Pascal schumacher, the mOst PrOmising jazz vibraPhOnist Of his by hcw25539


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Pascal schumacher, the mOst PrOmising jazz vibraPhOnist Of his generatiOn
                                                                                                                                              by Gaston Carré

                                                                                From his childhood in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Pascal Schumacher
                                                                                keeps magnificent memories of a local band in which his father played
                                                                                the tuba. It is not the brass that once dazzled him but the playing of the
                                                                                percussionists who made his heart beating faster. From this moment on
                                                                                little Pascal sees its destiny through a drum skin and as a result starts
                                                                                hammering on everything that makes fussy sounds, triangles or timpani’s,
                                                                                marimba and glockenspiel.

                                                                                Pascal enters the Conservatory of Luxembourg where he will be trained in
                                                                                classical percussion. Almost immediately he is welcomed by such prestigious
                                                                                ensembles such as the European Youth Orchestra, Pascal plays Beethoven
                                                                                while listening to Guns ’n Roses. It’s however contemporary music
                                                                                that shortly after will become his new favourite terrain and he
                                                                                met Emmanuel Séjourné, a master of the vibraphone. Emmanuel,
                                                                                guessing the desire of its protégé to move towards free forms of music,
                                                                                recommended him to the Belgian vibraphonist Cabay Guy, another leading
                                                                                figure in jazz. At the side of Cabay, Pascal will truly flourish and forge his
                                                                                own musical destiny.

The virus of jazz who has accomplished his work, the young musician discovers Gary Burton, vibraphonist playing the four
mallets, afterwards Bobby Hutcherson, Stefon Harris and David Friedman. Pascal sets up his own groups, playing his own compositions
while continually exploring the artistic potential of his instrument.

Today, at the age of thirty years, Pascal Schumacher is one of the most renowned and asked vibraphonist of the young jazz
scene, his recordings and tours are increasing while his achievements as a band leader obtained most envied rewards.

A first quartet, with the pianist Jef Neve, the double bass player Christophe Devisscher and drummer Teun Verbruggen, replaced by Jens
Düppe in 2006, plays on the stages of five continents and recorded three albums for the label IGLOO Records: Change of the Moon (2004),
Personal Legend (2005) and, more recently, the magnificent Silbergrau (2007), an album which earned praise from the press - «Silbergrau:
onze pièces argentines, rutilantes comme un sou neuf et fines comme une encre de Chine, que Pascal Schumacher en grand argentier
du jazz a coulées avec la complicité de Jef Neve, de Chris Devisscher et Jens Düppe, trois orfèvres en la matière» (d’Wort). The goldsmiths’
are joined by the talented pianist Franz von Chossy in July 2008 (winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition) to replace Jef Neve, the poet of the
piano, with whom Pascal had worked in quartet until June 2008 and who provided an extraordinary contribution to the success of his quartet.
This separation was following a painful but necessary decision in view of overloaded agendas of the two musicians. Jef and Pascal, however,
continue their cooperation in there duo, and are more determined than ever to deepen their musical dialogue.

The musical appetite of the vibraphonist is insatiable and unalterable is the need to launch new challenges, explore new artistic fields.
Pascal works for the film, for dance and theater, composes for big bands as for chamber ensembles, and the credibility he gained in these
areas has earned him numerous awards. In 2004, the Pascal Schumacher Quartet won the First Prize and the Audience Award at
the famous Tremplin Jazz Festival of Avignon. A year later, in Belgium, Pascal won the «Django d’Or» in the category «New
Talent». In 2007, when Luxembourg was European Capital of Culture, Pascal’s quartet was invited by the government to play a «show case»
at MIDEM in Cannes, and the same year he was nominated for the «European Django d’Or» Awards. The Knack magazine for its part refers
to the album «Silbergrau» as the best jazz recording of Belgium. The duo Pascal Schumacher / Jef Neve (Universal Music Artist) is
selected for the 2009-2010 «Rising Stars» series organised by the European Concert Hall Organization (ECHO), which allows
both musicians to play on the most famous scenes in the world.

Today the agenda of the musician is more than ever well filled: Pascal became a Yamaha Artist, has signed contracts with the recording
company Enja Records and two new albums are already being prepared for release in 2009 (quartet) and 2010 (duo). His tours and
workshops led him to Australia, South Africa, Canada, Vietnam and to many European scenes.

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