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					Rapid Response Participation Form – Deadline Friday, August 14, 2009

Discover Ireland ‘Special Offers’ Brochure
(your offers to cover any period from September 12, ‘09 to any future date in ‘09) Please complete this participation form ELECTRONICALLY and return by email to the contact below.

ESSENTIAL: See Sample Special Offer GUIDELINES & TIPS before
completing. Word counts are STRICTLY limited to guidelines. ESSENTIAL: Please confirm that you have looked at the Special Offer Guidelines/Tips and that this offer is compliant with it, including word counts? Indicate ‘Yes’’  Accommodation Name Short Address
for inclusion in your offer

County *Accommodation Type Grade
*Accommodation type examples: Hotel; Holiday Home etc

Title of your Break Theme 
Max 18 characters (2 or 3 words)

* Accommodation or activity
description (Max 7 words) CONCISELY State your PRICED Special Offer. IMPORTANT: Factor in if you are going to allow the €50 cheque be used as a discount against your offer.

Your Priced Offer 
Up 2 lines (and up to 40 characters per line).

Rapid Response Participation Form – Deadline Friday, August 14, 2009

Cheque Initiative: Do you wish to participate in the cheque promotion, accepting the €50 cheque as a discount you absorb against your offer? Indicate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’  SPECIFY, for inclusion in guide, how the €50 Cheque can be used against offer above Only 40 Use €50 cheque against.... characters 

Dates your offer is valid for (the Special Offer edition will be in circulation from September 12, 2009 and offer can be to any future date in ’09):

Valid From 
Booking Contact Details (for print) Phone: Tel. Web www.

Valid To 

Photograph Please email ONE good quality digital photograph which you would like featured within your offer, along with this offer. OR, advise us by EMAIL if you wish to use the image from a previous edition IMPORTANT: Please check your form VERY carefully. In the interest of achieving tight print deadlines we will ONLY check your entry against this form prior to printing.

FEE: Payments for offers will only be accepted by credit card or cheque. No
offers may feature until full payment has been received. Please indicate which advance payment method you will use (mark yes). Advance Payment Method Indicate with yes By Credit Card By Cheque Note re credit card: If you are paying by credit card on receipt of your form you will be
contacted and asked to give us your credit card details over the phone. Your details will be entered on a secure online payment system, while you are on the phone.

The fee for the Special Value Discover Ireland brochure (in circulation from Sept. 12) is €350 plus VAT of €75.25 (€425.25). This fee will also entitle you to feature up to 4 special offers during September / October on the new Discover Ireland campaign website (an online offer forms will follow later).

Rapid Response Participation Form – Deadline Friday, August 14, 2009 COMBINATION FEE: If you participate in this Special Value Edition of the
Discover Ireland brochure (in circulation from Sept 12) and indicate your intention to participate in the November/December ‘Gift or Go’ edition (which will include Christmas Offers) you will receive a 20% discount off the November/December edition. The full fee of €630 + VAT for both brochures will be required.

DEADLINE for Brochure: 5.30pm on Friday, August 14
Space is limited by Region within the Special Value edition and will be assigned on the basis of the first to return completed participation forms.

Your Contact Details (for administrative purposes – NOT for publishing) Contact Name
(dealing with these offers)

Email Tel. no. Mobile Company VAT No. Company Registration No.
PLEASE INDICATE THE BOOKING OPTION OF YOUR CHOICE Special Value Edition in Circulation from Sept 12, 2009 Option 1: Special Value Brochure (in circ. from Sept. 12 + Online (€350 + VAT; Total: €425.25) Note: online offers are free when booking brochure. Online offer forms will follow on once you book your space. Option 2: Combination Deal. Special Value Brochure (in Circ. from Sept. 12 + online AND November/December brochures + online (€630 + VAT; Total: €765.45) Write ‘Yes’ to indicate your preferred option 

Completed Form to be Returned (Email ONLY) by 5.30pm Friday, August 14 to :
Fáilte Ireland Contact: Sam Johnston Email: Tel. 01 605 7769

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Rapid Response Participation Form – Deadline Friday, August 14, 2009