Dell PowerVault NAS UNIX Linux

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					                              Dell PowerVault NAS
                                   UNIX Linux
                   Dell™ PowerVault™ NAS                                            UNIX®       Linux®
                       Red Hat® Linux 9.0                                      PowerVault

                      Ward Wolfram               Dean Oliver

                                          (NAS)                                     NAS             NAS
                                                                                    (HBA)                           (SAN)

                                                                                  Dell PowerVault         :         NAS
                             NAS                                                                      NAS                             Dell™
                                                               Microsoft SQL      PowerVault ™ 775N PowerVault 770N
                        Microsoft Exchange                                          PowerVault 725N
                        NAS                                                       Microsoft Windows                (OS)
                                                   NAS                                        Service Pack 3 (SP3) Windows 2000
                                                                          NAS     Advanced
                                                                                                                       PowerVault 775N
                                                                                    PowerVault 770N                 SAN

                                NAS                                                                                 Dell PowerVault NAS

                                                                                                    Windows                                                                      POWER SOLUTIONS     105
                                                                                 1:        Dell PowerVault NAS
                                                                                 Linux                 Dell PowerVault NAS

                                                                              PowerVault                                  NAS Manager
                                                                           Web GUI                                 NAS Manager
                                                                             Web                     PowerVault                IP
                                                                                                      NAS Manager
                                                                                                   Shares             Shares

 1. Dell PowerVault NAS

                                                                            PowerVault NAS                            NFS
Internet              (CIFS)                               UNIX              Dell PowerVault NAS                          NFS
Linux                                         (NFS)    PowerVault                                           UNIX Linux
            CIFS          NFS             Novell NetWare                     NFS                            PowerVault                 Windows
(NCP)      AppleTalk                 (AFP) HTTP     FTP (           1)                                                         Windows

        PowerVault                                    NFS    UNIX                                  PowerVault                   E:
Linux                       UNIX (SFU)          Microsoft                  NFS                               Shares
                                                 (NIS)                     New           3                e:\home
SFU 2.3        NFS                      PowerVault            NAS          Create folder if it does not already exist
                                                                                                             UNIX (NFS)
           :   PowerVault            Linux
                          Red Hat       Linux 9.0                   Dell              Folders                      Volume E:        Home
PowerVault NAS                                                                                      Linux                                          New
        owerVault                (      2)                                       NFS                                                                   4
PowerVault                      NFS              NIS
Red Hat Linux 9.0

 2.   Red Hat Linux         Dell PowerVault                                 3.        PowerVault             NFS

106     POWER SOLUTIONS                                                                                              
                                                                                                    2                    daemons      ypserv   ypbind ypbind
                                                                                                              Linux                NFS
                                                                                              NIS                     Linux

                                                                                                                   PCNFS           NIS
                                                                                        PowerVault NFS
                                                                                                  NIS                                          NIS

                                                                                                    NFS                  NIS
                                                                                                                               Linux                  NIS
                                                                                                    NFS                         Windows               UNIX
                                                                                        Linux                                                  UNIX         Linux

 4.        NFS              Linux
                                                                                        1.                         /etc/rc.d/rc.local
                                                                                              domainname nisdomain
                                          Linux                        Windows
                                  ( Everyone                    )                       2.                      NIS
                                                                                              [root@ts2-lxnis /]# source /etc/rc.d/rc.local
                                         Linux                      PowerVault
                                    Windows                                             3.                /var/yp/Makefile                         all:
             Linux                    Windows                                 Users
               Local Users                             Windows                                auto.master auto.home

                    NIS                                                                 4.                PowerVault               NFS               nclude the
                                                                                              following entry in on the         NIS            /etc/auto.master

  Dell PowerVault                           NFS                                               /home /etc/auto.home –-timeout=60
              UNIX                      Linux
                                      PowerVault NFS

                                                              PowerVault NAS
  Shares                      home
                    NFS Sharing                                            ALL MA-
CHINES Read-Write + Root                                      Enable anonymous access
                 (    5)                                      OK
                          Dell PowerVault NAS
                                           2 Linux                        NIS    NFS

      2:         Linux
NIS                                                                     NIS

NIS                                                                      NIS             5.                 PowerVault

                                                                                  POWER SOLUTIONS    107
5.        NIS                       PowerVault NFS                          16.                             NFS
      [root@ts2-lxnis /]# mkdir /home/users                                       [root@ts2-lxnis /]# exportfs -r

6.      /etc/auto.home                                                      17.            NFS
      users -fstype=nfs,rw ts1-770n:/home                                         [root@linux-nis /]# exportfs

