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teaching assistant


teaching assistant

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									Teaching Assistant School of Social Sciences Person Specification
Duties and Responsibilities Teaching Assistants are responsible for assisting academic staff in the delivery of high quality education to undergraduate students on an hourly paid basis. The classes will typically contain 12 or 14 or 25 or 30 students according to discipline area. Teaching and Learning will take place through a variety of the following routes, according to the purpose of the class or tutorial: discussion, practical exercises, group work, presentations etc. There may be other comparable discipline area specific duties which will apply, but generally the specific duties will include: Preparation  Preparing sufficiently to carry out the stated aims and objectives of the tutorial/exercise/class which you are leading#

Teaching      Facilitating and/or leading group discussions, either in small groups or with the whole class Facilitating discussion around the theme of the class/tutorial Ensuring the smooth running of equipment necessary to achieve the aims of the class/tutorial (e.g. computers, software packages) Obtaining from the course lecturer, or providing, suitable additional teaching materials as relevant to the stated aims of the class/tutorial Aiming to maintain a conducive atmosphere and environment for the achievement of the aims of the class/tutorial

Administration     Keeping records of student attendance using the Campus Solutions system Reporting briefly on the attendance and work of each student at the end of each semester Holding an office hour once a week or once a fortnight as appropriate for each course, notifying tutees accordingly Distributing, and arranging for return of, course evaluation questionnaires for each tutorial group taught

Assessment  Marking essays or other forms of formative assessment as required by the course programme

Cover  In the event of absence due to illness, the postholder should attempt to arrange a swap with a colleague such that the contractual hours of work can still be fulfilled and, in these circumstances, the absence would not be treated as a period of sickness absence.

The time spent completing these duties should not exceed the contracted hours. Teaching Assistants are responsible to the course co-ordinator for the unit that they are assisting. This may include liaising with academic staff on matters relating to preparation, teaching, administration and assessment. Workload and Payment The contracted hours under all of the headings above will not exceed 90 hours per semester, and 180 hours per academic year. Each hour will be paid at the University’s current pay rate for Teaching Assistants (2007-2008 rate is £13.02 per hour x multiplier of 2 or 3 as appropriate to the course).

Person Specification

Essential Education 1. 2.   A postgraduate degree in a relevant subject Either: Registered as a current postgraduate student at the University of Manchester In possession of a postgraduate degree from the University of Manchester or another University or approved instution of higher education (provided that there is a research link between that student and the University department in which s/he is undertaking paid work). In possession of a relevant professional qualification Either in possession of a University of Manchester postgraduate teaching certificate or equivalent or an undertaking to obtain this upon appointment.

 3.

Skills/Personal Qualities     An ability to lead a group activity Good presentation, communication and analytical skills An understanding of issues affecting undergraduates A willingness and ability to acquire knowledge and understanding of University teaching quality standards including examination standards and procedures Further Information The School of Social Sciences operates a list of Approved Tutors. Only persons named on this list will be eligible to be a Teaching Assistant in SOSS. To apply, please fill in the online application form at www.socialsciences.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/jobs Tutoring will be offered according to the School’s needs once registration is complete. Priority is given to existing/experienced tutors.

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