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									Flash Combo Box Component Documentation

Combo Box Component Api


Name          Type       Description

                         Get/Set Labels Values.
labels        Array
                         Example: instanceName.labels = new Array("label 1", "label 2", "label 3");

                         Get/Set Data Values.
data          Array
                         Example: instanceName.data = new Array("1", "2", "3");

                         Get/Set default Item selected.
defaultItem   Number
                         Example: instanceName.defaultItem = 1;

                         Get/Set Drop Down display Item Count
itemCount     Number
                         Example: instanceName.itemCount = 5; // It will show 5 items.

                         Get/Set selected Item Case
itemCase      String     Example: instanceName.itemCase = "Uppercase" ; // Default, Lowercase,

                         Get/Set Drop Down Label
selectionLabel Boolean
                         Example: instanceName.selectionLabel = false;

                         Get/Set Drop Down Skin
style         String
                         Example: instanceName.style = "myNewSkin";

                         Get/Set Drop Down status
disabled      Boolean
                         Example: instanceName.disabled = true;

                       Set Functon After Drop Down selection
                        function myFunction() {
SetFunction   Function
                       instanceName.SetFunction = myFunction

                         Get Selected Value
valueText     String
                         Example: trace("Text value:"+instanceName.valueText);
Terms of Use

This components are provided "AS IS" and FlashAjaxCart.com excludes to the fullest extent permited by applicable
law any warranty, express or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability,
satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpouse. FlashAjaxCart.com will not be liable for any damages of any
kind arising from the use of this componets, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and
consequential damages.

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