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					A Web CMS with WebDAV,
     XML and SOAP

                   Chris Harrington
              Active Interface, Inc.
Presentation Objective
 • Concept and techniques for a Web Page
   Composition Markup Language
 • Demo a prototype WPCML editor
 • Discuss future plans
What is Web CMS?
 • A Content Management System which:
   – A: creates web sites
   – B: is itself a web site

                               Web CMS


                               Web Site
My Web CMS Research
 • Define and validate the concept of
 • Build tools/editors which manage
   WPCML resources
 • Integrate static and dynamic content
   generation in an XSLT platform
Technology Objectives
 • Apply and leverage modern Internet
   – WebDAV
   – SOAP
 • Build on modern platforms
   – .NET
   – Java
Web Design Objectives
 • Manage all WPCML resources via
   browser interface
 • Desktop-like richness of interface
 • WYSIWYG editing
 • In-line site preview
Architecture Diagram
 Web Browser                                          Server
         preview iframe
                                SOAP API
     webservice behavior
                                served files     WebDAV
              file reader
       JavaScript classes
    XHTML/XML/XSLT          Post-            Pre-content
                            content          • XSL templates
                            • pages          • XML trees
                            • assets
                                                 Web Server
Managed Resources
 • Level Resources
   – Page -> Section -> Site
 • Element Resources
   – static and navigation
 • Asset Resources
   – img, css, script, etc.
 • Template Resources
Level Templates

          Location 1     Location 2         Location 3

 Page 1     Page 2     Page 3      Page 4   Page 5       Page 6
Element Templates
                          Site      Element 1

          Location 1   Location 2

 Page 1     Page 2      Page 3      Element 2
Page Instances
           Content Nesting                   Template Nesting
                 site                              ST1

 section       section       section         SN1   SN2    SN3

                                       PG1   PG2    PG3    PG5
 page(s)                 page(s)

ThinCMS: A WPCML Editor Prototype
 • DHTML, XSLT, JavaScript
 • My favorite part of the project
 • Push the web GUI envelope, both in
   terms of technology and usability
 • Multiple treeviews of site
 • Ongoing effort to add features and
   improve usability
 •   Create XHTML site design
 •   Separate design into XML and XSLT
 •   Define reusable elements
 •   Build sitemap skeleton
 •   Build pages from templates
 •   Publish pages
 •   Maintain
Future Directions
 • Versioning
   – using DB or DeltaV
 • Workflow
   – author, editor, publisher roles
   – scheduling and notification
   – reports
 • GUI additions
   – preview interaction
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