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                About Buckeye Late Night: Programming Grant Initiative
                                               Please print for your records

Buckeye Late Night Mission: To provide vibrant and fun late night programs, which create a sense of
campus community, for a diverse group of students. This wide array of activities provides students with
programming experience, leadership development, and social interactions.

I.        What is the purpose of this initiative?
       The current goal of Buckeye Late Night is to assist student life and University Interfaith Association
       partners in providing alcohol free, late night activities to OSU students by the distribution of mini-
       grants. Mini-grant requests may be made for up to $5,000 (for events expecting less than 2,000
       students in attendance). These funds are for events on Friday or Saturday nights only.

II.       What problem does this grant initiative address?
       In response to growing awareness and concern about alcohol and other drug abuse problems, Buckeye
       Late Night is part of our comprehensive prevention plan. This initiative provides students with
       consistent alcohol and other drug-free recreational activities.

III.      Who is eligible to receive funds?
       Student life and University Interfaith partners are the only sources that will be receiving our limited
       late night funds at this time. The success of this initiative depends on involvement and support from
       the entire campus community, especially student involvement.

IV.       What funds are available?
       First and foremost, we remind you to plan your event as if you will not be receiving any funding
       from late night. The late night committee may adjust the level of requested funding upon review of
       the application. The maximum amount of funding you may request is determined by the scale of the
       event and the expected number of students in attendance. All approved applications are pending
       sufficient funding.

V.       How will my group receive its funding award?
       You have two options for how your group can receive funding: budget transfer, purchase order, or
       check. You must return any unused funds to Buckeye Late Night within 14 days of the event.
        Budget Transfer: This is the easiest and quickest method of payment, but can only be done if you
           are working with a recognized University department. You must provide the necessary chart field
           numbers (organization, fund, and account) to which we can have the funds sent.
        Check: If you are unable to use budget transfers, you will most likely need to have a check cut
                  1. Provide the individual or organization name to whom the check will be made out
                  2. Provide the organization’s tax ID (or EIN number)
                  3. Provide a valid address for that individual or group

       While we submit our transfer of funds as quickly as possible, there is no guarantee as to when you
       will receive funds. All awarded funding will, at the very least, be reimbursed shortly after the event.
       It is unacceptable to delay or scale down an event at the last minute based on perceived lack of

VI. How will award funds be used?
Award funds may be used for: entertainment, food, promotion, and other ways the Buckeye Late Night
Review Committee recommends. This should be clearly noted in the budget abstract and budget narrative
included in your application.

Dear Late Night Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Buckeye Late Night: Late Night Programming Initiative and for your
desire to host an event for the OSU Columbus campus. This is the tenth year for Buckeye Late Night.

In an effort to create a more consistent late night experience for OSU students, Buckeye Late Night will
fund only events that occur on Friday or Saturday nights and that begin at 9:00 pm (or earlier) and run
until at least midnight. As of this year, events do not necessarily need to be held in the RPAC;
however, preference will be given to events that plan to use the RPAC. On a campus as large as Ohio
State, it is difficult to reach a large number of students without information getting lost, so advertisement
is crucial. We hope that OSU students will learn to expect Buckeye Late Night events on Friday and
Saturday nights. The RPAC is a great facility to host your event because rental of the RPAC is free
through Buckeye Late Night (with the exception of a few spaces such as the pool or spa), and thus
provides a more cost-effective venue for events than many other campus spaces.

The maximum amount of funding you may request per event is determined by the scale of the event and
the expected number of students in attendance. The average funding award is around $2,000. Please e-
mail your application to the director of student wellness, Connie Boehm, boehm.19@osu.edu.
Additionally, you must copy (or “CC”) your group’s advisor onto the e-mail. This ensures that the
advisors are aware of your group’s responsibilities.

Event holders may be asked to meet with the director of student wellness* at least three weeks prior to the
event. If the event is being held in the RPAC, the event planner must also meet with RPAC Evening
Weekend Coordinator, Kari Miller (klmiller@studentlife.osu.edu, 292-7671), to discuss logistics and
setup of the event. You may want to do this immediately following the meeting with the director of
student wellness* (if asked), as both offices are in the RPAC.
The application submission deadline is ongoing. There are no deadlines.