7.              /etc/yp.conf            NIS                                                 Linux
      domain nisdomain server ts2-lxnis                                               Linux
8.                                                                               NIS                    NFS
      domain nisdomain broadcast
                                                                            1.        /etc/yp.conf  NIS
9.                          NIS               /etc/rc.local                       domain nisdomain server ts2-lxnis

      ypserv                                                                2.
      ypbind                                                                      domain nisdomain broadcast

10.                 ypserv ypbind                                           3.                                                                   /etc/
      [root@ts2-lxnis etc]# source rc.local                                       sysconfig/network
                                                                                  domainname nisdomain
11.                               NIS          (                    NIS           ypbind
      [root@ts2-lxnis yp]# /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m                            4.
                                                                                  [root@linux-cl1 /]# chkconfig —level 345
12.             ypinit                                                              nfs on
                                                                                  [root@linux-cl1 /]# chkconfig —level 345
13.         /etc/nsswitch.conf                nis             NIS                   autofs on

      passwd: nis files dns                                                 5.                        /etc/auto.master
      shadow: nis files dns                                                       /home yp:auto.home
      group: nis files dns
      hosts: nis files dns                                                  6.
      .                                                                           [root@linux-cl1 /]# service autofs restart
      .                                                                     7.         /etc/nsswitch.conf            nis                       NIS

                nis                                 NIS             /etc/         passwd: nis files dns
      hosts                             DNS                                       shadow: nis files dns
                                                                                  group: nis files dns
14.                                                                               hosts: nis files dns
      [root@ts2-lxnis /]# service autofs restart                                  .
      [root@ts2-lxnis /]# chkconfig –-level 35                                    .
         autofs on                                                                .

15.       /etc/exports                                                                    nis                              NIS                     /etc/
      /home/users *(rw,no_root_squash)                                            hosts                       DNS

108       POWER SOLUTIONS                                                                                        
                                                                            [root@ts2-lxnis /]#

                                                                                             NIS                                          NIS
                                                                                                                NFS                 NIS
                                                                                        ypinit                        make

                                                                            [root@ts2-lxnis yp]# make


                                                                                                               Linux NIS
                                                                            Windows PowerVault
     6. Linux                PowerVault

                                                                              :     Linux              Windows
                                                                                                PowerVault Windows
8.                                    /etc/passwd                                           Windows
       +::::::                                                                                       Windows

9.                                    /etc/group                            UNIX      Linux
                           NIS                                                       PowerVault

                  NIS                           Linux                         UNIX      Linux
     NIS                                 Linux                                             Windows
  PowerVault                                              (      Dell
PowerVault NAS                             )            NIS                                 Microsoft
                                                                        UNIX/Linux     Windows
        [root@ts2-lxnis /]# adduser user_1 -d
        -d                                                                             UNIX        Linux

                                                                        Windows                      UNIX   Linux
        [root@ts2-lxnis /]# passwd user_1                                   NIS                                                     UNIX
        Changing password for user user_1.                              Linux                Windows                                Windows
        New password:
        Retype new password:
        passwd: all authentication tokens updated

                                                               POWER SOLUTIONS    109
 7. PowerVault             Linux                   Windows

                            Red Hat Linux 9.0    Dell PowerVault          8.
NAS                            NAS Manager Shares        Sharing
                                                                                                          Windows     Dell PowerVault

1.           NFS Protocol                               Properties   (                                                                      NFS
        6)                                                               PowerVault
2.           User Group Mappings                                              NAS                  Dell PowerVault 725N      770N         775N
3.            nisdomain      NIS                                                       IT
      Explicit User Mapping                                                                   IT
4.         List UNIX Users                   NIS                 Linux
                                                                         Ward Wolfram (                                    Dell
5.                Linux                               Windows            Solution Enablement Lab               Technology Showcase
               Add             (    7)                   Linux Windows                                         SAN NAS
                                                           Windows                          Ward          Nebraska     Lincoln
                                                                                            Concordia     Nebraska    Seward
6.       OK
7.                                                 NAS Manager
      Maintenance                        Terminal Services               Dean Oliver ( Dell Linux
      PowerVault                         Microsoft Windows                                                                Dell PowerEdge
8.        user_1                                                                   Red Hat Linux         Dean                       Longview
9.           Security                  8                                   LeTourneau            Red Hat               ®
                                                                                                                           (RHCE ) Novell

10.                                allow inheritable permissions from              (MCNE) Microsoft                   (MCSE)
      parent to propagate to this object

11.                        Everyone

       user_1 (            )       Administrator (           )
                            Full Control                                       Dell PowerVault           :

Dell PowerVault:                   NAS

110      POWER SOLUTIONS