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									W.I.T. Enterprises Business : How do we build this rapport? Much in the same way, by asking questions. Ask your new “friend” about themselves and their business, or what brought them to the site. Ask them what it is they hope to gain from coming to this particular network. There are literally thousands of various networks out there, find out what it is that interested your new friend enough to join this particular network. Use as many open ended questions as possible.

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We are thrilled to offer you this special seminar and believe that you and your team will gain great value from the ideas and techniques presented. We look forward to providing an additional outlet to FIRE UP your team and help them leverage these techniques in your organization. Contact us today to capitalize on our special 4-hour promotion. Phone 866.WIT-4-WIT and schedule your seminar -- guaranteed to help your team and bring in results! W.I.T. Enterprises Articles While envy and jealousy are normal human emotions, if they are allowed to get out of hand in the workplace then lasting damage can be done to the organization. The fact is that few businesses can afford to supply executive coaching to all potential participants, so they inevitably must set priorities and make some hard choices about who will and who will not receive coaching during a particular timeframe. W.I.T. Enterprises Home Why do we need to be motivated? Human nature. We are all born the same way, naked and without any “Learned Knowledge.” If we are honest with ourselves we will understand that unless we either teach ourselves, or are taught by a third party, (books , tapes, seminars, ect.) we actually know very little about Sales, Management, Psychology or the many hundreds, if not thousands of ideas and techniques that we need to apply to be successful in our chosen professions. The top 20%s understand this so they “SEEK” the knowledge they will need to succeed. W.I.T. Enterprises Articles WIT Enterprises Success Store WIT Enterprises Success Store We work with you closely to create a development map for your team and gauge where they are presently compared to the long term plan. Investing in your team is one of the most iimportant investments you can make for your business. W.I.T. Enterprises Some of the Success tips taught in this seminar: - How to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude. - Law of Attraction and Positive Expectancy and how to put it practice for your team professionally and personally. - Learn to deliberately direct your attention, focus and accomplish your goals.

- What to say when you talk to yourself. - Goal Setting Techniques for ultimate success. - 20 must know telephone sales techniques for making the sale! - These tips and so much more - guaranteed to produce results!

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