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Fenius Farsa Circa 1500-1400 B.C. King of Scythia Decent of Celtic Migration-Danube Region


Nial = Scotia (Daughter of Pharaoh Cinciris) Gaodhal (Gaodhal Gas) circe 1300 B.C. (Decended Tribe-Cadelians) Easur Sur (Time of Pharaoh Tine) in Crete Heber Scot

Lamphion Tait Herber Glun Fion Eibric Nenuaill Niagatt Alluid

Agnamon Adnoin

Earchada Deughatha (Takes Clan to Spain) Bratha Bregon Breogan (Build City of Braganza in Spain)

Ith Lugadh




Buailgne Bille


Breagha Muirtheamme


Daughter of Pharaoh - Scota = Milesius = Seaug 1075 B.C. 1060 B.C. Amergin Colpa (Bard) Heber Fionn Ir (Defeated Princess Erie and De Dannain In Kerry) Dal Cassianss Brian Boru Aranann Donn Aireach

Thea = Heremon

Heber Donn

Hy Nial Tribe O’Neill’s of Ulster

Eibric Cearma Airtre Art Seadna (986 C.C.) Sobhairof

Fiachaidh Fionscothach (966 B. C.) Eochaidh Ollamh Foghla (924 B.C.)








Laibhraidh Bratha Fionn (715 B.C.)

Fiachadh (835 B.C.)

Siorlamh “Of the Long Hand” Airgeadmhair (550 B.C.) “Of the Silver Finger”

Badurn “Hugh Roe”

Diomain “Deathora”

Femor Dubh “The Black”

Fiontan Maolehroch Colboath “The Druid” (360 B.C.)

Rossa Feabhardhile Srabh Fomhar Indereach Dubh Glas Sithrich Cathair Ruadhri (Roderic) Mor (The Great) Founder of Clanna Rory 150-87 B.C.

Bresal Congall Clareineach 88th King 90th King


Fachna Fathach 92nd King

Ros Ruadh

Cionga 60 B.C


Connor McNessa

Fergus McRoy

Cathbharr Amergin

Cormac Connlonges

Conall Cearnach Leader of the Red Branch Warriors of Ulster

Lioseach Lannmor “Laoiseach Mac Laoighis” First Lord of Leix Lugha-Laoghseach Lugha-Longach

Irial Fiacha Fionn Amhnail 24th King of Ulster Murdedach Fionn Fionnchadh

Bacca - A quo Rath-Baccain Earc Guaire Eoghan (Owen) Lugna Caire Cormac Cathann Seirbealagh Bearrach Nadsier Aongus Aongus Og Beannaigh Cinnedeach Bearnach Cearnach Maolaighin Maolmordha - a quo O’Malilmordha Meisgil Cennech Eochagen Cearnach Cenneth Faolan Amergin (Ancestor of Bergin) Cathal (Charles) Cionaodh Gaothin Mordha (First King of Leix) Connchadh Glalchad Cathbha Rochradh Mal Firb Breasal Breac Tiobrad Tireach 30th King of Ulster at time of Conn of the 100 Battles, Whom Tiobrad killed in 157 A.D. Fergus Gaileoin Aongus Gadhneach

Lioseach Donall Conor Cucoigcriche Lioseach Donall (Daniel) O’More King of Leix - First Assumed Surname Daniel Oge Lioseach - Last King of Leix

Build Monastery of Leix (De-Lege-Del 1183 A.D. Niall (Neal) Lioseach David Owney (Anthony) O’More Prince of Leix 1400 A.D. Daniel

Melagin Chief of Leix d. 1481 AbbeyLeix

Ross MacOwney Slain by Cahir O’Dempsey

Moirin = Brian MacGilpatrick Lord of Ossory d. 1511

Dorthea = Thomas Fitsgerald 7th Earl of Kildare Gerald (Garret More) 8th Earl of Kildare d. 9/3/1513 Killed by an O’More

Connel Chief of Leix 1523-1537

Callagh Mac Melagin Pierce Hostage of Lord Deputy Chief of Leix 1557 1537-1538

Garret Og = = 9th Earl of Kildare Lord Deputy of Ireland 1522


Elizabeth Silken Thomas Gerald 10th Earl of Kildare 11th Earl Lord Offaly, Lord Deputy Tower of London 1534 Executed Tyburn 1536 Patrick, d. 1558 in Prison in London *Daughter of Edmond Butler, Archbishop Cashel = Margret Connell = Elizabeth Connell Og Pierce Butler * Chief O’Connor Hanged Slain 1555-57 Leighlin at Morett Captured & Killed Bridge, Carlow 1573 1557

