Concept Paper --- Country Development Programming Framework (CDPF)

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                                                           Country Development Programming Framework (CDPF)  Mapping from the Concept Paper
                                                                                                                                                                               Country Development Program Framework
                             Concept Paper                                         Memo to the Minister                 Summary of Concept Paper (for communications)

1     Development Context                                                                                                                                                    Development Context

      Brief analysis, based on existing available data, of:               informs some brief text under                   provides a brief snapshot of the country              essentially the same as concept paper, but
               the process and content of the partner country’s           “BACKGROUND – Context and Rationale”,            context, that is:                                      with any relevant updates
                National Development Plan, Poverty Reduction               about the country’s poverty context               tailored to the target audiences, and
                Strategy or equivalent.                                    (PRS/NDP) including achievement toward the        crisp and visual where possible, e.g.
          OR: if this is not available, a brief poverty analysis           MDGs, and the intent of the CDPF                     with “boxes” of key information

2     Strategic Analysis                                                                                                                                                     Strategic Analysis
                                                                                                                           contains specific information on Canada’s
      Brief analysis, based on existing available data, of the            provides brief key details to support            relationship with the partner country and             essentially the same as concept paper, but
      country’s:                                                           “BACKGROUND” especially “Rationale”              CIDA’s contribution to its development                 with any relevant updates
               governance (especially institutional capacity),            and “Considerations”                             results, e.g.:
               environment (as part of a Strategic                                                                          past programming in the country, and
                Environmental Assessment), and                                                                               lessons learned that have contributed to
               gender equality                                                                                                   the content and approach of the
                                                                                                                                  proposed CIDA program
3     Suggested CIDA Strategic Choices                                                                                                                                       Strategic CIDA Choices
                                                                          provides brief key details to support:          answers the question of WHAT:
      Brief information on:                                                  “BACKGROUND” especially                        some general information related to the
                proposed program objectives and priorities in the               “Rationale” and “Considerations”               nature of projected support, e.g. priority        a description of the anticipated program
                 partner country;                                            “Assessment of Equality between                   sectors and geographic focus within the            as an evolution of strategic choices of
                anticipated stakeholders and beneficiaries of the               Women and Men”                                 country, anticipated stakeholders and              the concept paper
                 program;                                                    “Strategic Environmental Assessment”              beneficiaries of the program                      including an explanation of how the program
                preliminary opportunities for governance as a                                                                                                                     specifically supports the implementation of
                 programming sector, or as a significant component                                                                                                                 the four-part CIDA agenda on aid
                 of programming in other sectors, and for the cross-                                                                                                               effectiveness and the Paris Declaration on Aid
                 cutting themes of environment and equality                                                                                                                        Effectiveness
                 between women and men; and
              lessons learned that influence the choice and type
               of programming envisaged
4     Proposed Program Results                                                                                                                                               Program Results

               a brief description of the proposed program,              informs “BACKGROUND – Financial                 uses the preliminary logic model to explain           description of the desired program
                and                                                        Implications”                                    the proposed approach to achieve expected              results based on the above
                                                                                                                            results                                               including a final logic model with narrative
               a preliminary logic model, with an                                                                                                                                 description and a PMF
                explanation of the program’s proposed results,
                including how they contribute to CIDA’s PAA
                and reflects the country partner results of the

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5     Management of the Program                                                                                                                                           Management of the Program

      This requires preliminary details of how the program is       supports the above                                 answers the question of HOW the program               description of the program
      expected to be managed for results.                           explains resources for “Financial                   will be managed for results:                           management approach (human and
               the human and financial resources that would         Implications”,                                       without giving specific internal details             financial resources) with more robust
                be required to implement the proposed               adds lessons learned and risk in terms of                of budgets and risk management                    details on how the program will be
                program;                                             “Context and Rationale” and “Risk                                                                          managed for results
               lessons learned that have influenced the             Assessment and Management”                                                                                details of its risk management strategy
                proposed management approach and resource                                                                                                                      an explanation of an approach for monitoring,
                requirements for implementation of the                                                                                                                          evaluating and reporting on performance
                proposed program; and                                                                                                                                           during the CPDF lifecycle
               the proposed approach to monitoring,
                evaluating and reporting on the program.
6     Consultation and Communications                                                                                                                                     Communications

              Brief information on the proposed approach to          informs sections on “Consultations” and            manages expectations of consultation and            once the CDPF is approved, a summary in both
               consultation and communication on the                   “Communications”                                    communication, and answers the question              official languages will be posted on Entre
               proposed program.                                       indicates consultations corporately, with          of WHO, WHEN and WHERE, with                         Nous and the CIDA Internet site
                                                                           OGDs, partner country, other donors             details of:
                                                                           and stakeholders to develop the concept         consultations already conducted to
                                                                           paper, and any consultations that may               inform the direction of the concept
                                                                           (or not) be envisaged with key                      paper
                                                                           stakeholders                                    if there is to be further consultation,
                                                                       provides key details of the                            identifies the intended target audiences
                                                                           communications activities or                        in Canada and the partner country
                                                                           considerations associated with planning         dates, venue and nature of any
                                                                           the CDPF and managing expectations                  communication activities, e.g. via
                                                                                                                               posting the consultation document on
                                                                                                                               the CIDA website, or through specific
                                                                                                                               activities in Canada and/or the partner
                                                                                                                               country, and
                                                                                                                           the expected schedule for completion
                                                                                                                               and approval of the CDPF

      Required Annexes for the Program                                                                                                                                    Required Annexes for the Program

              Its preliminary logic model                                                                                                                                      Its logic model
              Its country program risk profile                                                                                                                                 Its performance measurement
              Its country program                                                                                                                                               framework
              Its Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)                                                                                                                     Its risk profile and risk management
               applicability form and if needed, an SEA report                                                                                                                   strategy
              Its country program governance profile                                                                                                                           Its gender equality strategy