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Welcome! Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of the Meetup site…. See you soon!
Be sure to complete your profile and introduce yourself to everyone! We want to get to know you! ****** Expectations of members: Bring your “A” game. Be on time. Be courteous and respectful of our speakers. Demonstrate that you are professional, and you keep your commitments (this means being accurate with your rsvp) ****** There is a great feature in your meetup account that allows you to get all of the messages from a day in ONE master email (ala digest version). Here's how: 1. Click on “Account” (its next to “Welcome back xxxx” and “Profile” top of meetup page) 2. Select “Membership and Communications” (on left toolbar) and select your preferences. 3. Click SAVE at the bottom. ****** Our GROUP email address is realestate-594@meetup. com Use this address to send a new message with a new topic to the entire group. Try to remember that since this is a group email, if you hit “reply” to a message, it will go to EVERYONE. Here’s 2 great rules of thumb: (1) If you want to reply to a message and it applies to EVERYONE, hit 'reply'. (2) If you want to reply to a message PERSONALLY to the sender, you will find a link at the bottom with the senders email address so you can paste & reply personally. (Often most appropriate) ******** DISCLAIMER & ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK: Just a quick reminder that you and only you are (and always will be) responsible for your own personal, investment, and business decisions. Doing your own due diligence around who you work with, what contractors you hire, what potential investments you consider, and who you associate yourself with is 100% your responsibility. Know your market, check references and licenses, consult with your team members (accountant, attorney, etc). There are fabulous resources and people who are part of our meetup, but it is ultimately up to YOU.

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