Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Manual Programming

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					      Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Manual Programming
      Technical Certificate

      Overview                                                                                                                                                                       Offered at:
                                                                                                                                                                                                New Richmond
      The CNC certificates are designed to develop skills for CNC operators, setup personnel,
      and machinists. These certificates focus on running, setting up, editing, and manual
      programming of CNC mills and lathes. Students will progress from operation skills,
      through choosing and setting up tooling, to manual programming using the advanced
      features of modern CNC equipment.

      Special Features                                                           Preparation for Admission                                                 Curriculum
      • These certificates focus exclusively                                      The following experiences will help you
                                                                                                                                                           Number Course Title                                     Credits
        on manual programming of CNC                                             prepare for these certificates:
                                                                                                                                                           CNC OPERATOR CERTIFICATE 17-420-4
        equipment.                                                               • Computer Applications
      • Most courses run every eight weeks.                                      • Math - Geometry, Trigonometry                                           32420306 Machine Shop Theory 1
                                                                                                                                                           32420321 Print Reading for Machine Trades
      • The applied shop classes run 16 weeks.                                                                                                             32420336 Applied Machine Tooling 3 ▲                              4
      • Some courses may be taken via e-mail.                                    Outcomes                                                                  32420337 Applied Machine Tooling 4 ▲                              4
      • Courses are offered during the day and                                    Employers will expect you, as a CNC
        evening.                                                                 Manual Programming certificate                                             CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS                                        11
      • You may be able to test out of classes if                                graduate, to be able to:
        you have experience. (You must declare                                                                                                             CNC SETUP CERTIFICATE 17-420-5
        a certificate program to do this.)                                        • Operate, set up, edit, and create                                       CNC Operator Certificate Plus                                    11
                                                                                   programs for CNC mills and lathes.
                                                                                 • Choose tooling.                                                         32420307 Machine Shop Theory 2 ▲                                 2
      Student Profile                                                             • Use and create setup sheets.                                            32420370 Machine Tooling Technics 1 ▲                            4
                                                                                 • Use advanced cycles built into modern
      As a CNC Manual Programming student,                                         CNC machine tools.                                                      CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS                                        17
      you should have:
                                                                                 Career Outlook                                                            CNC MACHINIST CERTIFICATE 17-420-6
      • An interest in solving machining                                         After completing this certificate, you will
                                                                                                                                                           CNC Setup Certificate Plus
                                                                                                                                                           32420357 Advanced Machining Concepts
        problems                                                                 be ready for your career as a(n):
      • An interest in accurate, detailed work                                                                                                             32420371 Machine Tooling Technics 2 ▲                            4
      • A desire to upgrade your machining                                       • CNC Operator                                                            30420386 Geometric Dimensioning and
                                                                                 • CNC Setup Person                                                                   Tolerancing ▲                                          1
                                                                                 • CNC Machinist
                                                                                 • CNC Programmer                                                          CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS                                        23
                                                                                 • Apprentice Machinist
                                                                                                                                                               This course requires a prerequisite and/or corequisite,
                                                                                                                                                               and must be completed with a grade of “C-” or better.
                              Course Descriptions
      CNC OPERATOR CERTIFICATE                                                   Shop Theory 1. Students will also be introduced to surface grinding,      mills, lathes, and EDM equipment. Learners will continue to build
      32420306                                                                   coordinate measuring machine inspection, optical comparator, and          competencies in surface grinding, tool and cutter grinding, and
      Machine Shop Theory 1 - Credits: 2                                         CNC programming, setup, and machining. PREREQUISITES: 32420306            manual milling. PREREQUISITE: 32420337 Applied Machine Tooling 4.
      This course provides the student with knowledge in the areas of            Machine Shop Theory 1 and 32420309 Applied Machine Tooling 2.
      safety, speed and feed calculations, layout equipment, cutting                                                                                       CNC MACHINIST CERTIFICATE
      tools, and machine tool equipment. Also introduces and studies             32420337                                                                  CNC Setup Certificate Plus
      the more technical shop operations of threading, tapping, boring,          Applied Machine Tooling 4 - Credits: 4                                    32420357
      carbide tooling, and principles of metal cutting. Principles of metal      This lab-based course further develops students’ skills in CNC vertical   Advanced Machining Concepts - Credits: 1
      cutting include the machinability of metals and how it relates to          mill and CNC lathe setup, operation, and programming. Students will       In this course students will learn about advanced CNC programming
      chip formation. Students will study the makeup of carbide tooling,         set up increasingly complex projects on both the CNC lathe and CNC        and setup techniques, electrical discharge machining, and advanced
      how carbide is affected by operating conditions, and various carbide       vertical mill. Students will learn how to troubleshoot CNC setups,        inspection techniques.
      characteristics, sizes, shapes, grades, and applications as identified by   programs, and tooling variations. Students will also troubleshoot
      the American Standards Association. The content supports activities        and run their own programs created in Machine Shop Theory 2 and           32420371
      in Applied Machine Tooling 1 and 2.                                        Mastercam. Finally, students will complete surface grinding projects.     Machine Tooling Technics 2 - Credits: 4
                                                                                 COREQUISITES: 32420307 Machine Shop Theory 2 and 32420336                 In this course learners will build upon their machining skills using
      32420321                                                                   Applied Machine Tooling 3.                                                CNC mills, lathes, and EDM equipment. Learners will continue to
      Print Reading for Machine Trades - Credits: 1                                                                                                        build competencies in surface grinding, tool and cutter grinding, and
      This course will cover the basic principles of print reading. The          CNC SETUP CERTIFICATE                                                     manual milling. Learners will create, program, and run CNC programs
      emphasis is on interpreting standard lines and symbols in single- and      CNC Operator Certificate Plus                                              with helical interpolation, subroutines, cutter compensation, and
      multiple-view working drawings. Topics include print reading proce-        32420307                                                                  multiple fixture offsets. Learners will practice final grinding and fit-
      dures, drawing changes, machining specifications, and the reading of        Machine Shop Theory 2 - Credits: 2                                        ting operations. COREQUISITE: 32420370 Machine Tooling Technics 1.
      prints in specialized areas including ANSI and ISO standards. Strongly     This course is a continuation of Machine Shop Theory 1. This
      recommend a basic understanding of mathematics concepts.                   lecture-based course will use lecture, group work, and individual         30420386
                                                                                 projects to introduce you to surface grinding, CNC theory, application,   Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Credits: 1
      32420336                                                                   programming, and inspection procedures. PREREQUISITE: 32420306            This course will prepare the student for the interpretation and
      Applied Machine Tooling 3 - Credits: 4                                     Machine Shop Theory 1.                                                    application of geometric symbols and concepts. This course will use
      The student will further build their skills in machining and develop                                                                                 extensive problem solving to focus on Geometric Dimensioning and
      confidence in their ability to produce good workpieces. Students            32420370                                                                  Tolerancing (GD&T) application in real manufacturing situations.
      will continue to use the tools and procedures introduced in Machine        Machine Tooling Technics 1 - Credits: 4                                   PREREQUISITE: 32420321 Print Reading for Machine Trades.
                                                                                 In this course learners will learn to set up, program, and run CNC

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