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Why Our Classes?
ABC Format:
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B = Brief
C = Complete

Learning is focused on real-
situation problem solving
Learn-by-doing course design
Expert & knowledgeable In-
Clear explanations of concepts
and principles
Emphasis on getting started
Many examples and worked out
Online Learning Environment                                                                                                              Onsite & affordable classes
(OLE) always accessible 7/24
during class period
                                                                                                                                      Developing ASP.NET
Reference materials and job
aids provided                                                                                                                              2.0 Web
“All you need to start program-                                                                                                          Applications

      Morad Learning Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Web Applications Curriculum

                     Our ASP.NET               .NET 2.0 Base Class Library                tion state, configuring & deploying
                     Curriculum                                                           web applications, and Caching.
                     classes will      Part 1 - Programming with .NET 2.0 Base
                     help you          Class Library via C# 2005 (5 days)
                     close the skill   The first in a 2-class series. Covers essential
                                                                                                  SQL Server 2005
                     gaps in your      class libraries like CLR types, File & Directory
                     organization      I/O, .NET Threads, Reflection, and Sending E-      Developing SQL
Our Training is                        mail.                                              Server 2005 Data-
focused and goal-
                     quickly and
                     efficiently.                                                         base Solutions (5
                                       Part 2 - Programming with .NET 2.0 Base
                                                                                          Installation & configuration of SQL
                                       Class Library via C# 2205 (5 days)
                                                                                          Server 2005, SQL Server manage-
                                       Covers Regular Expression and Encoding,
                                                                                          ment and development tools, de-
                                       Serialization, Collections & Generic Collec-
         Visual C# 2005                                                                   signing & creating databases, T-
                                       tions, Application Domains, Configuring Appli-
                                                                                          SQL statement to create, add, de-
               Programming with        cations, and Instrumentation.
                                                                                          lete, & modify databases, Views,
               Visual C# 2005 (5
                                                                                          User Defined Functions, and
                                                        ASP.NET 2.0                       ADO.NET
               Covers the essen-
               tials of programming                 Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Web
in Visual C# 2005. Includes an in-                  Applications (5 days)                 Administering SQL Server 2005
troduction to Object-Oriented pro-                  Learn and practice how to design      Database Solutions (5 days)
gramming to get developers up to                    and develop web applications          Covers essential SQL Server 2005
speed quickly.                                      from start to finish. ASP.NET         administration and management
                                       technologies covered include Web Forms and         tasks for day-to-day operations.
Advanced Programming with              their Server Controls, Master Pages &              Tasks practices include SQL
Visual C# 2005 (5 days)                Themes, site-wide Navigation, ADO.NET,             Server 2005 Security Models,
Concentrates on advanced OO            DataSets, & Data Source controls.                  Backup & Recovery, Data Migra-
techniques (e.g. Generics), C#                                                            tion, Optimization, Remote Data
features supporting component                                                             Sources, Reporting & Notification
development (e.g. Delegates), and      Advanced Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Web                Services.
advanced Visual Studio productiv-      Applications (5 days)
ity tools.                             Covers implementing site security Member-
                                       ship & Roles Frameworks, managing applica-

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