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					JQuery and Prototype for Ajax

Written by David Cooper
Tuesday, 02 December 2008 04:54 - Last Updated Friday, 03 April 2009 04:57

The ever-changing face of the web is quite a quandary for web developers who want to deliver
the best quality product to their clients. New technologies for the internet surface on an annual
basis now, faster than ever before. Currently web developers like myself have to be proficient in
a number of areas to stay ahead of the game.


Would you like something that can give you a huge boost in your web development toolset?
Then download the JQuery javascript library , learn it well, and use it. It makes a host of tasks
that used to be very difficult in a browser much, much simpler. Take it from a guy that used to
write animation routines in javascript for floating menus and such, in Netscape Navigator 4 no

Few arrows in your web development quiver will give you the bang for the buck that JQuery
can. Oh... wait... that's right, IT'S FREE!

LivingRoad has been using the JQuery and Prototype javascript libraries for some time now
for its clients, and will continue to seek out new and better tools that push the envelope of what
can be done on the browser platform.

Remember, in the end, if the application works right, the interface is all that they remember! So
make it look and feel great!