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President: P J McColl Esq Chairman: R Mayer Esq


There were 24 Branch members present at the 36th AGM of the North West Midlands ACU&S Branch. Peter McColl, President, chaired the meeting. A list of attendees is maintained in the Branch Minutes File kept by the Secretary filed under “2005 AGM” and available for inspection on request. 1. Apologies for Absence There were four recorded apologies for absence that are maintained in the same manner as attendees of the meeting. 2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held on 18 November 2003 The President reported that there was no AGM Held in 2004. The minutes were accepted as a true record and duly signed by the President. The President reminded those present at the meeting that an Association rules required a set of signed minutes must be forwarded to the Administrative Manager of the ACU&S. 3. Matters Arising From the 2003 AGM Derek Rowley, Regional Councillor, referred to paragraph 8 of the minutes, and reminded the meeting that the branch currently has no formally approved Constitution, which is a requirement of the ACU&S. The President reported that Graham Bullock, Admin Manager of the ACU&S was sending two samples from other branches for the Committee to assess and produce a draft for branch approval. 4. Chair’s Report Gerald Bennion stated that he had little to report. There had been little enthusiasm for this Branch or its activities as League Umpires Committee’s now conducted most business. That had been little dialogue between the Branch and organisations such as the County Umpires Panel, but it was refreshing to see a renewed enthusiasm with the number present at this AGM.

5. Secretary’s Report Keith Tunnicliffe had widely circulated his intention to resign from this post well before the date of the AGM. He was taking up a salaried post as the Secretary of the North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League in addition to his other posts held at County, League and Umpires Committee’s. 6. Treasurer’s Report

Roy Mayer informed the members present at all expenses associated with boni-fide Branch activities are reimbursed by the Regional Treasurer. The Branch constitution requires the appointment of a Treasurer. The Treasurer informed the meeting that the Branch was in possession of a social fund that has been in existence since 1977. The balance stood at £263.72, with a dividend of 42p of which 8p has been reclaimed in tax. The fund had received £100 donation some time ago from the Wolverhampton Branch in memory of Cliff Baskeyfield. The Branch had incurred £10 expenses over the last year for boni-fide activities. The President suggested that the social fund should be available for wider activities than just social events organised by the Branch. 7. Officer’s Reports a. Regional Councillor Derek Rowley’s report is attached as Appendix A. b) Training Officer Derek Rowley’s report is attached as Appendix B. c) Examination Officer Roy Mayer gave the meeting an overview of the examinations that the Branch had undertaken and been involved with across the region over the autumn and winter period.  GL6 Courses Completed Bob Cherry carried out the instruction. 12 entered the examination and 11were successful. Keith Healey carried out the instruction. 4 entered and 3 passed.  GL5 Course A course was currently in progress and a mock examination had been held on the previous Sunday to the AGM. The results have revealed more tuition is necessary for candidates to be successful in the GL5 examination.  Oral Examinations Across the region there have been 14 oral examinations that have been held in the last year of which the branch has provided qualified examiners at 12 examinations. Andrew Devin and Gordon Sant had attended the Edgbaston venue and Roy Mayer and Ron Broster had attended venues as far away as Worcester.

The President reported that a seminar on the new examination structure and proposals for the institution status had been held at Aston University, Birmingham, with seven Branch Officials/Examiners attending. Roy Mayer gave the members present an overview of the new examinations structure: GL6 Examination- 60 multiple-choice questions available on a power-point presentation for candidates to answer. GL5 Examination- 50 In-depth written questions requiring detailed knowledge of the laws to a level of that expected at the oral examination. If candidates successfully passed GL 6 and 5 examinations in one year, then 12 months field experience will be required before they can apply for the oral examination, where suitable references from qualified members or mentors will still be required. Roy Mayer also explained to the meeting current discussions that are being held at National Council level for qualification to a Grade 4 umpire. Current qualified members are being encouraged to undertake a refresher course then re-take the examination. This matter had been discussed with Anthony Farnfield the National Examinations Officer. Derek Rowley informed the meeting that this matter had been deferred until after the ACU&S National Council had completed its strategy on the future of the Association as an Institute. 8. Election of Officers 2005 Prior to the election of Officers the President thanked the retiring officers for their contribution to the North West Midlands ACU&S Branch over many years and wished them all health and success in the future. The retiring officers were Gerald Bennion, Tony Davies, Keith Tunnicliffe and Derek Rowley.

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Post President Chairman
Vice- Chairman Secretary Treasurer Staffordshire Cricket Board Delegate Regional Council Delegate Examinations Officer Training Officer Branch Management Committee (6 Members)

P McColl R Mayer B Cherry G Maltby R Mayer A Devin R Bradburn R Mayer B Cherry A Hoare R Broster K Hawkins C Leese D Tomley G Jones

J Hicken R Bradburn G Maltby R Mayer R Broster B Bereton B Cherry R Broster A Hoare K Tunnicliffe

D Rowley R Broster C Leese A Devin J Hicken R Mayer J Hicken A Hoare G Jones D Rowley

9. Any Other Business

No items had been submitted prior to the meeting. 10. Branch Meeting Dates –2005/06 The date for the first branch meeting was set for Thursday 7 April 2005, 7.30pm, Clayton Sports Centre. Newcastle –under- Lyme There being no further Business the Meeting Closed at 9.15pm

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