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Family holidays



Kids reign in Engadine’s KidsHotels and holiday homes!

Engadin St Moritz is particularly famous as a winter destination. However, only a few know that the River Inn valley is also a paradise for children and families in summer. The KidsHotels and the REKA holiday homes in Upper Engadine are waiting for you with their family and children-friendly infrastructure and their promise of unforgettable days. In Engadine’s KidsHotels the wellbeing of children and their parents is the focus. Playrooms, children’s beds, changing tables and pushchairs are of course provided. In addition, there are other child-friendly services, such as professional childcare, animation programmes and special weeks. And the good thing is that there are KidsHotels in every price category, from basic to luxurious. The Hotel Schweizerhaus in Maloja, for example, provides action-packed play afternoons, a supervised children’s pizza cooking course and dinners catering for children. The Chesa Spuondas in St. Moritz also provides its own childcare service and weekly programmes with various themes. These take place from mid June to mid of October. The programme ranges from a mountain railway and cableway week to a forest circus. The Hotel zur Alten Brauerei in Celerina has been a KidsHotel since 2003. Kids have enough room to let off steam in the children’s playrooms, the play areas and on the playground. The Korsonek family guesthouse in Bever features an extremely sporty summer programme for children and young people. Hiking, rollerblading, street ball and street hockey are just a few of the possibilities. In the higher price categories the little ones are, of course, in good hands. In the Saratz and Kronenhof hotels in Pontresina there is a kindergarten for children from the age of three and a children’s restaurant. In addition to childcare in the Kid’s Club the Hotel Kempinski in St. Moritz organises excursions in the region, for example to the Heidi Hut. REKA holiday houses are the ideal alternative to the KidsHotels. In La Punt there are 78 holiday apartments available in various price categories and in Madulain there are 33. Go to Engadin St. Moritz. It is definitely worth the journey! Unforgettable, adventurous summer holidays await the whole family!

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REKA holiday homes 2. Climbing, cinema or petting zoo – what shall we do today?

What’s better than spending great days on holiday together with your loved ones? With its multitude of things to do, Upper Engadine is the ideal destination for families. Here there is a lot for everyone to experience and discover – you will certainly not miss out on fun and action in this valley. 2.1. Adventures in the great outdoors

There is a wide choice of exciting activities for children and young people in Upper Engadine. Sports fans can attend, for example, the popular, professionallyguided climbing course at the mountaineering school in Pontresina. Or test yourself on the Frischi Bike Challenge with real bike professionals. The slowUp Mountain Albula Event is another great family experience, which has been held annually since 2005. The choice is yours whether you travel the 30km stretch through the varied Upper Engadine scenery can be done by bike, on inline skates, on foot or with a Flyer electro bike. If 30km is too far for you, get on the Rhaetian Railway to shorten the trip. Numerous event caterers look after your bodily wellbeing along the route.,, The Engadin St. Moritz mountain railways have something extra special for the little ones every Thursday. The family day will be an unforgettable day with transport up to the mountain and back to the valley, lunch and an animated show. That will get the kids excited!

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The unique Swiss National Park (SNP), with its impressive Alpine scenery and its rich plant and animal life, offers so many opportunities for adventures and expeditions. In the new national park centre, which opened on 31st May 2008, there is an interesting permanent display. It includes a discovery trail which will be a special surprise for children. In addition, there will be a temporary exhibition on a different topic each season. The National Park also has special guided excursions for families and children under the motto natural wonders. With a small picnic in your rucksack, and waterproof clothing, you’ll have all you need to get started. During the summer holidays the excursions take place every Friday afternoon. This is a chance for children and adults to discover the most varied wonders of nature in a hands-on way. Like a cowboy riding through the mountains... who wouldn’t just love to do this! In various parts of the Engadine you can go on guided trekking tours. There is something for everyone, from a day ride for beginners to several days of trekking over passes on old pack horse trails. Tent accommodation is included. To explore the enchanting mountain world of the Engadine on the back of a mule or a horse is certainly a remarkable experience – for both young and old., If you are especially daring, the “Percorso Avventura” adventure park in Maloja is just the thing. On a beautiful circular walk (about 2.5 hrs) through magnificent pine forests there are around nine challenging obstacles. With the help of swing bridges, rope ladders and fallen trees, the trail goes over boulders and precipices and is sometimes high up, passing from tree to tree. Of course, it is always safe. Nobody should miss the chance to take a breather at the lookout point with its breathtaking view of the Engadine lakes. Right at the end you swing Tarzan-like (secured to a cable car fixture) down to a beautiful picnic spot on Lake Bitaberg. Safety equipment is available from the local information centre for a fee of CHF 15.00 plus a deposit.

