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					America's most wanted j-o-b-s - 10 hottest employment opportunities
Here are the 10 hottest employment opportunities for the next millennium WHETHER YOU'RE JUST ENTERING THE JOB MARKET or you want to jump-start your current profession, we invite you to check out the 10 hottest careers for 1999 and beyond. The selection taps into a variety of interests, skills, experience requirements and job levels. Salaries, which largely depend on experience and geographical location, range from the low $20s to more than $100,000 annually. Three of the 10 entries made the fastest growing occupations list published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This agency collects, processes and analyzes all employment data for the Department of Labor. According to the BLS, the total number of jobs in the United States is expected to increase by 18.6 million between now and 2006. The fastest growing occupations are concentrated in service sectors such as business services, healthcare and social services. The rapid growth in the business services sector is being led by technology-based jobs, especially those in computer and data processing services. As a result, these positions are projected to grow significantly more than the 14% average. Although employment growth is predicted to cross all levels of education and training, jobs usually requiring an associate degree or higher are expected to grow faster than average. Those requiring less education or training are predicted to grow more slowly than average; however, they will account for more than half of overall employment growth. The remaining careers were culled from an analysis of jobs across a spectrum of industries where the expected demand will far exceed the pool of qualified personnel. The following listing should be used as a resource by junior and high school students as well as by college students and experienced employees. In this dynamic labor market, your success depends on your ability to make informed decisions. The key to a fruitful professional career is in your hands. It's your move. accountant The BLS projects a more than 30% increase in job openings for accountants. The blossoming opportunities for the occupation are a

result of the increasing complexity of financial transactions and the relative low turnover in the profession. Earnings depend on the type of firm as well as the specialty. Those in internal auditing and tax accounting generally earn more than their counterparts in public, general and cost accounting. Also, petroleum manufacturers offer higher starting salaries than public accounting firms or the government. Major growth areas include management consulting, international business, internal auditing, investigative, environmental and cost accounting and estate planning. Requirements: To practice, you need only a bachelor's degree in accounting. However, to increase marketability, certified public accountants (CPAs), certified management accountants (CMAs) and certified internal auditors (CIAs) must obtain additional experience and pass a four-part examination. Salary:Entry level: $30,122-$36,905 Mid level: $34,898-$41,200 Executive: $39,165- $47,317 Contact: National Association of Black Accountants Inc. (NABA), 7249-A Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, MD 20770. 301-474-NABA relationship manager The evolution of the banking industry has spawned the emergence of the relationship manager. These professionals now advise clients on investments, cash management, insurance selection, security purchases and credit issues. Thanks to deregulation of the financial services industry in the 1980s, the products offered by banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms overlap. In 1986, banks held 46% of consumer assets, primarily in checking and savings accounts. By 1996, the proportion of consumer assets in these accounts dropped to 38% as customers moved their money into stocks, bonds and retirement funds. Today's banks offer a wide selection of services that were traditionally limited to other financial institutions. Requirements: Sales experience and customer service skills are a must. Professional affiliations are helpful. An M.B.A. is a plus. Salary:Entry Level: $40,000-$55,000 Mid level: $56,000-$75,000 Executive: $76,000-$110,000 Contact:

National Association of Urban Bankers, 1801 K St. NW, Suite 200A, Washington, DC 20006. special education teacher Job opportunities for special education teachers--educators who design and modify instruction to meet the needs of disabled or gifted students-are expected to significantly increase, as indicated by the BLS. This growth is driven by an increase in the number of students, government legislation requiring training and employment for individuals with disabilities and heightened public interest in the special needs area as well as educational reform. High turnover and a declining number of special education teaching graduates also contribute to a favorable job market. Requirements: In general, most states require at least a bachelor's degree in special education along with certain examinations in order to be licensed. Some states insist that special education teachers obtain a master's degree in a specialized education field.

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