Lisagh Kedagh Roe Rory Ceach = Lord of Stradbally Chief of Leix Slieve Chief-1538-42 1542-55 Margy Clain by Donal Slain in battle Slain 1537 Kavanagh by Patrick

Lisagh Captured 1574 Hanged

James Chief of Leix d. 1584

Kedagh d. 1569

Callough (Charles) = Margret L. Of Ballina Scurlock d. 3/27/1601

George Rory Oge O’More = O’Dunn = O’Byrne Slain at Stradbelly Chief of Leix May 1599 1558-6/30/1578

Robert Owen d. 1577

Donnell Murrough Naill Murtach Of Slive Slain at Hanged Margy Mullaghmast Maryborough 2 sons Hanged 1577 1584 Oweny MacRory Brian Rory O’More Anthony 1557 Chief of Leix Slain at Rebellion of Slain-Arless Ballyfin 1641 d.1646 8/17/1600 7/10/1598

Tiege McNeill Hanged at Maryborough April 1584


Lisagh Slew the O’Dempsey 1570

Charles = Margret Elizabeth = Ann = d.7/12/1691 Fitzmaurice Henry Patrick At Aughrin Edgeworth Sarsfield

Neill Murtagh Og = Honoragh O’Lalor Slain by Walter Butler 1581

Lewis d. 1738 James

Patrick Sarsfield Earl of Lucan Gen. to James II, Willamite War Died at Landen in Exile

Letitia = James O’Farrell of Ballinree, Longford John Og = Margret Hickey Ballydavis D. 11/1636 Murthagh-France 1691 Lord Valmont & Irish Brigades Lisach Og of Ratheduff Ambrose O’Farrell Richard Moore O’Farrell 1797-1880

Dorthy Owna John Katherine Honora




Ambrose More O’Farrell Ballyna House, Engield-Kildare

1538: Rory Oge O’More is born. 1546, July: Patrick O’More invades Kildare. 1547: Patrick O’More declared a traitor. Kedach O’More, Chief of Leix, died in prison in London. Rory Ceach becomes the new Chief of Leix. 1550: Rory Ceach in active rebellion; continues until 1553. 1555: Patrick O’More kills his brother, Rory Ceach, Rory Oge’s father. Connell O’More, Rory Oge’s uncle becomes Chief. 1556: Dublin Parliament summoned to seize Leix and Offaly lands as “Crown Lands”. 1557: Conell O’More, Chief of Leix, is captured and put to death. 1558: Rory Oge O’More becomes Lord of Leix at age 20. Patrick O’More dies while in prison in London. 1565, February 17th: Rory Oge O’More receives a pardoned by Lord Deputy. 1571: In company with O’Connor, again wages war on English. 1572: Aides the escape of Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Desmond, from English custody in the Pale. 1572: Prosecuted by Thomas Butler in absentia for treason against the Crown. 1573, March: Piers Butler FitzEdmond, kills Tirrelaghe More, a leader of Kerne. 1573, April: Lord Deputy requests of Lord Burlghy for aid in recovery of Leix from the O’More. Addition request for ability to exterminate the entire clan. 1574: Lord Deputy takes Lysagh MacKedagh, Neal McLisagh and Melaghlin O’More Captive. 1574, August: Callough O’More granded Manor of Ballina, County Kildare. 1574 ,November: Surprised by English troops and taken captive to Dublin. Released shortly by Sir William Fitzwilliam, the new Lord Deputy. 1575, March 15th: The Crown gives Leix to Sir Francis Cosby to hold. 1576, June: Again in open rebellion against Enlgish in company with Clanrickard’s sons. 1577, January 1: Massacre of Mullaghmast, near Athy in Kildare. 1577, March 3rd: Burning the town of Naas to the ground. No life lost. 1577, May: Piers Butler FitzEdmond, at Castle of Galyne in Leix, kills Edmond O’Dewie, Edmond Riogh O’Kelly and Edmond Loaghlor, all confederates of Rory Oge’s. 1577, September: Rory takes Sir Henry Harrington and Alexander Cosby hostage. Harrington is the nephew to Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy. Cosby is Francis Cosby’s son. House attacked by English troops under Robert Harpole. 26 of Rory’s men killed, plus Rory Oge’s wife, and his marshall Conor O’Connor and his wife. Harrington gravely injured by survives. Rory Oge escapes alone with Shane MacRory reagh O’More. 1577, November: It is reported by the Lord Deputy that through his actions in the field, Rory Oge O’More cost the English Crown the sum of 200,000 pounds for that year. 1578, June 30th: Rory surprised and killed by Brian Oge MacGillapatrick of Ossory. 1578, September 30th: Shane macRory O’More submits, along with Teig McGilpatrick O’Conor, at Castledermot in Kilkenny.

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