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storm writing your own poem


storm writing your own poem

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1. Using the words given, create your own poem, entitled, ‘Storm.’ Do not cut up the words until you are certain you need them! 2. Are you going to use alliteration? Remember hard consonants sounds will create a harsh effect, e.g.: brutal black winds batter the bruised… Or soft, gentle sounds, a quieter one, e.g.:

faint, fearful leaves flutter stainless steel silhouettes against dark skies

3. Remember onomatopoeia (words which sound like the noise or action they describe) add to the musical quality e.g. crash, murmur. 4. Short vowel sounds repeated (assonance) will quicken the pace. Long vowels sounds slow it. 5. Do you want to use rhyme? In which pattern? Internal? For example:

rumble and tumble

6. Check your rhythm and line length. 7. If you wish to use repetition, ask for an additional sheet. 8. If you wish to use similes, remember you will need the word ‘like’ or ‘as.’

NOUNS spark cascades trees rage thunder moon coast cacophony lightning roots darkness mood puddles anarchy lake force illumination hurricane Thor ship spectre grass leaves tongues silhouettes torrents clouds rooftops anguish graves fragrance earth velvet landscape hammer wind skies fingers cousin places havoc circuit scent pools fear dagger mystery carnage electricity

ADJECTIVES jagged howling jet-black scarlet old crusted magenta metallic crimson skeletal bruised stealthily dark silver tumultuous vicious battered brutal omnipotent ancestral gold ebony heavy frozen fragile amber stainless steel silky icy callous isolated humble violet belligerent frantic luminous

VERBS break flash lay echo slash murmur talk reap terrorise seal pulsate rumble rampage align break violate magnify howl clatter slither splatter sweep quiver undulate recoil whip tumble shatter follow unchain juxtapose bring gather crash whistle whisper tell rip peal cackle fall unleash reverberate ride


viciously desperately violently vindictively suddenly avidly blindly greedily gleefully zestfully

(Conjunctions, prepositions, etc.)

OTHER HELPFUL WORDS a in an am are is so to it she off -ed with away like then under even a in an

a in an am are is so to the he of by -ing from like very when back

a in an am are is so to it he of -ed -ing from like very when even

a in an am are is so to it she by -ing with like will then back why

am are is so to it she off -ed with like will then under why

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