Some notes on the competitions at the World Bodhrán Championships by huangyuerongp4


									World Bodhrán Championships 2009
29th May – 1st June 2009
Rules, terms and conditions for competitors
Thanks you for your interest in the competitions at the World Bodhran Championships. Please read the following before filling in the entry form. Categories, trophies, prizes and entry fees There are four categories for the World Bodhrán Championships 2008:     Senior – over the age of 18 on 31st May 2009. Under 18 – under the age of 18 on 31st May 2009. Under 14 – under the age of 14 on 31st May 2009. Solo – for all ages (no age categories)

Trophies/prizes will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category. Prize money of €2,500 is on offer between all categories.        Prize money of €1,500 is on offer for the Senior Category

(€1,000 for first place, €300 for second place, and €200 for third place)
Prize money of €500 is on offer for the Under 18 Category

(€250 for first place, €150 for second place and €100 for third place)
Prize money of €300 is on offer for the Under 14 Category Prize money of €200 is on offer for the solo winner

(€150 for first place, €100 for second place and €50 for third place)

The competitions will take place on Saturday 30st May and/or Sunday 31st May depending on numbers. Competitors should report to the Festival Office on Saturday before 11am or Sunday before 11am to register for the competitions. An entry fee (see below) must accompany your entry form (cheques and credit cards accepted, non-refundable). This fee helps cover the administrative costs of the competitions. Those wishing to enter two categories e.g. senior and solo must pay the relevant entry fee in each case. Entry fees for 2009 are as follows: Over 18s - €45; Under 18s - €25; Under 14s - €20; Solo - €20
Note: Please be advised that competition in all categories requires a minimum number of entries in order to proceed.

Performance and accompanying musicians Competitors in the accompanied categories may be asked to perform a maximum of three pieces, which are accompanied. You may perform a solo as one of your performance pieces and may lilt or sing to accompany your bodhrán playing. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own accompanying musician. However, the organisers will provide a limited number of musicians to accompany those not able to do so.

A rehearsal period will be provided for those who will be accompanied by a musician provided by the organisers. This will commence at 9.30am on the morning of the competitions at the school beside the competitions venue, the Community Centre. The solo category is open to all age groups. Competitors will be asked to perform an unaccompanied piece of between 4 and 8 minutes approximately. Competitors should make themselves available for competitions throughout

May – 1st June 2009 A number of finalists will be put through from the heats


to the finals. It is intended that the finals of the competitions in all categories will be held outdoors on the main stage with amplification on the Sunday evening, 1st June at 8.00pm. Definition of a bodhrán For the purposes of clarity, and for the purposes of these competitions, a bodhrán drum is defined as a single-headed frame drum. Adjudication and adjudicators Three well-known and experienced players will adjudicate at the competitions. If numbers become very large, competitors will be divided between adjudicators at different venues. A copy of the written comments of the adjudicators will be made available to competitors after the competition. These will be available for the Festival Office after the competition. The decision of the adjudicators is final. The decision of the World Bodhrán Championships Committee is final. Other issues The WBC reserves the right to request the World Champion/s to participate in press and promotional activities organised by the committee during the course of the year as well as concerts and other events, for which appropriate expenses will be offered. NB – All competitors who submit an entry form will be written to in advance of the competitions to clarify final arrangements and deal with any issues not dealt with in these regulations. Competitors are asked to direct any queries to Details of the above are subject to change depending on the number of competitors. All competitors will be notified of any important changes well in advance of the festival.

Competitions Committee World Bodhrán Championships February 2009

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