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For Immediate Release:
April 25, 1997

 Oklahoma University EMC Center Begins Study Of Compatibility Between
               Wireless Phones & Cardiac Defibrillators

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – The Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility at the University
of Oklahoma announced today that a study is underway to determine the compatibility between wireless phones and
implanted cardiac defibrillators.

The defibrillators, implanted in a patient’s body, monitor the heart's electrical activity and deliver corrective
electrical impulses when an irregularly fast or chaotic heartbeat is detected.

The six-month study, which began in March and will conclude by the end of September, with experimentation
completed by the end of May, tests the potential of wireless phones to interfere with cardiac defibrillators. Testing
will include both analog and digital phones, as well as cellular and new PCS (Personal Communications Services)
and defibrillators from four different companies, Ventritex, Medtronic, Intermedics, and Guidant.

“Our test protocol for implanted cardiac defibrillators is based on our Center’s recent pacemaker compatibility
tests and includes a new FDA protocol,” said Dr. Hank Grant, director of the Oklahoma Wireless EMC Center.
“We’ll look at a number of ways in which there could be a potential for radio-frequency interaction, with an eye on
ways to minimize the potential for interaction.”

The EMC Center recently conducted a large-scale in-vitro investigation of interaction of wireless Personal
Communications Services (PCS) and cellular phones with cardiac pacemakers. These test results indicated that a
relatively small number of pacemaker models experienced the most interaction and that several pacemaker models
had no interaction with any of the phones tested.

Located at the University of Oklahoma, School of Industrial Engineering on the Norman campus, the Center for the
Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility is chartered to work with industries, government and business to
resolve inter-industry electromagnetic compatibility issues. The academic independence of the Center assures that
industry and business will have an independent resource for information and expertise.


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