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					MINUTES OF AGM 8TH NOVEMBER 2009 FEERICKS HOTEL RATHOWEN Present; Seamus and Jackie MacLaughlin, Bernie Whyte, Claudia Marl, John and Annie Richardson, Chris Hartnett, Veronica Tighe, Terri Moore, JP Finnegan, Hugh and Valerie Daniels, Peter Galligan, Thomas Keane. Apologies; Jenny Kenny, Michael Tomas, Ed. Lenehan, Karen Lyons, Betty Donaldson, Babette Kerrigan, John Twomey, Darren Moore. Minutes of previous AGM read and approved. Matters Arising; The Scrapie Scheme was raised. Some confusion was felt by members as to whether it was still ongoing. Some felt that it might be replaced with genotyping as with sheep. This matter was cleared by the chairman who said scrapie genotyping tests and breeding for resistance against scrapie are only relevant for sheep. This was confirmed in the BGS journal so members will still have to be part of the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme if they wish to export animals. Bernie also confirmed she spoke to the Department Of Agriculture in Dublin on this matter and they too confirmed genotyping was only relevant for sheep. Goat Tagging- Once again this issue came up with one member stating her tag supplier would not issue her with duplicate tags! This was new for all present as several members had ordered retags and had no difficulty in obtaining them. Her local DVO advised her to put in the new tag number into the goat which it would appear defeats the purpose of tagging in the first place………. Irish Goat News/News sheet Our publication was discussed. Most felt the booklet was very informative and worthwhile. All appreciated the time and cost of producing same. One suggestion which was well received was that we issue a booklet with all relevant officers, dates for shows, information for the coming year etc and during the year have two news sheets. This idea to be put to the Editor. Chairman’s report. Seamus spoke of the need to generate more interest in the Association. He stressed the need for A.I. and for the need for something to be done on Cross Border movement. He used the example of the male that was brought down from N.I. to puck fair as a way forward to us to get movement across the border for shows and use of males. This is imperative as we need to improve our goats. He also spoke about our two successful shows which we all enjoyed and was well supported. Secretary’s Report Bernie spoke of the general number of queries she dealt with during the year. She also spoke of the need of help as the issuing of the newsletter and the secretarial work was too great.

Election of Officers President; Chairman Vice Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Show Secretary; PRO; Editor; Commercial Sec; Web page; Vincent Cleary. Seamus MacLaughlin. Karen Lyons. Bernie Whyte. Betty Donaldson Betty Donaldson. Annie Richardson. Michael Tomas. Claudia Marl. Edward Lenehan.

A.O.B. Claudia spoke about the commercial industry and said a number of commercial farmers had come together and were arranging a meeting with on the of the processors. She agreed to be Commercial Secretary for the I.G.P.A. She reminder everyone of the upcoming Teagasc course run by John Twomey. NEW APPOINTMENTS PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Annie Richardson was appointed to the position of Public Relations Officer. She is to liaise with the Editor and the other members of the I.G.PA. And work toward the promotion of the I.g.p.a and its work etc and goat keeping. The web site www.irishgoatproducers.com can be one method of promotion of what’s going on and the other being our news letter. Bernie to forward her the editors/web page managers contact details. Annie mentioned the importance of letting members know which agricultural shows have goat classes. Annie is a very welcome addition to the committee. She has a very good interest in the goat industry in general and all its topics. We look forward to reading her promotional work during the coming twelve month and thank her for taking up this position.

EDITOR Michael Tomas appointed Editor. Michael volunteered for this position and was welcomed with open arms. He will be responsible for the publication of the news letter. A committee meeting to take place before Christmas to discuss the news letter with him in details. This meeting to take place in the west of Ireland. J P Finnegan agreed to send Michael an article for the next issue as it was agreed that it is very difficult for the editor to find all the articles for the newsletter.

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Chairman to arrange meeting with the Department regarding cross border movement and let the committee know when and where it is to take place.

MILKING COMPETITION A provisional date of 10th and 11th July 2010 was agreed for our milking Competition.

If anyone has any problem with this date please informed the Secretary immediately.
Synopsis. The meeting was enthuastice and positive. It was heartening to see so many there from both the commercial and small holders section. We all agreed the I.G.P.A. represented both sides of the industry and we left the meeting with a more positive outlook on the goat world and the existence of the I.G.P.A. We finished our meeting with a lovely lunch served in the meeting room by the Staff of the hotel .