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					WOVEN WIRE CLOTH Wire Cloth Specifications | Types of Weaves | How to Check Our Quality | Selecting the Right Material WIRE CLOTH SPECIFICATION GUIDE Space Cloth | Mesh Cloth | Extra Fine Wire Cloth | Tensil Bolting Cloth US Standard Cloth | Market Grade Cloth | Filter Cloth|

What is Wire Cloth? Wire cloth is a woven metal fabric having either square or rectangular "working openings" between wires -- produced on large weaving machines called looms. "Working openings" are the clear spaces or distances between wires in both directions of each mesh of a square or rectangular woven fabric. Usually openings 1/4 inch and over are referred to as space cloth. Openings less than 1/4 inch are referred to as mesh cloth. Square or Rectangular Opening The proper "working opening" depends primarily on the end application of the woven wire screen or cloth in service. For example, square openings should be used where accurate sizing is essential. Rectangular openings are usually three to four times longer than wide and offer increased "through" capacity with less separation accuracy. Elongated rectangular openings afford the highest "through" capacity with the least accuracy in separation. Where wire cloth is used * Grinding control of crushed materials * Sizing of material * Scalping of material * Dewatering of material * Filtering for removal of a decontaminate * Protection of an orifice * Arrestor of flame or sparks * Shielding * Containers for heat treating * Surface to support other filter medium * Containers for cleaning * Medical implants * Guards for animal, fans, machinery, windows, rooms, etc. * Strainers for pumps, pipelines, tanks, pools * Drying of seed and solids * Catalysts for chemical reactions * Burners for gas heaters * Grids for batteries, fuel cells * Screen printing * Gas diffusion WIRE CLOTH: WIRE CLOTH DEFINTIONS Bolting Cloth, Double Crimp, Inter-Crimp, Filter Cloth, Galvanizing, Market Grade, Mesh, Micronic Filter Cloth, Rectangular Mesh, Selvage, Shute, Space Cloth, Square Mesh, Warp... CLICK HERE for more wire cloth definitions TYPES OF WIRE CLOTH WEAVES Plain Weave, Twill Square Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, Twilled Dutch Weave... CLICK HERE for more wire cloth weaves

ALLOYS Our inventory consists of the following alloys: Stainless Steel Woven and Welded, Brass, Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminum, Monel, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel... CLICK HERE for more wire cloth metals GALVANIZED WELDED AND WOVEN Steel wire formed into a mesh. The material is passed through a hot galvanizing bath, which produces a highly resistant coatings, as well as bonding the wire together at the joints... CLICK HERE for more galvanized welded WIRE CLOTH SPECIFICATIONS View our specification guide... CLICK HERE for more wire cloth specifications FILTER CLOTH AND RECTANGULAR MESH SPECIFICATIONS View our specification guide... CLICK HERE for more filter cloth & rectangular mesh specifications

Wire Cloth: Woven wire cloth with its wide range of materials and weave patterns is an ideal medium for strainers and filters. Using available techniques, it can be worked and formed to exact filter requirements, combining durability, strength and reliability. Specifying/Selecting Wire Cloth: The most common properties used to specify wire cloth include material, mesh count, wire diameter and weave. Material – The metal or alloy used in the wire to determine its resistance to corrosion, abrasion, heat and vibration. Mesh Count – Refers to the number of openings per linear inch. The mesh is counted by starting from the center of one wire and counting the number of openings to a point one inch distant. Wire Diameter – The diameter of the wire before weaving. Weave - The pattern in which the wires running crosswise (Shute Wires) and the wires running lengthwise (Warp Wires) cross each other.

Wire Cloth:

"Common Plain Weave Wire Cloth" MESH WIRE DIAMETER OPENING WIDTH % OPEN AREA 4 0.028 0.222 78.9 0.025 0.225 81 6 0.047 0.12 51.8 0.035 0.132 62.7 8 0.028 0.097 60.2 0.025 0.1 64 0.017 0.108 74.6 10 0.032 0.068 46.2 0.023 0.077 59.3 12 0.028 0.055 43.6 0.023 0.06 51.8 14 0.02 0.051 51 0.018 0.053 55.1 16 0.018 0.045 50.7 0.016 0.047 55.4 18 0.017 0.039 48.3 20 0.016 0.034 46.2 0.014 0.036 51.8 24 0.016 0.026 38 0.014 0.028 44.2 30 0.012 0.021 40.8 0.011 0.022 44.8 40 0.01 0.015 36 0.0075 0.018 49 50 0.009 0.011 30.3 0.0075 0.013 39.1 60 0.0075 0.009 30.5 70 0.0075 0.007 22.7 0.0065 0.008 29.8 100 0.0045 0.0055 30.3 120 0.004 0.0043 26.6 150 0.0026 0.0041 37.8 200 0.0021 0.0029 33.6

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"Common Micron Rated Wire Cloth"

Wire per inch Warp x Shute Warp & Shute Wire DIA Nominal Micron Retention 24x110 0.14/.010 115 30x150 .009/.007 95 50x250 .0055/.0045 60 80x700 .004/.003 35 165x800 .0028/.0020 25 200x1400 .0028/.0016 10

Wire Mesh Cloth We manufacture Wire Cloth in all meshes from large openings to fine mesh filter cloth. We produce all types of weaves in any metal that your application requires. Cetok is happy to supply small or large quantities in roll stock, cut-to-size, slit rolls, aggregate screens, discs, circles, heavy woven mesh or custom weaves. Most metals and meshes are in stock. You can count on Cetok Corporation to give you the right wire cloth for Industrial Plants and Manufacturing operations, Power Generation, Filter Manufacturers, Automobile Manufacturers and Assembly. CLICK HERE FOR MESH SCREEN SPECIFICATIONS

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