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Fairytale and water trails

The many fairytale tracks all over the Upper Engadine are favourite activities for young hikers. Adventurous stories await the young ones on these tracks, which are suitable for pushchairs. For example, in St. Moritz there is the Schellenursli trail, where the famous story of the Engadine boy is told on colourfully-painted boards. The Trais-Fluors flower trail in Celerina tells the old legend of Flurina the flower fairy and on the fairytale trail in Bever there are six stories to enjoy. These were all written by local women. At six points there are sculptures relevant to each story by Engadine artists. Another popular hike for families with children is the water trail on Mt. Furtschella. The trail goes past various large and small mountain lakes. Here you can splash about, dam the streams, wade barefoot into the water and enjoy the barbecue spots. One of the best things about this hike of approximately two and a half hours is that it can be combined with a visit to Max and his friends at the petting zoo at the Furtschella top station. 2.3. The Holiday Fun Pass – bringing variety to your holiday

The Holiday Fun Pass is a leisure programme for both local children and young guests to the region. It takes place from the beginning of July to the beginning of August. There’s table tennis, baking, sgraffiti, riding, overnight stays in the straw and much more. About 200 events will entertain the kids and bring variety to their summer holiday. Here they really get their money’s worth of entertainment. There’s also cheese-making, carpentry and golf. They can visit the airport or a cheese factory and even look over the shoulders of the performers at the circus. You can find the detailed programme in the Holiday Fun Pass newspaper at the beginning of June. Engadin St. Moritz Via San Gian 30 CH-7500 St. Moritz Tel +41 81 830 00 01

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Water lovers ahoy

In the Engadine you can swim, splash about or relax in the water inside and outside. Several idyllic lakes perfect for swimming lure young and old to their shores. The inviting Lej Marsch, the romantic Lej Nair at Champfèr, and Lej Staz in the magnificent Staz forest are highly recommended. If you find temperatures in the lakes too cold, you can enjoy yourself at the family swimming baths in Zernez. A special children’s pool and, for the older ones, a channel with a current, various massage jets and gushing showers to sit under while still in the pools guarantee bathing fun. The Bellavita Baths with their 75m slide and a children’s play area and splash zone inside and outside are also a paradise for kids. The spacious spa area invites older ones to relax and unwind. If you prefer to be on, rather than in, the water, you can take a boat ride on Lake Sils with a rowboat or a sailboat and glide over the enchanting Upper Engadine lakes. Family swimming baths Zernez: Bellavita baths and spa: Boat rides: 2.5. I’m singing in the rain

In the Engadine the sun shines 322 days a year. However, you may get the odd rainy day. But even then there’s lots of interesting things to do for young and old. For example, at the Alpine Dairy in Morteratsch you can witness the old craft of cheese-making up close and taste the products over brunch or afternoon tea. The Milli Weber Haus in St. Moritz displays the life’s work of the Engadine artist. Especially worth a look are the paintings with which Milli transformed the walls and ceilings of her home into a wonderful world of colour. Guided tours are available on request. Young music fans will not be disappointed on their summer holiday. The Kulturhotel Laudinella regularly stages various concerts especially for children. Alpine cheese-making exhibition facility Morteratsch: Milli Weber Haus: +41 79 539 97 77, Hotel Laudinella:

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Where kids can let off steam in the Engadine

Children love being outside, discovering new things and playing in the open air. The Engadine is the perfect place for all of these. Various adventure trails and about a dozen playgrounds promise pure action! The Silva course in Surlej is perfect for acrobats and those hungry for action. Various obstacles involve gymnastics, climbing and playing. Here kids can really let off steam. The Silva course was set up in the context of the International Year of Sport and Physical Education by Grisons Sport and the Forest Service. The goal is to develop the flexibility and coordination of children between five and ten. There are other inviting playgrounds with swings, seesaws, climbing frames and lots more for youngsters in Pontresina, St. Moritz, Samedan, Zuoz and Silvaplana and on Marguns and Muottas Muragl. 2.7. Sausage on a stick – family barbecue spots in the Engadine Hiking with the family is not always equally exciting for all concerned. However, at least when it’s time to look for firewood everyone gets excited. The barbecue spot, where you can stop and play, is the highlight of every leisurely family hike. Who doesn’t want to hold their sausage on a stick over the embers? It’s also good for those who prefer to sizzle a crispy chicken breast or tasty vegetables on the grill. In the Upper Engadine, or more precisely in Madulain, Maloja, S-chanf, Samedan, Sils, Zernez and Zuoz, there are 14 well-equipped Swiss family barbecue spots. Most of these spots are easily reached on foot, by bicycle or even partly by car. At Lake Gravatscha near Samedan, on the Chasté peninsula near Sils and in the Chameuera Valley near La Punt there are even more barbecue spots. 3. Information for parents

