Purpose of the tool KDE is a desktop environment by zwj23860


									A.2.3 KDE
Purpose of the tool
KDE is a desktop environment for UNIX systems. It allows consistent look and feel
for all KDE applications. It is completely network transparent, and includes an
integrated help system. It is composed of standardized menu and toolbars,
keybindings, color-schemes, etc. It allows internationalization and centralized
consistent dialog-driven desktop configuration. Many applications are available for
the KDE environment.
Current development status
Version 3.3 Released 19/08/2004
The platforms in which it works
Location for download

Intended audience
                   Users                                 Administration
End Users                                   Municipal authorities
                                            Provincial administration
                                            Central government

Requirements for training people using the tools
As a complete desktop, it requires an estimate 4 hours for basic usage, 12 hours for in-
depth knowledge.
Requirements to install and maintain the tool
It gets pre-installed in many recent Linux distributions. Provides support for special,
locked-down modes called “kiosk” that allows administrators to reduce tampering by
users, selectively allowing or denying actions on the desktop.
Available documentation
The licenses are claimed to be GNU GPL and LGPL.
(image source: http://www.kde.org/screenshots/ )

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