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									                                                                        Finding parts of a process using process
           Unix process implementation                                  structure

                   When a user thread traps to kernel, it
                   starts running with different memory
                   map, kernel mode PC, and kernel mode

                   Two structures are maintained by the

                        Process table

                        User structure

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        Process table (always memory-resident)                                  User structure

           Scheduling parameters                                                ¢

                                                                                    Contains info that is not needed when

                   Process priority, CPU time consumed                              the process is not in memory (can be
                   recently, recent sleep time                                      swapped out)

           Memory image                                                             ¡

                                                                                        Signal info should be in process table,

                   Pointers to the text, data, stack segments,                          since signals may be received when the
                   their page tables
                                                                                        process is swapped out.

           Signals                                                              ¢

                                                                                    Machine registers

                   Which are ignored, which are temporarily
                   blocked, etc.

                                                                                        Saved when trap to kernel occurs


                                                                                    Current system call state
                   Process state, events being waited for,                              Parameters, results


                   PID, parent’s PID, user ID.
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           Continued …
                                                                               Process creation (fork)

               Open file descriptor table                               

                                                                           Look for a free slot in process table
                   Maps to the in-core inode table

                                                                                   Copy parent’s entry to child’s entry


               Account info                                             

                                                                           Allocate memory
                   Points to a table that keeps track of user

                                                                                   Copy data and stack segments from parent

                   and system CPU time used
                                                                                   Copy user structure from parent


               Kernel stack

                   A fixed stack for use by the kernel part

                                                                           Text segment may be shared
                   of the process

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           Copy on write                                                       Shared memory

                                                                                shmid = shmget ( size, …)
                                                  Page table               £

                                                                                addr = shmat ( shmid, shmaddr, …) (attach)
                                                  of receiver
       Page table                                                                  shmaddr is a suggested address (or 0)

       of sender 3                           2                             ¥

                                                                                shmdt ( shmid ) (detach)

                                                                                       Mem map                   Mem map

                              (read-only                                               Process A    region
                             protection fault)                                                                   Process B

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                                                                 Example: ls command
           Processing shell commands

                                                               Steps in executing the command ls type to the shell
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                                                                    Shared mapped files
           New address space

               System V, BSD, support mapped files                       Two processes can share a mapped file.

               New page table indicates no in-core

               The new process immediately gets
               page fault (only required pages are
               brought in from the executable file on

                                                             A new file mapped simultaneously into two processes
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           Threads in Unix
                                                                                           Unix scheduler

           Kernel threads supported in some versions,
           e.g., System V, Solaris

                                                                                               Multi-level queues based on priority

           How to maintain traditional Unix semantics?                                         recalculated once a second

           E.g., a thread in a process forks

                                                                                               Priority = cpuUsage + nice + base
                                                                                                   cpuUsage=weighted average # of clock

                   Should child process have copies of all

                   threads?                                                                        ticks/sec the process has had while
                                                                                                   running during past few seconds
                   If so, what if one of them was blocked reading


                                                                                                   cpuUsage=(new + old_cpuUsage)/2

                   keyboard? Should the copy be also blocked?
                                                                                                   only recent usage counts

                        If so, which should get the next keyboard input?

                        If not, what should the new copy be doing?

                                                                                                   -20 <= nice <= 20 (user can choose only
                                                                                                   non-negative values)

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                                                                                    Multi-level Q structure
           Priority calculation

                   base differentiates different classes of
                   processes (hard-wired in OS)

                   E.g., a process that has just read a
                   block from disk should get next time
                   slice soon to keep the disk busy

                   When the priority (rounded to an
                   integer) changes, the process is moved
                   to the corresponding Q in the next slide

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