Online advertising represents only 3.5_ of total ad spend in by huangyuerongp4


									Online advertising represents only 3.5% of total ad spend in Ireland. Most online publishers provide their own traffic figures to the market, using different methods to measure traffic and making it harder to compare sites. But in other countries, where internet advertising has boomed, data is usually published nationally by an independent body.

"Smaller sites have lots of online advertising potential because they have a targeted audience but they find it very difficult to sell themselves. If you're an advertiser you want to get a large site with a large audience," said Liam English, chief executive of BlueMetrix, which recently launched an internet audience measurement service for Irish website owners and ad agencies.

"We're giving visibility to smaller sites. We're measuring them, publishing data and making it available. If you advertised on this site, this is how many were in your audience. By comparing like with like we're able to tell them where they went and where their traffic is coming from," he explained.

Sunday Tribune November 30 2008

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