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					Practical English Test for Colleges Level A Test One
Part II Structure
Directions: This part is to test your ability to construct grammatically correct sentence. It consists of two section. Section A Directions: In this part, there are 10 incomplete sentences. You are required to complete each one by deciding on the most approprite word or words from the 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. Then you should mark the corresponding letter in the Answer Sheet. 1. I would have paid _____for the TV set if the salesman had insisted, because I really like it. A. twice as much B. as much twice C. much twice D. as twice much 2. In ancient times men sent messages at a distance by _____. A. beat drums B. drums beat C. beating drums D. having beaten drums 3. The old woman asked Jack to move because she ______ in that chair. A. was used to sit B. used to sit C. used to sitting D. was used to sitting 4. He’s sometimes bad-tempered but he’s a good fellow _____ heart. A. in B. with C. at D. by 5. Whey didn’t you drive more carefully? You almost ran _____ that boy. A. off B. by C. over D. with 6. Things are known ______ when they mix with the oxygen at the air. A. burning B. to burn C. burn D. being burned 7. I don’t feel like _____ at home this Sunday, so I suggest having a picnic in the park. A. to stay B. stay C. staying D. have stayed 8. It was not until I _____ your telephone that I knew the truth. A. got B. had got C. have got D. will get 9. The cottage will be cold. Make sure _____ the heater. A. you light B. lighting C. you’ll light D. for lighting 10. It’s required that the manufacturer _____ out the design immediately. A. works B. work C. to work D. worked Section B Directions: There are 10 incomplete statements. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the eord given in the brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet. 11. Two of the travelers had to sleep in one bed, but the other two had (separately) ______ ones. 12. Because time is limited, we must be (economic) _____ of our time. 13. At the first class the teacher (introduction) ______ himself to his students. 14. In my opinion, I prefer your (originate) _____ plan to this one. 15. Professor Smith, I’m (extreme) ______ sorry for being late. Please forgive me. 16. Cars are now a major (mean) _____ of transportation in the cities.

17. You’ve made so many spelling mistakes. You should have written as (care) _____ as you can. 18. They tested more than 1,000 materials to see if they (carry) _____ electric current and glow. 19. Your examination results were quite satisfactory, but if you had spent less time in watching TV, they (be) _____ better. 20. Never (lose) ______ faith in himself, Martin went on with his experiment.

Part II Reading Comprehension
Directions: this part is to test your reading ability. There are 5 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read the reading materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed. Task 1 Directions: after reading the following passage, you will find 5questions or unfinished statements, numbered 21 through 25. For each question or statement there are 4choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should make the correct choice and make the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. To help ourselves and others, it is important to know something about drugs. A drug is a chemical substance. It can bring about a physical, emotional, or mental change in people. Alcohol and tobacco are drugs. The caffeine found in coffee, tea, cocoa, and soft drinks is a drug. Drug abuse is the use of a drug, legal or illegal, that hurts a person or someone close to him. A drug user is the person who takes the drug. There are many kinds of drugs. There are experimental users. These people may try drugs once or twice. They want to see what the effects will be. Recreational users take drugs to get high. They use drugs with friends or at parties to get into the moon of things. Regular users take drugs all the time. But they are often able to keep up with the normal routine of work, school, housework, and so on. Dependent users can’t relate to anything but drugs. Their whole life centers around drugs. They feel extreme mental or physical pain when without drugs. All drugs can be harmful. The effect of any drug depends on a lot of things. How a drug acts depends on how much or how often it is taken. It depends on the way it is taken. Some drugs are smoked. Others are swallowed or injected. Drugs act differently on different people. The place and the people around you affect the way a drug works. Tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana are three common drugs. These three are called the “gateway drugs”. They are the first ones most people use and become dependent on. 21. People who take drugs only at parties are called _____. A. dependent users B. experimental users C. recreational users D. regular users 22. Tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana are called the ____. A. escape drugs B. gateway drugs C. service drugs D. non-harmful drugs 23. This passage hints that drug abuse can cause ____. A. hair loss B. sleeping sickness

