Group 1 Venue_ Pairc Tailteann Navan Co Meath by huangyuerongp4


									Venues and Time of U15 Blitz July 26th 2008
Group 1 Host County: Kildare Venue: Allenwood Time 11am Time 11am Time 12.15pm Time 12.15pm Contact: Contact: Host County: Wicklow Venue: Hollywood Time: 11am Time: 12pm Time: 1pm Contact: 087 2937394 Venue: DCU Time: 11am Time: 12pm Time: 1pm Contact: 087 6613104 (A) Dublin (S) V Offaly (B) Kildare V Iarmhi Winners (A) V Winners of (B) Runners up (A) V Runners up (B) Referee: Referee: Group 2

Wicklow V Meath Meath V Kilkenny Wicklow V Kilkenny Referee: Pat Dunne Group 3 Host County: Dublin (W)

Dublin (W) V Carlow Carlow V Louth Dublin (W) V Louth Referee: Paul Faughnan Group 4

Host County: Westmeath Venue: St. Olivers Plunkett, Mullingar Time: 10:30am Time: 11:30am Time: 12:30pm Contact: 086 6081795 Venue: Johnstown Bridge

Westmeath V Laois Laois V Dublin (N) Westmeath V Dublin (N) Referee: Jimmy Weldon Group 5

Host County: Kildare (Neutral)

An Mhi V Longford Longford V Wexford Wexford V An Mhi Referee:

Time 11am Time 12pm Time 1pm Contact:

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