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					Michael Lenhardt
3049 NW 28th Terrace Boca Raton, Florida 33434 561.212.3325 michael@bocanetwork.com

Seeking innovative programming team position. Offering 22 years of database, programming, and business solution experience using the latest development applications.

Work Experience .NET Sr. Application Developer
8/2004 - 8/2006 Liberty Home Lending, Boca Raton, FL  Designed and developed software applications for the company’s mortgage lending business using Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005 and Microsoft SQL Server. The primary programming language was Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET and Transact-SQL for stored procedures. I designed and created Liberty’s LoanStar internet-based web portal that is used by the company’s loan officers and business partners to create loan applications that are processed by internally to approve borrowers for a residential mortgage. Designed and developed the company SQL Server database to analyze and process the company’s information systems.  LoanFinder – Designed and created a tool that allows loan officers to input a borrower’s loan parameters to determine which loan programs qualify for the borrower’s financial information.  RateLock – Designed and created a tool to determine a specific interest rate, term, and base price prior to closing date. This tool added price adjustments according to the borrower’s loan input parameters  Daily Rates – Designed and created a Windows console application that downloaded daily interest rates by term via an XML format and published the rates for company loan officers to quote to borrowers.  Contact Manager – Designed and created the sales prospecting tool for loan officers to capture borrower information prior to the loan application process.  Monday Mailer – Designed and created a notification tool that emailed each loan officer of impending closing and rate lock expirations.  URLA 1003 – Designed and created the company’s loan application system. This system captured all information on borrowers, co-borrowers, and co-mortgators for use in processing loans.  E-Qual – Designed and created an automated underwriting system that is used for approving or denying a loan based on an evaluation of the property and the applicant’s creditworthiness and the ability to repay the loan.  Credit Reports – Designed and created a credit reporting tool that sends the borrower’s information to the credit bureaus and retrieves their credit report in XML and converts to PDF format.  Pricing Manager – Designed and created the system for assigning prices to each of the company’s loan programs. The system assigned prices based on investor’s rates, SRP values, and availability.  Loan Pipelines – Designed and created various pages for loan officers and manager to manage active, withdrawn, and closed loan applications.

Application Developer II
8/2003 - 8/2004 BankAtlantic, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Implemented a Standard Development Life Cycle system that is used by the bank to create in-house applications. Implemented Microsoft Project to organize application development environment. Proposed and implemented Visual SourceSafe for all developed code. Created process for management of database scripts and migration of

database objects from development, to stage, to production.  InfoLink – Designed and created the bank-wide intranet reporting portal using the Actuate API in ASP.NET for every report used by the bank. Content managers had custom workflow for approving reports before being promoted to production.  Account Maintenance Form – Designed and created intranet form for all account modifications.• Check Loss Form – Designed and created intranet form for all branches to report fraudulent or suspicious behavior at the branches.  Debit Card Application Form – Designed and created internet application to apply for debit cards. Created forms for the Customer Service Center to manage and process the data.  Debit Card Dispute Form – Designed and created intranet application to resolve customer disputes regarding debit card charges. Created custom printed forms in .NET for customer signatures.  Global Email Administration – Designed and created an enterprise-wide application to manage email for all intranet-based and internet-based forms.  Enterprise Reporting Standardization Initiative – Designed and created intranet application to catalogue and define every report used by the bank.  Event Management – Designed and created intranet application to manage and track events within the bank. This included scheduling of mascots, resource allocation for items used by the branches for promotional giveaways, and custom workflow management to approve the events.  Home Equity Line of Credit Application – Designed and created internet application for customers to apply for a home loan.  Infrastructure Change Application – Designed and created intranet form for any change in the production infrastructure.  Negotiable Items – Designed and created intranet form for modification to customers demand deposit accounts.  Opt-Out Form – Designed and created intranet for customers that want to opt-out of the database marketing department.  Production Application Documentation Initiative – Designed and created enterprise-wide initiative to electronically document all productions applications used by the bank.• Suggestion Box – Designed and created intranet form for the bank’s first suggestion box for ideas submitted by associates.  Veritas XML Backup Application – Designed and created intranet application to read Veritas backup logs to create reports used by the LAN/WAN group.  Internet redesign - Completed Percusssion Content Management System training.

Senior Computer Programmer
3/1997 - 8/2000 IBM, West Palm Beach, FL  ViaVoice Voice Recognition Lead Programmer  Visual Basic for Application Programming  Visual Basic Script Programming Grammar/Translation Programming  Speech Testing and Analysis Programming  MS Word/Excel Natural Language Module  MS Outlook Natural Lanugage Module  Lotus Notes Natural Lanugage Module

Senior Computer Programmer

5/1995 - 2/1997 W.R. Grace, Boca Raton, FL  Access97 Programming Informix 7.14 UNIX / InPower  HR2 IVR GraceLine Open Enrollment Telephony System  Microsoft Word97 VBA Macros  Legacy Data Migration

Senior Developer II
8/1993 - 1/1995 Office Depot, Delray Beach, FL  Visual Basic 4.0 Corporate Programming  AS/400 EDI Order Programming IVR  DepoTalk Phone Order Entry System  CDAP3 Can/Do Host Server

1978-1979 Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, FL 1980-1982 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 1975-1978 Kaiserslautern American HS, Ramstein, Germany

 .NET/Framework Developer  Active Server Pages/ASP.NET Developer  Database Developer  SQL Server Database Architect  Network Administration  Outlook/Notes Developer  Project Management  Visual Basic/VB.NET  Voice Recognition Programming  Website Builder