C. physical pain D. mental illness 24. We can see that drugs ______. A. are made from herbs B. are easy to make C. are dangerous only to young people D. are found everywhere 25. What’s the main idea of this passage? A. Drug abuse is on the rise in America. B. The use of marijuana should be made legal. C. It is very hard to give up drugs. D. To know something about drugs is of help to us. Task 2 Directions: This task is the same as Task 1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 26 through 30. If you want to succeed in career fairs (人才招聘会), remember the following rules: 1. Develop a commercial (商业广告). You have 30 seconds to get an employer interested in you. If you can’t, they’ll move on. Practice a 30-second commercial to introduce yourself and your career goals. Be short and concise, but add a specific instance to grab attention. 2. Bring at least 50 resumes. Cover letters are not necessary at the fair, but don’t risk running out of resumes. 3. Bring a bag, a notebook and a pen. The bag is to carry literature and giveaways. The notebook should be professional with space for safekeeping of those resumes. Bring two pens--just in case. 4. Get enough rest. Get a good night’s sleep so you are rested and energized for the fair. Eat a good meal before you go to the fair. 5. Do your homework. Check out the websites of the participating companies so you are familiar with them and know what they are looking for. 6. Arrive early. Career fairs attract hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. Get there early, grab the directory and plan your attack! 7. Start in the back. Many people get stuck in the stampede (蜂拥) at eh front. Make your way to the back where there are representatives waiting for someone to appear. 8. Show your interest. Give a firm handshake and smile with eye contact. That’s a great first impression that shows confidence. Ask questions. Nothing is more boring than a one-side conversation. Send a thank-you note. Don’t wait for companies to call-call them first. Set up information interviews or a company tour. 26. If you want to attract the employer’s attention, you should_____. A. be interested in your career goals B. bring at least 50 resumes with you C. use at least 30 seconds to greet the employer D. make a short and concise self-introduction 27. Why should you have a good rest before the fair? A. In order to have a good night’s sleep. B. In order to have a good meal.

C. In order that you will look energized. D. in order that you won’t forget what you should do. 28. Which of the following statements is True? A. You must finish your homework before going to the fair. B. You should get to the fair earlier than the other thousands of people. C. Try to help the companies if they are looking for something. D. Make your way to the back if it is crowded at the front. 29. How can you show your interest for the company? A. Always show the employer a smiling face. B. Give the employer a good impression. C. Always ask questions about everything of the company. D. Call the company first or go to the company for a visit. 30. Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A. How to Succeed in Career Fair B. The Importance Rules for Job Interview C. What You Should Know about Your New Job D. how to Contact with Your Employer Task 3 Directions: The following is a passage about setting up a dinner party. After reading it, you are required to complete the outline below it (No. 31 through No. 35). You should write your answers briefly (in no more than 3 words) on the Answer Sheet correspondingly. Today formal dinners have almost ceased (停止) to exist and the trend is toward the informal or friendly ones. However, to give a perfect dinner is still a most important accomplishment of a hostess, not only in terms of her service and culinary (烹调的) skill, but also of her personal charm and tack (机智). When a couple plan to give a dinner, it is the hostess who decides the date and the principal guests who are to form the nucleus. If she decides that she will have an “older” dinner, she looks through her dinner list and asks her secretary to invite the Oldworlds by Telephone. She also picks out three or four additional names to be substituted for those who regret. Then she searches for a few amusing or good-looking young friends to give life and charm to her dinner, which might otherwise be heavy or dull. Usually only a fairly intimate friend is ever asked to fill a place. In this case, the hostess herself telephones. “Can you do me a great favor and fill a place at dinner tonight?” the one who receives this invitation is rather bound by the rules of good manners to accept it if possible. Setting up Dinner Parties The kind of dinner many people prefer: _________31___________. The person deciding the date and guests: _________32____________. The way of inviting others to dinner: delivered through ________33________. The purpose of young people attending the “older” dinner: for _______34___________. The people filling a place: the hostess’ _________35__________. Task 4 Directions: The following is a list of classified advertisements. After reading it, you are required to find the items equivalent to those given in Chinese in the table below. Then you should put

the corresp0onding letters in the brackets on the Answer Sheet, numbered 36 through 40. a) Wanted: Man’s bicycle in good condition. b) For shale: film developing unit and photo enlarging unit. c) Wanted: TV set (Cabinet model). New condition. d) Needed urgently: Inexpensive furniture for apartment. e) Wanted: Bicycle in any condition. Must be cheap. f) For Sale: 10-speed bicycle. 5years old. Needs some repairs. g) Wanted: 35 mm Japanese camera in good condition. h) For Sale: 19’ color TV. Very easy to carry. i) Wanted: Bedroom furniture. Must be in good condition. j) For Sale: Standing lamp for living room. Almost new. k) Wanted: Small portable TV set. Example: (A) 欲购完好无损的男式自行车 (K) 购买便携式小电视机 36.( 37.( 38.( 39.( 40.( )出售起居室落地灯。几乎崭新。 )急需:廉价公寓家具。 )出售冲洗胶卷和照片放大设备。 )购买自行车,无论新旧,但求价廉。 )出售 10 级变速自行车。出厂五年。需要小修。

