sun
       Systems), UltraSPARC T2+
    > OpenMP 3.0 API support
    > Improved GCC source compatibility

•   Project D-light
    > Ease to use observability toolkit

•   Dtrace GUI Plugin for Sun Studio/NetBeans
•   MPI Profiler and support for Open MPI / ClusterTools 8.0
•   CoolTools
    > Automatic Tuning System, Sun Grid Compiler, Analysis and Coverage Tools

•   IDE based on NetBeans 6.1
     > Class hierarchy browser
     > Go to {Type, Include, Function}
     > Assembler Plugin

Sun Developer Community
   Training Support


Sun Developer Services Portfolio
    Building Blocks for Success                                                     Peace of mind
                                                                       Build Maintain

                                                                    Sun Developer         MultiPlatform
                                              Sun Software          Service Plans        Support Offering
                          Sun Developer       Service Plans                          ●    Mission-
    Training and             Expert                             ●   Telephone             critical Java™
                                              Telephone             support
    Certification          Assistance         support                                     support
    Novice to                                                   ●   Unlimited        ●
                      ●   Code level      ●
                                              Releases,             code support
    advanced              support             patches, online                             environments
    training                                  resources
                                                                    Training         ●
                      ●   Online access                             credits
    Options for           to senior       ●
                                              Bug reporting                               coverage
    individuals and       engineers           and escalation
    team training

All developers             Small-Medium Business                       Enterprise Business

    Vijay Tatkar
    Sr. Engineering Manager, Sun
    Developer Tools