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   Todd Wineland, MS
   Wellness Coordinator
   Love Box Company, Inc.
   Wichita, KS
                                   The Seven C’s
                  Concentrate on Senior Level Support
                  Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
                  Collecting Data to Drive Programming Efforts
                  Crafting an Operating Plan
                  Choosing Appropriate Interventions
                  Creating a Supportive Environment
                  Consistently Evaluating Outcomes

The Well Workplace, Field Manual
Senior Level Support
    Robert D. Love
   Linked the health promotion
    initiative to business priorities.
   Health & Safety is seen as an
    important tool in realizing the
    business mission.
   3rd generation family owned &
    operated business with the 4th
    generation working in the
Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
         Important to involve the key players
          throughout the company.
          -Benefits Manager
          -Safety Coordinator
          -HR Coordinator
          -Senior and Mid-level managers
          -Frontline Employees
          -Director of Marketing
Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
         Teams engage the organizations key
         Teams lighten the load
         Teams add credibility
         Teams provide safety
         Teams provide stability
         Effective teams meet regularly
         Team should have a formal leader
Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts
               Data Sources
              Demographics
              Claims Data
              Absenteeism Reports
              Safety/Work Comp Reports
              Culture Audits
              Interest Surveys
              Health Risk Appraisals
Crafting The Annual Operating Plan

             Vision Statement
             Goals
             Objectives
             Implementation and Timeline
             Marketing and communication Plan
             Budget
             Evaluation Plan
Love Box Intent & Vision
Statement of Health Intent
        Love Box Company fosters growth
         toward total wellness.

Statement of Health Vision
        Love Box Company promotes
         taking positive, confident steps over
         time to build skills toward total
Choosing Appropriate Interventions
         Normal Blood Pressure
         Normal Blood Sugars
         Normal Cholesterol
         Healthy Weight
         Being a Non Smoker
         Being Physically Active
         Being Emotionally Healthy
         Eating a Health Diet
Consistently Evaluating Outcomes
            Demonstrates worth of a program
            To meet requirements of the
             funding source
            To compare different types of
            To provide information about the
            To help individuals move forward
             in their quest for healthier
Creating a Supportive Environment
             Formal Orientation
             Proactive Policies
             Modeling
             Consistent Rewards & Recognition
             Friendly Facilities
             On-going training
Love Box & Life Time Wellness
   Ten Year Plan for Wellness
    Each step toward wellness begins with

     “Where will I (we) be in ten years?”
    Each intervention area of focus will

     include measures to accomplish both
     individual & group assessment.
    The individual & the company will be

     on parallel paths to long-term health!
Life Time Wellness Approach
   An organizational plan targeting 8 specific
    health behaviors or modifiable health risks
    associated with specific health outcomes.
   These risks/behaviors will each be the target
    on a 3-month campaign.
   Each risk factor/behavior will recycle on an
    every two year basis.
   Each campaign will include elements of
    attitude, knowledge, skill-development,
    environmental change and self-care
Choosing Appropriate Interventions
         Normal Blood Pressure
         Normal Blood Sugars
         Normal Cholesterol
         Healthy Weight
         Being a Non Smoker
         Being Physically Active
         Being Emotionally Healthy
         Eating a Health Diet
Our Philosophy
   Provide superior benefits package
    to our employees.
   Partner with you to help maintain a
    healthy lifestyle.
   Control the costs of group health
    Your Responsiblity
   The vast majority of health issues are
    related to lifestyle choices
   We partner with you using:
    -Love Your Baby, prenatal program
    -Wellness Centers & Club Discounts
    -Smoking Cessation Program
    -Doctors & Physical Therapy at Work
    Other Wellness Programs
    Short and Long Term Incentives
   Annual Health Fairs
   Blood Pressure Tracking
   Cholesterol Monitoring
   Santa Fe Trail Walk
   Holliday-Weigh In
   Boot Camp
   Fitness Quest
   Tuesday Sweat Day
   Mammogram Van
    Other Wellness Programs
    Short and Long Term Incentives
   www.livingwellatlovebox.com
   CHIP Program
   Shift Stretching
   Health Vending Machines
   New-hire Punch Card
   Water Filtration
   Summer Gatorade In Plant
   Executive Physicals
          Helpful Publications
   Well Workplace Workbook, A guide to developing your
    Worksite Wellness Program. Wellness Councils of
   ACSM’s Worksite Health Promotion Manual, A guide to
    Building and Sustaining Healthy Worksites.
    Carolyn Cox
   Health Promotion Ideas That Work, 84 Proven
    Activities for the Work place. Timothy E. Glaros
       Helpful Organizations
   The Wellness Councils of America
   American College of Sports Medicine
   International Health, Racquet and
    Sportsclub Association (IHRSA)