Task 5 Directions: There are two letters here. After reading the letters you should give brief answers to the 5 questions (No. 41 through No.45) that follow them. The answer (in no more than 3 words) should be written after the corresponding numbers on the Answer Sheet. Letter One 17th July, 2002 Dear Sir, Attached is one of the 50 copies of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English that we ordered from you last month. Yesterday the order came in damaged and unsuitable for sale. We were eager awaiting the arrival of this edition after its favorable review in ELT Monthly. You ca imagine our disappointment, therefore, when we opened the shipment to find a large faded spot across the upper left-hand corner of each of the covers. We are returning the cartons to your warehouse today and asking that you send a duplicate order right away. We are confident you’ll get the duplicate order to us quickly. Sincerely, Mary Higgins Manager Campus Bookstore Letter Two 27th July, 2002 Dear Ms. Higgins, Thank you for your letter of 17th July describing the damage to the copies of the Longman dictionary of contemporary English you received on 16th of July. A replacement order was shipped today.

We are sorry about the damage and the inconvenience it is causing you. We have installed a new conveyor loading system and although the product damage problem is nearly solved, we have an occasional setback (挫折). We will try harder next. Sincerely, Cary Black 41. What did Ms. Higgins complain about in her letter? Damaged ____________________________________________of Contemporary English. 42. Where did Ms. Higgins get the information about the dictionary before its arrival? _________________________________________________________________________. 43. How did Ms. Higgins expect the compensation to be make? By sending ________________________________________________________________. 44. When was the duplicate order sent? __________________________________________________________________________. 45. How was the product damage problem nearly solved? By installing a new __________________________________________________________. Part IV Translation-English to Chinese Directions: This part, numbered 46 through 50, is to test your ability to translate English to Chinese. After each of the sentences numbered 46 to 49, you will read four choices of suggested translation. You should choose the best translation and mark the corresponding letter on your Answer Sheet. And for the paragraph numbered 50, write your translation in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet. 46. We are now planning six advertisements that will emphasize the importance of protecting the endangered wild animals. Watch for them! A) 由我们制作的六份广告展示了保护濒危野生动物的重要方法。注意收看! B)我们正计划六份广告,强调野生动物的危险性, 一定要小心这些动物! C)我们目前正在策划六份广告,强调保护濒危野生动物的重要性。敬请期待! D)我们现在正在制作六份广告,搭理宣传保护濒危野生动物。等着瞧吧! 47. I am very happy I have been selected for the position I applied for and will report on the date suggested. A)我非常高兴选择了这个适合我的职位,并将在您提出的日期进行汇报。 B)我非常高兴获得了所申请的职位,并将按要求日期前往报到。 C)我非常高兴被选中做这个职务,并申请在我所建议的日期汇报工作。 D)我非常高兴获得了我申请的职务,我的报告讲如期递交。 48. It gives me great pleasure on behalf of this company to extend a warm welcome to the members of the Chinese Delegation who have been invited to this country. A)作为公司的一员我非常高兴能受到中国代表团成员的欢迎。 B)我很高兴代表这家公司诚挚的邀请中国代表团成员访问我国。 C)非常荣幸被这家公司邀请向中国代表团成员表示欢迎。 D)我很高兴代表本公司向应邀来我国的中国代表团成员表示热烈欢迎。 49. Although you can read plenty of articles on how to prepare for a job interview, little is known about how job applicants are actually evaluated. A)尽管你可以阅读大量关于求职面试的文章,你还是不知道求职者的实际价值。 B) 虽然你可以读很多关于如何准备求职面试的条款, 但是没有人知道工作申请的真正含义。 C)虽然你可以读到许多关于如何准备求职面试的文章,但是如何评估求职者的文章太少。

D)虽然你可以读到许多关于如何准备求职面试的文章,但是却很少知道求职者实际上是如 如何被评估的。 50. A few days ago we had the opportunity to see a display of your products, and we were most impressed with their quality and low prices. We should like to offer you our services as a trading firm, and would mention that we have excellent connections in the trade and are fully experienced with the import business for this type of product. You can be sure of increasing your profit considerably if you would allow us to promote sales of your products throughout our country. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Part V


Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. Please write a notice for a freshman essay contest. You must include in the notice the following rules for entering the contest given below in Chinese. 1. 参赛者必须是 2002 年秋季入学的新生。 2. 参赛文章内容不限,必须打印在标准打印纸上,留双倍行距。文章回退还,但仍请 保留其复印件。 3. 参赛者须填写报名表,连同文章一起教给你的英语老师,由老师为你递交。 4. 获奖文章将选登在明年的校报上。 5. 参赛截至日期为 2003 年 1 月 18 日。 【words for reference: 留双倍行距:double-spaced, 报名表:entry form, 截至日期:deadline】

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