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UNIX Introduction for Application Developers
Duration: 5 days
 Develop a general introduction to UNIX
                                                            Course Content:                                              14. Processes
 and Korn Shell Programming,                                                                                             •    SVR4, BSD Commands and Options
 concentrating on effective use of the                      1. A Brief History of Unix                                   •    Managing Processes
 system.                                                    •    The Beginning                                           •    Process Priority
                                                            •    Unix goes Public                                        •    Using PS(1) with other utilities
 Course Description:                                        •    The Evolution of Unix                                   15. Unix Job Scheduling
 This course will cover basic command necessities                                                                        •    Choosing the right facility
                                                            •    Standardization
 such as the file system structure, core UNIX                                                                            •    The AT facility
 commands and how to use them together, simple text         •    Free Unix
                                                            2. Connect to UNIX from a Microsoft                          •    The cron facility
 editing, the UNIX command environment and how to
                                                                 Environment                                             16. Unix Networking Utilities
 use it to your advantage. You will also learn how to
                                                            •    "Dumb" text terminal and X-Windows                      •    TCP/IP Networking
 use common UNIX utilities to send mail and transfer
 files between machines, and how to automate tedious             terminals                                               •    Unix Networking Tools
 tasks to save time and effort.                             •    Logging In                                              17. The KORN Shell and other UNIX
                                                            •    Command Line                                                 Shells
                                                            •    Passwords                                               •    Features of the shells
 Participants will learn to…                                                                                             •    Bourne Shell, Bourne Again Shell, C
 •    Understand the history and evolution of UNIX          •    The MAN(1) Command
                                                            3. The Unix File System                                           Shell, Korn Shell, The Restricted
      operating systems                                                                                                       Shell
 •    Connect and log on to machines running UNIX           •    Understanding the Unix file system
                                                            •    Manipulating the Unix file System                       •    Unix Processes
 •    Understand the structure and purpose of the                                                                        •    Login Shell
      UNIX file system; Use UNIX commands to move           •    Links
                                                            •    File Types and Attributes                               18. KORN Shell Script Execution
      about the UNIX file system                                                                                              Privileges
 •    Understand and manipulate UNIX file                   4. Additional File System Commands
                                                            •    Viewing Text                                            •    The X in RWX
                                                            •    File Manipulation                                       •    Using CHMOD(1) to establish
 •    Create and edit files using the vi editor                                                                               Privileges
 •    Understand the basic features of various UNIX         5. File System Privileges
                                                            •    Viewing File and Directory Privileges                   •    The impact of $path on finding scripts
                                                            •    Numeric representation of Privileges                    •    Built-ins
 •    Manipulate shell variables to configure your                                                                       19. Basic Programming Concepts
      environment                                           •    Altering File Privileges
                                                            6. Editing Files with vi                                     •    Problem Definition
 •    Use UNIX utilities to identify, manipulate, and
                                                            •    Using vi(1)                                             •    Problem Breakup
      search UNIX files
                                                            •    Searching and Pattern Matching with                     •    Component Solution Development
 •    Understand the UNIX user and group paradigms
                                                                 Regular Expressions                                     •    Program Re-assembly
 •    Use UNIX mailing tools
                                                            •    Customizing the VI Environment                          •    Testing, Testing, Testing
 •    Use and manipulate the UNIX printing system
                                                            7. Introduction to the Unix Shell                            •    Embedding Comments in your code
 •    Use UNIX job scheduling to automate tasks
                                                            •    Shell Overview                                          20. KORN Shell Variables
 •    Use and manipulate UNIX networking utilities
                                                            •    I/O redirection, including >, >>, and <                 •    Variable Names
 •    Set execution privileges on KORN Shell scripts
                                                            •    Using pipes and Wildcards                               •    Assigning values and Attributes
 •    Understand KORN shell basic programming
                                                            •    Job Control                                             •    Attributes
                                                            •    Aliases                                                 •    Removing User declared variables
 •    Create KORN shell variables
                                                            8. Working with Shell Settings                               •    Arrays
 •    Manipulate strings using KORN shell commands
                                                            •    Shell Variables                                         •    Command Substitution
 •    Use advanced commands of vi
                                                            •    Controlling your Login                                  •    Quoting
 •    Perform KORN shell arithmetic
                                                            •    The STTY(1) Command                                     •    Built-in variables
 •    Use conditional logic within KORN shell scripts
                                                            9. Unix Utilities                                            •    Positional variables
 •    Execute a series of commands repetitively (loop)
                                                            •    System Utilities                                        21. KORN Shell String Operators
 •    Put together sets of commands you use in the
                                                            •    More Utilities:                                         •    Background
      KORN shell into a script
                                                                 bc(1), expr(1), chsh(1), date(1), od(1),                •    Default values
 •    Debug your KORN shell scripts
                                                                 sort(1), sed(1)                                         •    Substrings
 Who Needs to Attend:                                       10. Unix Archiving                                           •    Trimming
 Anyone who will be using or administering a UNIX           •    File Utilities – tar(1), cpio(1), compress(1),          22. Advanced Editing with vi
 system. Casual users will find this course sufficient in        uncompress(1), pack(1) and unpack(1),                   •    vi Clones
 itself. More sophisticated users, programmers and               gzip(1) and gunzip(1)                                   •    Buffers
 systems administrators will find the course an effective   11. Users and Groups                                         •    Marking Position
 foundation for further study.                              •    Unix Users                                              •    Macros
                                                            •    Unix Groups                                             •    More vi Options
 Prerequisites:                                             •    Shadowed passwords                                      23. KORN Shell Arithmetic
 There are no prerequisites for this course. However,       12. Unix Mail                                                •    Operators
 this course is a prerequisite for more advanced UNIX       •    The Unix Mail System                                    •    Doing Arithmetic
 courses.                                                   •    Common Mail Transfer Agents                             •    Built-in functions
                                                            •    /BIN/MAIL                                               24. KORN Shell Branching
 Lab Exercises: One for each section.                       •    Other Mail User Agents                                  •    IF, ELSE, FI
                                                            13. Unix Printing                                            25. KORN Shell Loops
 Additional FREE Items to take Home:                        •    The Unix Printing System                                •    FOR, CASE, CONTINUE, BREAK,
 You receive extra FREE materials in the class to take           Print Spooling                                               SELECT, WHILE, GETOPTS, UNTIL
 with you. Please call (800) 294-7497 for details for a          User Print Commands                                     26. KORN Shell Text File Processing
 specific course.                                                                                                             •     TR(1), CUT(1), PASTE(1),
                                                                                                                                    JOIN(1), UNIQ(1)

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