A Beginners Session to Ajax

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					A Beginners Session to
  Asynchronous client calls to the
    server. A “Post Back” free

            By Jonas Stawski
What To Expect From This Session
 Basics of Ajax
 BIG picture of how Ajax works
 Code samples
  What Not To Expect From This
 Inner   workings of Ajax (Ajax engine)
 Atlas
           What is Ajax?
Asynchronous Javascript And XML
   What is so cool about Ajax?
 Connection   between client side script and
  server side script.
 Better user experience
 More flexibility
 More options
        How does Ajax work?
A client script asynchronously calls a
server side function.
Classic VS Ajax
What is Microsoft doing about it?
      Ajax In the Real World
 Windows Live Local
 Windows Live Mail (Hotmail Beta)
 Google Maps
 Google Suggest
Car Classifieds website has a dropdown
with the makes of all the cars. Based on the
selection of the “makes” dropdown the
“models” dropdown has to be populated with
the correct models provided by the
   Add a reference to the Ajax engine.
   Must tell the application how to handle ashx files
   Must register the class to be used by Ajax.
   Create a PUBLIC function in the server side that
    will be accessed from the client script.
   Mark the function so it is available on the client
   Access the server side function through client
    side script.
   Handle your need.
 Sample  1: Get Time from the server.
 Sample 2: Passing parameters to the
 Sample 3: Passing objects as parameters.
 Sample 4: Getting a class from the server.
 Sample 5: Google Suggest mock up.
 Sample 6: Writing your own AJAX.
Ajax.NET Proffesional

Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications

Latest AjaxPro.dll: