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Wire Wrap


									Wire Wrap 1. Hold wire with the jaws of the round nose pliers right above the bead. 2. Bend the wire at a 90 degree. 3. Rotate jaws so that one is touching the top of the bead and the other is above the 90 degree. 4. Bend wire up and over the top jaw, forming something that looks like a coat hanger. 5. Reposition wire so that the coat hanger is hanging off the bottom jaw. 6. Bend wire under and around the bottom jaw to finish the loop. 7. Grasp the loop between the jaws of the chain nose pliers, and wrap the wire around the shaft down to the bead. Usually 2.5 to 3 times to meet the top of the bead. 8. Cut off excess wire. Smoosh the wire tail flush with the other wraps if you didn't cut the tail off close enough. *If you are wanting to add your wire wrapped bead to chain or to another bead; you must put the chain in the loop BEFORE you finish wrapping the wire aruond the shaft. So add your chain after step 6.

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