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									Siobhan O‟Reilly

A number of years ago I injured my left knee whilst skiing in Switzerland. I had to undergo an operation on my knee and attended a highly qualified physiotherapist for a 6 month period. After I had finished with the physiotherapy sessions, my left knee was in reasonable shape but not 100% right (no pun intended!!!). On a sporadic basis, I suffered with both pain and what I would describe as muscle cramps on the back of my left leg. The degree to which I suffered seemed to have a direct correlation with the amount of exercise I took. Without regular exercise the leg seemed to go into a “rebellious mode” and started to seize up. Recently I received a recommendation from a friend to go to Siobhan O‟Reilly. To be honest I made an appointment with Siobhan in more hope than expectation as I had become resigned to the fact that I would always have a problem with my left knee/leg. After a very thorough examination, Siobhan designed a comprehensive exercise programme for me. The exercise programme was a major step forward for my left leg and I started to reap the benefits almost immediately. However, Siobhan (due to her being a perfectionist) was not entirely satisfied with the amount of progress I was making started to supplement the exercise programme with manual manipulation by her of the muscles on my left leg. The combination of the exercise programme and the manual manipulation has transformed my left leg. I no longer suffer with either pain or muscle cramps and I jump out of the bed every morning with a spring in my step. The transformation in my left leg has been brought about by the expertise, professionalism, dedication and the hard work carried out by Siobhan. I would recommend Siobhan to any prospective client who is seeking a solution to muscular pain.

December 2007

I first met Siobhan when I was a member of Westwood Gym, where Siobhan was a trainer. I was in her spinning and body pump classes. The first thing I noticed about her was her attention to detail. Each member of her class benefited from her strict adherence to proper form and posture. When I needed a personal trainer, Siobhan was my first and only choice. My first few sessions with Siobhan were spent assessing my fitness and

strength, but also, and, more importantly, my posture, gait and the way my body moved. She thoroughly tested each movement I made and saw which side of my body was tighter than the other and created a daily stretching programme to „balance‟ me up! It was a great learning experience for me and explained why I got muscle soreness and tightness in certain areas. Our training proper consisted of 2-3 sessions per week and included strength training. But Siobhan‟s strength training was different from the norm insofar as that she trains you using the natural movements your body would make. For instance, a lunge would be so you could climb a flight of stairs; a dead lift would be so you can pick something up from the floor. She teaches you to move properly throughout your daily activities. It makes total sense! Many trainers just train you for the hour they spend with you, Siobhan equips you with strength, endurance and flexibility for life. empowering. Very

Siobhan was even able to advise me on my diet, and being a nutritionist myself, I was really impressed. With all of the cardio I was doing I still found it difficult to get rid of my „love handles‟ (I don‟t know who loves them…) and Siobhan was able to steer me towards a healthy attitude towards protein v‟s carbs…an idea that I had shunned totally before but there is a healthy route to take with this eating plan, and Siobhan got me on track.

I stopped working with Siobhan due to geographical issues, I moved to LA! But the minute I land back in Ireland I‟ll be first in line to work with her again, if she has room for me! She is by far the best trainer I‟ve worked with both in Ireland and LA and I couldn‟t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Siobhan!

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