SQL Introduction

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					                                         SQL Introduction

  SQL Introduction
       1 day

Course Objectives                                   Getting Started
                                                    • Relational Database Concepts
To give delegates an introduction to the features   • The role of SQL
and capabilities of Structured Query Language
(SQL). The course covers elements of ANSI           Writing Basic SQL Statements
SQL using SQL Server or Oracle as an example        • Selecting data
database.                                           • SELECT statement syntax

Prerequisites                                       Restricting and Sorting Data
                                                    • Limiting the rows returned by a query
It is recommended that students have good           • The WHERE Clause
experience of windows and some of using             • Sorting the rows
relational databases.
                                                    Single Row Functions
                                                    • The types of functions available in SQL
                                                    • Using Character, Number and Date
This course is instructor led, involving the
                                                       functions in SELECT statements
utilisation of examples and exercises in a
workshop environment.                               • Conversion functions and their uses
                                                    • Column aliases
                                                    • Performing calculations

                                                    Getting data from multiple tables
                                                    • Joining multiple tables in a SELECT
                                                    • Different join types
                                                    • Using INNER Join and WHERE to create

                                                    Grouping Data
                                                    • Aggregate functions
                                                    • COUNT Vs Count(*)
                                                    • HAVING Clause
                                                    • GROUP BY

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