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									New year, a new room – wall stickers and other makeover ideas
Looking for an affordable, easy decorating solution for your kid’s bedroom? With so much advice out there, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. From wall stickers, painted murals, vinyl decals to painting, wallpapering or stenciling – you’ll be able to find decorating ideas to accommodate most budgets – it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Wall Stickers If you want to theme a room for your child, then one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to makeover your child’s room is with vinyl wall stickers or wall decals (as they’re sometimes referred). Your 2 or 3 year old son may be interested in dinosaurs, but grow out of them by the time he’s 5 or 6; he may now prefer a Pirate or Alien theme. Using dinosaur wall stickers is a fun way to theme a wall or jazz-up furniture. Look out for good quality wall stickers which state they’re removable and re-stickable, this makes updating the look much easier. Many sticker themes will also complement bedding sets; a simple way to create a coordinated look. There are a wide range of licensed sticker products available on the market, for example, The Gruffalo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Barbie, In the Night Garden, Thomas the Tank Engine and many more. For those who prefer original, unlicensed designs there are wonderful alternatives for nurseries and children’s rooms. We found FunToSee have quite an extensive range of wall stickers. There are also some great themes like cowboys, planes or flowers available from Cath Kidston. Wallpaper or Wall Stickers? If you prefer a more traditional approach, you’ll find a lot of beautifully illustrated wallpaper now available. From cars, butterflies, stars and hearts, to clever repeat patterns. The chances are you’ll find a theme that’s suitable for your child’s bedroom. With wallpaper you’ll need to take into consideration the time and effort required; it’s messier than wall stickers, as most need to be applied with wallpaper paste. Matching the wallpaper can be tricky too. There’s no doubt that if done properly, the result can be dramatic. Unfortunately, wallpaper isn’t that easy to remove. So, while this solution is good for the long term, it isn’t recommended if you only want to theme a room for a short period of time, especially as children’s tastes can change so quickly. Wallpaper Direct has a good choice of wallpaper designs, as well as all the tools you may need to get you started. Painting or Wall Stickers? If you’re looking for a simple, natural effect, then paint may be your answer. It’s very important to prepare walls carefully before applying your paint. Ensure you buy the best tools and equipment you can afford. With basic equipment you can achieve some fantastic paint effects – a wavy line with masking tape or a beautiful border with a

themed stencil. There are many stencil choices available, including animals, butterflies, flowers and stars. If you opt for painted walls in a plain colour, you still have the option to add some fun to the walls with wall stickers – theme a whole room, add a splash of colour to a small space, create a border or decorate painted doors and furniture. Dulux have a fantastic range of colours to choose from. Murals or Wall Stickers? Painted murals are a beautiful way to transform a room. There are mural painting kits available, including paint by number solutions. For a fine art finish, hand painted murals are probably best left to the professionals unless you have an artistic flair. You’ll be able to discuss the look and feel you want to achieve across one wall or around the entire room. Then leave them to it! The room may be out of action for several days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and allowing time for paint fumes to go. Hand painted murals can be a very effective but expensive option. Starlight Murals have a range of mural designs for kids’ rooms. Decorating a room for your new baby or young child should be fun; the possibilities are endless. The choice is yours. Happy Decorating. - Sara Allom View Source: FunToSee™ Ltd – Wall Stickers

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