Applications will be reviewed by the Buckeye Late Night Review Committee within ten days of the
submission, after which time applicants will be notified of final decisions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this application
or Buckeye Late Night in general. Thank you again for your interest in becoming part of this program
and I look forward to receiving your completed application.


Connie Boehm
Director, Student Wellness

                           The Buckeye Late Night Event Process

1) Brainstorm with your organization:
     Determine what kind of event you want: movie, sports, DJ dance, games night, etc.
     Determine the date of your event. Remember, the event must occur on a Friday or
        Saturday night from 9:00 pm (or earlier) until at least midnight.
     Because most Buckeye Late Night events are held in the RPAC, determine what
        space within the RPAC you will need. Keep in mind the amphitheater steps are
        already reserved if you decided to use them.

2) Determine total cost of this event:
     Call and check around into price quotes for the event (i.e. cost of DJ, cost of
        catering, cost of supplies, movie rights, etc.) Please don’t just guess.
     Determine the total cost of the event.

3) Determine whether your event fits the Buckeye Late Night requirements. All Buckeye
   Late Night events must:
     Occur on a Friday or Saturday night between 9:00 pm and at least midnight.
     Be free and open to ALL Ohio State University students. Buckeye Late Night
        events are not fundraisers.
     Be designed to attract a diverse and large audience.
     Serve food only from Campus Dining (i.e. PAD, Oxley’s, Courtside Café, etc.),
        unless it is donated from an outside source.
     Meet the mission of Buckeye Late Night as stated above.

4) Apply for Buckeye Late Night Funding:
     Fill out the application.
     E-mail this application to Connie Boehm at boehm.19@osu.edu, the Director of
       Student Wellness, by the application deadline. Be sure to copy your advisor on the
     Grant requests for fall quarter 2009 will be due on the following date:

                  Friday, September 4, 2009

5) Preference will be given to groups that:
      Have secured additional funding from other sources or are willing to contribute
        their own funds and resources. This includes in-kind contributions like staff time,
        in-house copies for advertisements, etc.
      Are collaborating with at least one other recognized organization, campus
        department, or student group in sponsoring the program/activity.
      Propose a program/activity that has the greatest potential to attract late night
      Propose that the event be hosted in the RPAC. If you need space in the RPAC, you
        must reserve that space on your own at http://recsports.osu.edu/space-

         Encourages students to be involved in designing and implementing the events.
         Propose an event that is cost-effective. Events that make the most productive use of
          funding to benefit the greatest number of participants are given priority.
         Have had a positive relationship with Buckeye Late Night and successful events in
          the past.
         Submit a quality written application, using the forms provided.

6) The Buckeye Late Night Review Committee will meet within ten days of the deadline to
   discuss all applications. This committee consists of undergraduate and graduate students,
   staff from the Student Wellness Center, and staff from Student Life. After the committee
   has met and made a decision, you will be contacted by e-mail stating your allocation or
   rejection and specific information regarding access to these funds.

7) You may be asked to set up a meeting between the primary event planner in the group
   (usually the President or Vice President, but not always) and the director of student
   wellness*. The meeting must occur in person and must be at least three weeks prior to
   your event date. The director of student wellness* will address event logistics,
   advertising, and ensure that the event planner is aware and understands the requirements
   of the group in holding a Buckeye Late Night event. You must attend this meeting if
   asked in order to receive funding.

8) At this time, if the event is scheduled to take place at RPAC, the event planner must also
   set up a meeting with the RPAC Evening Weekend Coordinator, Kari Miller
   (klmiller@studentlife.osu.edu, 292-7671), to discuss your group’s setup and staff needs,
   RPAC logistics, etc. This meeting must occur at least three week prior to the event.
   Come to this meeting prepared to discuss exactly what you want the event to look like
   (i.e. tables, access to outlets, food location, etc.). If the event is scheduled to take place in
   another location, please set up a meeting with the appropriate person.

9) Report any changes to the Director of Student Wellness at 292-4527. All major
   changes must be approved before being implemented! This includes:
      Date or time changes
      Amount of funding to be received from other sources
      Funding allocation
      Change in nature of the event, etc.

    Any changes made without notifying the Director of Student Wellness could result in loss
    of funding and this will be taken into account when reviewing any future applications
    from your group.

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