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					XML Web Commerce
Silver Edition

The custom design, affordable, open source, web commerce solution that works directly with your
Eclipse data. Unlike our competitors, Second Phase's only business is making Eclipse focused custom web
solutions like XML Web Commerce - Silver Edition. This means you get a proven solution that is guaranteed to
work smoothly with your Eclipse data but don't take our word on this, ask your fellow Eclipse users about us.

         Standard Feature List*
To check out many of these features live, visit www.silvereclipse.net

W eb Site Design
     Integrate new functionality into existing site design**
         option: Create a completely new design
         option: Company specific informational pages

Products Management
      Category menu drill downs (with optional extended html descriptions)
      Manufacturer menu drill downs (with optional extended html descriptions)
      Search filter item list (commonly used to filter searches by mfr)
      Drill down maintenance tool - outside Eclipse
      General Search by Keyword, Part Number, UPC, Description
      Narrow your search results options by additional search string or price range
      Results in Thumbnail pictures
      Product Detail Page (with optional extended descriptions and large image)
      Private Part Numbers instead of Eclipse Part Numbers
      Create, add to, and store a persistent customer Wish List or custom Product Groups
      Product Technical Specifications / Eclipse External References
      Automatic PDW images, specs, and external references when mapped to product XRefs
      Product Specials, Sales, Promotions
      NonStock Request Email form
      Include product availability and back order status - multiple display admin options included
      Built in Search Engine Optimization features

Product Order Entry
      Shopping cart
      Quick pad ordering - order sheet for inputting part numbers or search strings
      Reorder pad - product search results, all products ordered in last year
      Customer specific pricing, Quantity break pricing
      Ship To and Ship Via confirmation and edit
           Support for multiple ship-to addresses

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      Credit Card Payment handling and verification
           Handling of user credit cards on file
           Entry form for one-time credit card use
      Payment without credit card option if credit $ available
      Standard Ship Via associated Freight/Shipping charge calculators
      Shipping discount/promotional coupon codes
      Order Confirmation / Receipt
      Email Order Confirm / Receipt

Account Management
      Secure site login
      Create new accounts - Login to existing accounts
      Manage / edit customer profile
      Password management - lost password
      User restrictions
      Show order history (excluding payment/credit info)
      Credit Card maintenance page for credit cards stored on file
      Account inquiry shows open balances and invoices
      Monthly Statement - begin/end balances, monthly purchase, payment totals
      Open Orders
      Quote/Bid, Open Order, Invoice, Detail Display
      Backorder status and availability dates included on Open Order Detail
      Shipment tracking UPS, FedEx
      Print Friendly formatting

Site Administration Tools
      Drill down (product category) maintenance tool - outside Eclipse
      Page names, descriptons, search engine titles/tags
      Site colors, fonts, design layout administration
      Contact information for email addresses and phone numbers
      Folders and images
      Order management and credit card handling
      Freight calculator administration
      Web site specific ShipVia administration
      Product, Pricing, and Availability filters and display options
      Verification tools to ensure Eclipse product database integrity
      Eclipse XML transaction testing/verification tools
      Web site system setup and administration

     About Us, Contact Us email form pages
     Privacy policy, terms and conditions, shipping policy, return policy, tax policy
     Custom Error Pages
     Fully customizable page names, descriptions and search engine titles/tags
     Web site statistics and usage package
     Web server setup (Java/JSP), test, launch monitoring
     Full open source (HTML, XML, Java/JSP)

* All features are subject to change, final list will be confirmed in purchase agreement
** Subject to review of your website, an additional integration fee may apply
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                                           2795 Pearl Street, #200
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                                      www.secondphase.net 303-817-0075
This product requires the use of the Eclipse XML W eb Integration product to
communicate directly with your Eclipse data. The product must be purchased
direct from Eclipse, please call your Eclipse Sales Person for details.

         Optional Feature List
Use this list of options to customize your Silver Edition product, the cost for each
selected option will be added to the base Silver Edition package price to give you
the total custom price. We can also quote custom items not shown in the following
list based on your unique application needs.

Products Management
      option: Product Data Warehouse (PDW) Custom Product Attribute display
      option: Product Data Warehouse (PDW) Catalog search
      option: Suggested / Related /Substitute / Required Products
      option: Featured / Most Popular Products
      option: Showrooms
      option: Advanced Search (custom attributes)
      option: Buyers Guide (user restricted or expanded product sets)
      option: Custom product attributes
      option: Product/Price export files
      option: Product Comparison (side by side compare page)
      option: User Product Reviews
      option: Endeca Advanced Product Search and Navigation System
      option: Endeca Merchandising Component

   Product Order Entry
      option: CMS - Content Management Software (built in page editor)
      option: Saved Shopping Carts by name
      option: Express User Checkout (cash customer checkout without creating an account)
      option: Custom Freight Calculator (table/formula based)
      option: UPS realtime shipping quote integration and administration page
      option: Upload Purchase Order File
      option: OCI or Ariba/cXML Punch Out Catalog interface (Remote purchasing system)

Account Management
      option: Open Backorders listed by product
      option: Pay Online against open account balances
      option: Autologout on Session Timeout
      option: Automatic nightly updating of ReorderPad web cache
      option: Custom User Permissions/Restrictions

Other Options
      option: Integrate with third party or SQL product database
      option: B2B connection with propriety customer system
      option: ______________________________

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