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									                                     Stichting Dokan

    Karate course – Zeist – The Netherlands
     Sensei Pascal Lecourt - 6e Dan
                     3 and 4 October 2009

Dear Karateka
I am delighted to announce an exceptional karate seminar and to be able to extend an invitation for
you to take part.
This seminar will be lead for the 5th time by Sensei Pascal Lecourt from France. This 50-year-old karate
teacher trained from 1974 under Sensei Taiji Kase, who passed away last year. For many years, Pascal
was Sensei Taiji Kase’s assistant. He was the topper of the group of students that Sensei Kase
nurtured. His commitment to training is clear to see in his great skill in all areas of karate. Quick and
fluid movements, incredible kimé and plyometric changes in position are all characteristic of his
fantastic style. We can recognise the legacy of Sensei Taiji Kase’s Shotokan karate in Pascal’s own
karate. A token of the esteem that Sensei Kase had for Pascal can be seen in the fact that Pascal is
member of the shihankai of the Shotokan-Ryu-Kase-Ha academy.
This exceptional karate training will take pace in the weekend of 3th and 4th October 2009 in the Dokan
Honbu Dojo in Zeist where Sensei Pascal Lecourt is our guest.

André Brockbernd – Dokan Karate Foundation
                                     Stichting Dokan

 Training agenda

 Saturday 3 th October 2009
 1st training              start     13:30h until 15:00h                   yellow belt and above
 2nd training              start     15:30h until 17:00h                   brown belt and above
 Sunday 4 th October 2009
 1st training              start     10:00h until 11:30h                   yellow belt and above
 2nd training              start     12:00h until 13:30h                   brown belt and above

Prices                                    Location                                Address for enrolment
All training sessions    €   40,00        Honbu Dojo                              Stichting Dokan
3 training sessions      €   36,00        Gymnastiekzaal                          Secretariaat
2 training sessions      €   28,00        Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan         Nijenheim 2426
1 training session       €   15,00        Herman Jordanlaan 3                     NL 3704 VK ZEIST
                                          3706 TE Zeist                           The Netherlands
                                          The Netherlands                         Tel: +31 30 6963479
                                                                                  Fax +31 84 2297883

This training is open for every karateka,
irrespective of which style he or she practices.
Participants must be yellow belt or above. The
minimum age is fifteen years. Eighty karateka
can be accommodated per training.

You can register your participation by making
use of the attached registration form. Only fully
completed registration forms will be considered.
Your entry must have reached the office of the
karate foundation Dokan before 30 September
2009. You can send the registration form by
post or by fax. Alternatively, you can E-mail
your entry, in which case you must ensure that
all of the information asked for on the
registration form is provided in the E-mail.
Finally, you can also register via our web site.

Payment must be received before 30 Septemeber 2009 on:
Bank account number 1118.63.090 of Stichting Dokan in Zeist.
Payment information must quote your name and city of residence. For international payments you will need to
quote the (iban number) IBAN NL53 RABO 0111 8630 90 and (bic code) BIC: RABONL2U

For people outside the Netherlands payments at the gate is possible. At the gate only cash will be accepted, i.e.
cheques, credit cards, etc. will not be accepted.

Make sure that your registration (before 30 Sepetmber 2009) and payment has reached us in time
(before 30 Sepetmber 2009). Remember to take account of the time taken by the banks to complete
the transfers. This will avoid complications during the training. Thanks in advance for your
                                  Stichting Dokan

                 Inscription Karate Course 3 - 4 October - 2009


First name


Post code



Date of Birth

Grade                                           Kyu / Dan *

Karatedo style

Name of karate school                                              --

I enrol for                             4 training sessions = € 40,00
                                        3 training sessions = € 36,00
                                        2 training sessions = € 28,00
                                        1 training session = € 15,00
                                      Please put a cross against your choice.

Bank account number

I hereby declare that I have now transferred the amount of € ____.__ to account number
1118.63.090, IBAN NL53 RABO 0111 8630 90 and (bic code) BIC: RABONL2U, and that I wish to
enrol in the karate training at Dokan in Zeist as stated on the registration form above.


                                         Stichting Dokan

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