Advanced Reporting – SQL Server 2005 by msz78385


									Advanced Reporting – SQL Server 2005
Course #3004

Course Details
Length: 2 days
Prerequisite: Meridium User
Benefits: You will learn how to build Meridium
reports in SQL Server Reporting Services and
enhance them by applying formulas, formatting,
graphing, etc.
Audience: Administrators, Implementers

Querying Data
You will use Meridium tools to build simple and
relationship queries. You will create standard reports
using the Meridium Report Builder and modify them
in Seagate Crystal Reports.
Basic Formatting
You will explore the available options in Crystal
Reports for adding headers and footers and changing
a report’s format and layout.
Advanced Formatting
You will learn how to use report sections to add
grouping, sorting and summaries. You will enhance
reports by suppressing null values, adding charts,
conditionally formatting fields, and creating calculated

Advanced Reporting – SQL Server 2005
Course #3004

Day One Training Agenda                           Day Two Training Agenda
Building a Meridium Report                        Presentation Formulas
     • Creating a simple or relationship query        • Navigating the Formula Editor
     • Creating a report based on query results       • Inserting a Value Formula
     • Accessing the report in SQL Server             • Changing font color based on a formula
         Reporting Services                           • Highlighting a field based on field values
Basic Crystal Reports Formatting                      • Formatting a numeric field to currency
     • Changing page orientation                      • Suppressing null dates
     • Formatting report sections                     • Inserting sub-totals
     • Working with grids and guidelines          Graphs
     • Formatting fields                              • Inserting a graph based on report totals
     • Manipulating data fields                       • Sorting a chart legend based on summary
     • Adding headers and footers                        values
     • Inserting sections and sub-sections            • Hiding data underlying a chart
Grouping and Sorting                                  • Formatting the data underlying a chart
    • Inserting groups into a report              Advanced Formatting
    • Applying sorting                                • Adding graphics to a report
    • Suppressing duplicate data                      • Inserting a chart as a report overlay
    • Grouping records                                • Adding an exception notice to a report
    • Inserting summaries                             • Drilling down into report detail from a
    • Combining a field with a text box                  summary
                                                  Calculation Formulas
                                                      • Adding summary calculations
                                                      • Adding graphics and display based on data
                                                  You will complete a lab in which you will utilize the
                                                  skills you have learned in this course.


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