No playing or training if intoxicated due to insurance requirements by huangyuerongp4


									Chairman – Jason Doyle Vice Chairman – Stephen Cummins Club Secretary – Alan Buckley Club Treasurer - Wayne Doyle Club Manager – Colum Mooney

The Sevitt Football Club committee meeting took place in the Village Hotel on Monday January 5th at 8pm. The committee met to discuss some important issues and the main point which was discussed, and agreed, was the implementation of club rules. We feel they are required to ensure fair play to all club members. We also discussed the low morale aspect and we would like to invite all club members to start enjoying playing football again. We started this club with one main aim – enjoyment. Unfortunately, the fun and social aspects that come with this have begun to slowly disappear. We will be long enough without football when our bodies decide to pack up totally (which isn’t long for some!) so we urge every member to enjoy what we have, while we have it! Please read the rules and familiarise yourself with them. If any points need further explanation please consult a committee member and they will be happy to help you understand them. Thank you and best regards, The Committee

Chairman – Jason Doyle Vice Chairman – Stephen Cummins Club Secretary – Alan Buckley Club Treasurer - Wayne Doyle Club Manager – Colum Mooney

Club Rules
 Training is a requirement unless prior notice has been given to the committee via the club phone by calling or texting on 086 2395088.  It is compulsory to reply to club text messages.  Scheduled meeting times for football matches are as follows:  Home Games – meet at the Cock Tavern at 10am  Away Games – meet at the Cock Tavern at 9:30am  Respect must be shown towards fellow team members at all times.  This includes management and management/committee decisions.  All registration fees are to be paid in full by 29th February.  A list is in place of which players owe registration fees from the club secretary and payment schedules can be agreed.  A rotation system will be set up and in place from the weekend of the 17th January with regard to setting up of the equipment for home games.  It is up to each individual to take responsibility for this task.  Disciplinary measures will be taken by the committee if any of the above rules are deemed to be broken.  Each team member has the right to an appeal.  No club member is authorised to play or train with other members or opponents while under the influence of alcohol.  The appointed managers are Alan Buckley and Colum Mooney.  Any player who shows disrespect in any form, towards any decisions they make will be dealt with through the disciplinary process.  The committee will not accept any form of excessive abuse, bad language or quarrelling with management or any other players in the squad.

Any member who fails to adhere to these rules will be subject to disciplinary measures.

The rules are subject to change and every member will be notified if this occurs.

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