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					Neighborhood Newsletter January 2009 Volume 3, Issue 1

2nd Annual Upchurch Place Holiday Lights Contest Winners
Thanks to everyone who participated in our Holiday Lights Contest. The winners are: 1st place: The Moran’s 2nd Place: The Edwards’ 3rd Place: The Whaley’s Honorable Mention for most write-in votes: The Kinsey’s.

Upchurch Place 2009 Schedule
Neighbors, it’s time to start planning for neighborhood-wide events for 2009. Two activities you have expressed interest in are:  Community Yard Sale. Despite the cold, wet weather, we had a successful yard sale last spring. We are now forming a committee to organize this year’s Yard Sale. If you are interested in participating, or helping organize, join the discussion thread on Community Yard Sale 2009.  Annual Summer Picnic. Each year we’ve had at least one neighborhood potluck picnic at the playground. In the past, Fonville Morrisey has helped organize this event. This year, let’s take the initiative and plan the event. We’ll need a committee to pick the date, make sure we have the grills, tables, and other picnic goods. Volunteers? Share your ideas on the discussion thread at 2009 Upchurch Place Picnic.

We now have two Nabble Forums on the Upchurch Place website where you can post your ideas for organizing these events. Go to and look for the Community Yard Sale-2009 page or the 2009 UP Picnic page. If you have ideas for other forums, let us know and we’ll set them up.
Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009 1

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Know Your Covenants
Here are links to the covenants for Upchurch Place:

Questions about the Covenants? Curious about what is permitted or looking for a clarification? Submit your questions to the editor and we will get answers. However, for formal permission, you must contact the Developer, Doby Blackmon, 8715 Old Stage Road, Raleigh, NC 27603.
The Upchurch Place Neighborhood Newsletter is published monthly. Submit articles for publication to, no later than the 25th of the month. The UPNN retains the right to edit all material submitted for publication.

Reflecting on the Changes Wrought in 2008
A somewhat ironic take on the year that was. 2008 (not so fond) Hello 2009 Farewells LNT BBB Toss out all those old hoarded LNT 20% off coupons; BBB now has the monopoly! And LNT? Thanks for the price-gouging inventory clearance non-sale. WF wins bitter battle to take over Wachovia during bank failure crisis? So what name will that new bank at 50/42 have? In surprising twist, FL announces plans to open upscale groceria Bloom at 1010 and 401, replacing existing low-end Food Lion. What recession? Will this become our new favorite foodie mecca? Will we ever be able to make a left turn out of that parking lot?


Wells Fargo

Food Lion


Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009


2008 (not so fond) Hello 2009 Farewells Plastic (polyethylene) or… Reusable Bags Shopping 2008 was the year of the reusable shopping bag, with retailers from food stores to hardware stores selling their own logoed bags and offering a few pennies off your purchase with each use. Someone finally figured out that even bacteria won‟t eat those pesky plastic bags. It‟s official, 2008 saw a 34% loss in stock market value. Even „safe‟ investments took a hit. Treasury bonds became so popular that their yields have tanked. At least the Treasury won‟t go bankrupt…oh, wait? We just loaned $700B to failed financial institutions…

Stock Market


e-Trade “First e-Trade “First Trade” It‟s hard to believe that e-Trade still has Trade” Ad spoof the moxie to air the ads showing the advertisement (on youtube… our censors Dad making his first on-line stock trade, decided the video was too with his proud family watching. STEP rude to put the link here…) AWAY FROM THE MOUSE! ARM Mortgages Foreclosure Sales Realtors keep insisting it‟s a great time to buy. Sure, if you‟ve got cash in hand, no debt and a stellar credit rating. On the other hand, foreclosure properties are cropping up like mildew on my north-facing hardiplank. Higher than average rainfall cancels out lower than average rainfall in 2007. The Lakes are full; what drought? Are we going to fall right back in our waterwasteful ways? At least slower growth won‟t over-stress our water resources until the new Benson treatment facility comes on line. You don‟t think it‟s going to last, do you? Lowe‟s Food gas replaces BJ‟s gas as low-price leader in our neck of the woods. Speaking of gas… a lot of SUV spent the summer parked in the driveway. Turns out it‟s not a good idea to take out an equity loan to buy that big gas guzzler.



$4.00 gas

$1.50 gas



Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009

2008 (not so fond) Hello 2009 Farewells Equity Loans Speaking of which -- gone the way of the dodo. Who‟s got home equity to borrow against? Banks tighten eligibility rules, % of equity you can borrow. Maybe we can lease our cars instead? Oh, wait! Chrysler stopped offering leases. The rest of the US carmakers drastically reduced leasing options. They finally figured out letting people drive away with new cars for less money than purchase wasn‟t a good business model. And we wonder why they‟re bankrupt? Speaking of which… Chrysler is history, we‟ve bailed out GM, Ford is hanging on by its fingernails. Even Toyota is feeling the pinch. SmartCar anyone? Trains Airlines found more ways to nickel and dime travelers by charging for everything extra. Oxygen anyone? $1. Meanwhile Amtrak ridership is up. Amtrak recently announced it would add NC trains and upgrade its station service at the Cary location. RDU finally opens the new terminal, just when air travel is going through one of its worst years financially. Good news, we now have non-stop service to London, at least for the moment.

Car leasing



Terminal C

Terminal 2

Big National Banks

Community Banks and While big banks were slicing and dicing Credit Unions their mortgage debt and selling it off, small community banks with conservative policies weathered the failure storm. Locally, see Crescent State, Four Oaks, First Citizens, North State.

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009


2008 (not so fond) Hello 2009 Farewells Newspapers The Internet McClatchey has gutted the N&O, laying off a number of staff, reducing sections and running less local news. If the trend continues, by end 2009, we‟ll be back to the Revolutionary Era broadsheet, essentially a single piece of paper, half of which will be cartoons and the other half furniture ads. Does anyone under the age of 40 actually read a print newspaper anymore? Bellsouth fell to ATT, putting the final nail in the complete reversal of the 1974 anti-trust breakup of Ma Bell. Despite all the marketing mudslinging, savvy consumers realized that it really is a better deal to bundle, resulting in a bonanza for Time Warner. Isn‟t that popup on the TV when someone calls you cool? Unfortunately, the bottom dropped out of the recyclable commodities market by end 2008 as the recession killed China‟s demand for raw materials, so recycleries are losing money on recycling paper, plastic and metals. Will we start seeing recycling fees? Someone‟s got to warehouse those bales of crushed bottles. Can we still save the planet even if someone doesn‟t make money from it? There‟s gold in that stuff… predict rise in yard sales in 2009 as folks try to squeeze the bucks out of used clothing, furniture and household items. Have you noticed the e-bay jobber signs posted by the road? Someone realized they can make money helping you sell your stuff on e-bay (of which watching the auctions and shipping is the main pain.) Trash to Treasure, anyone?

Telephone lines

Digital cable phones


Ummm… Recycle?


Yard Sales

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009


2008 (not so fond) Hello 2009 Farewells Credit Cards This past holiday shopping season saw the resurrection of the “Lay Away” plan, something we haven‟t seen promoted in nearly thirty years. A new generation of shoppers is learning the delights of delayed gratification.

Lay away Starbucks triple shot latte

Venti McDonald‟s large Starbucks, after 20 years of go-go vanilla nonfat vanilla latte growth, finally realizes there are no more street corners left in America upon which to build stores. Announces 5% downsizing, but holds the price line. McDonald‟s, sensing weakness, starts offering lattes, using billboards with tempting photos to lure customers. Critics say Dunkin‟ is still the best. Venti is a stupid word anyway.

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009