So there is no space for the big pushchair in the car alongside all the other luggage, and actually you want to go to the classical concert on Saturday evening without the children? No problem! Particularly on holiday, parents enjoy spending a few undisturbed hours as a couple – at a fine dinner, a concert or a spa. To ensure that kids are well looked after at such times, there are numerous babysitters available in the Engadine. These young people are all well-trained by the Grisons Red Cross.

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On the website under the heading “Babysitting” you will find a list with the details of the caregivers and useful references with respect to payment and the skills of the selected person. The founder of, Susanne Reisinger (078 832 62 90), would be happy to answer any questions. If you want to go on a longer hike which little feet can no longer manage, you can rent pushchairs and backpacks for carrying kids from the Baby-Rose speciality store in Pontresina. So there’s nothing stopping you from taking the kids on such an excursion. Baby-Rose Engadin GmbH Via da la Staziun, 7504 Pontresina Tel +41 81 834 57 00


Adventure and action for young people

Those who have now grown out of playgrounds and petting zoos will find that the Engadine still offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and fun. Yes, young people and teens will also find lots to keep them on the go here. 4.1. Via Ferrata

There is an easy climbing route with breathtaking views along the Via Ferrata on the Piz Trovat Mountain. You start at 2,850m, well-equipped with harness, climbing helmet, shock absorber with karabiners, and gloves (this equipment can be rented). 500 steps, a ladder and a swing bridge separate climbers from the summit (3,146m). When you get to the top, the snow-covered Bernina massif lies at your feet. A mountain guide is recommended for inexperienced climbers. Equipment: Diavolezza valley station: Tel +41 81 839 39 39, Gruber Sport Pontresina: Tel +41 81 842 62 36, Mountainshop Pontresina: Tel +41 81 842 64 37, Bergsteiger: go-vertical: Tel +41 81 834 57 58 or Bergsteigerschule Pontresina: Tel +41 81 838 83 33

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Multi sport means multi fun

Experience the pure thrill of going head-first down the side of a concrete dam, flying from A to B on a rope like Tarzan, or floating down a river with nothing more than a Neoprene suit and a small board. Try out these adventures, and many more besides, every Tuesday and Saturday under professional guidance. The St. Moritz Experience AG, 7512 Champfèr-St. Moritz, Tel. +41 81 833 77 14, Fax +41 81 832 22 93,, 4.3. Going downhill the fast way

This is where racing drivers – both young and old – may indulge in their fantasies: First take the gondola from Celerina at 2,273m to Marguns, and then it’s time to turn around and go downhill again. You can really zoom along with our special downhill scooters. Just make sure you don’t go too fast for your abilities – and be sure to wear a helmet. The whole family will enjoy the race down into the valley. 5. Maloja – a paradise for families

Maloja is a place where the family and its needs come first – so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Swiss Tourism Federation has awarded it with its “Families Welcome” label. Parents as well as their kids will have a thoroughly good time here! The highlights we have for our younger guests in both summer and winter range from climbing dam walls to building rafts – and even being part of the 1st August torchlight parade during the Swiss national day celebrations. Not only are our many small mountain lakes just waiting for kids to plunge into them with a mighty leap, but many of our walking trails are suitable for pushchairs so that both young and old can get out into nature and make good use of the many tranquil picnic and barbecue spots where the family can relax. The whole family will have a great experience on the “Percorso Avventura,” for here, as you swing over obstacles and cross chasms, you’ll feel a bit like Indiana Jones. Our theme and nature trails will add excitement and interest to your walking as you learn about the ancient Romans or the huge glaciers that once covered the valley. You’ll also learn a lot about Engadine wildlife, and with a bit of luck you’ll even meet a squirrel or the nutcracker bird along the way!

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We’ll even take care of you if the weather is poor. Our pizza cookery courses, handicraft afternoons, and toy and games library are sure to keep you entertained. The tastes and needs of junior members of the family are fully catered for by restaurants with their kid’s corners, changing tables, painting and drawing materials, and of course their special children’s menus. And if Mum and Dad just want some time out for a few hours, there are childcare facilities in some of the hotels as well as private childcare services. So, there is almost nothing that can go wrong when holidaying in Maloja. Our allround program will ensure that you return home fully rested, and with many wonderful and happy memories of your time with us.,

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