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Roofing Louisiana General Contractors, LLC is offering property owners the opportunity to join our exclusive Roof & Attic Maintenance Membership. ROOF MEMBERSHIP $125.00 – Roofing Louisiana provides:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Remove all loose debris from roof. If left unattended can cause roof damage. One Year review. We will report any areas we feel will not last at least one year. Repair high nails. If major repair or replacement needed a free estimate is provided. We will check for proper shingle overhang around the perimeter of home. Inspect any gutter system for proper functioning and/or deterioration or clogs. Check flashing around the home. (Drip Edge, Valley, and Chimney etc.) If you have skylights, we will check the flashing and bulb / glass seals. We will check all penetrations (pipes or vents) for proper functioning, caulk as needed. Provide you with a complete detailed „Assessment Report‟ once our evaluation is complete. In the event of a catastrophe in our area our Members will be the first we respond to, you are our priority. During a catastrophic event, our experience has shown that consumers do not know where to turn, who to call, or who to trust.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . All Members get 24-Hour Emergency Service As a Member, you have our priority service, Roof Assurance. In the event of any emergency (damage to your roof from storms, high winds, falling tree limbs, leaks etc.) you have the peace of mind that you can call our office 24-hours a day and we will dispatch a contractor to respond promptly to asses the damage. We will attempt to prevent further damage to your property and work with your insurance company regarding any claim.
Visit our showroom @ 455 Ridge, Rd, Lafayette, La. or call 337-235-Roof (235-7663). Visit our website

Roofing Louisiana will check your attic for proper Ventilation! Infrared Technology: Roofing Louisiana will take Infrared pictures in your attic to detect air loss or malfunctioning air-ducts, which could cost you thousands. Inspect the attic for moisture, rotted wood or any noticeable mold, wetness etc. Check vent pipes in attic to verify they are connected and working properly R-Value for Louisiana is R-38, DOE recommends R-60. We will check your insulation level and provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings and suggestions.

Main Causes of Roof Damage
Roof damage can be caused by many factors. Whether you are trying to protect and extend the life of an existing roof or you want to protect a new roof, here are some of the main causes of roof damage. 1. Improper Maintenance: Roofs that are not properly maintained can and usually will cause future problems. If your roof is not properly maintained / inspected (leaves removed from valleys, caulk exposed nails or reseal lifted shingles) small problems can cause major damages. Roofing Louisiana now offers “Roof Assurance” to homeowners for $125.00 per year. When you become a Member we handle these chores for you. Roofing Louisiana provides consumers with bi-annual on-site inspection (“maintenance plan”) that will prevent small / minor damage from becoming a major problem. 2. Wind Damage: Over time, even thunderstorm winds can loosen nails and lift or crack shingles causing debris to be imbedded into the shingle seal. When this happens, your underlayment / felt, decking or interior can be exposed to the elements. Without proper inspections or maintenance of the roof these problems go undetected and will cause damage. Strong winds and flying debris can also damage a roof, often removing some or all of the roofing material. The solution, “Roof Assurance” provided by Roofing Louisiana general Contractors, LLC. 3. Weather Damage: Most roofing materials can be damaged over time by exposure to various weather conditions. The sun and pollutants in the air and other chemicals in the air or in the rain can also damage roofing materials. Inspection and repair of minor damages can prevent future problems. 4. Flashing Problems: The purpose of flashing is to create a water-tight boundary between your roofing materials and other parts of the house. Flashing also protects roofing materials and roof penetrations, if not properly installed and inspected flashing issues can cause leaks. These leaks can damage the roof as well as the interior of the house. Flashing problems usually happen after storms, design flaw, installation errors or not installed at all. Regular inspection of flashing in all parts of the roof can catch problems early and correct them before there are major leaks / cost.

Did you know consumers file hundreds of thousands of complaints each year against unscrupulous contractors? Consumers file Tens of thousands of lawsuits each year for poorworkmanship and no warranty (service after the sale), breach of contract.
Consumers now have peace of mind that a local General Contractor is working for their best interest. “Roofing Louisiana General Contractors, LLC” will work with property owners, insurance adjusters, and agents to work out details regarding any damage (claim) and find a solution.    Roofing Louisiana General Contractors will respond to our Members first, as they call-in, to dry-in and protect their property as soon as the storm(s) aftermath allows. Most problems with using out of town contractors or family and friends are that neither have proper insurance coverage, storm chasers leave town over-night and neither have a valid warranty. Roofing Louisiana provides property owners a Three (3)-Year Workmanship Warranty on full replacements and after completion we stand behind all material Manufacture stated warranties.

Roofing Louisiana believes in building a strong Louisiana and it starts at home, here in Acadiana.
We patronize our community and belong to the following organizations: AHBA - Acadian Home Builders Association Acadiana Apartment Association Apartment Association of Louisiana Better Business Bureau of Acadiana & New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Lafayette LAGC - Louisiana Association of General Contractors NAHB - National Association of Home Builders NRCA – National Roofing Association of America Why are we doing this? First, the roof maintenance plan alone is worth the $125 annual fee and a needed service for any homeowner. Many consumers are unable to “properly maintain” their roof, some don’t know there is a problem and many people don’t have the time. Members now can take advantage of a professional and experienced company doing this chore for them. Roofing Louisiana General Contractors, LLC wants to earn your business and we know that once you trust us with your maintenance program “Roof Assurance” we will earn your future business and most important – referral business. Roofing Louisiana will set an appointment and do an on-site inspection of the roof and attic, depending on the plan you choose. We will remove loose debris from the roof that may cause future damage and provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings during our roof assessment. Roofing Louisiana also offers our members other services at discounted rates; Roof repairs and full replacement – material and labor provided (10% discount could save thousands) Gutter Cleaning and Weatherizing your home “Go-Green” Wood Work (Soffit and Fascia work) Painting and Siding – New additions and patios Additionally, after a major storm, Acadiana needs our (roofing) services. However, as a company we need to plan-ahead for the supplies needed for the consumer demand. Once we have built a loyal customer base through our membership program and past customers, we can plan and prepare our resources more efficiently to serve our “Members”.

Please contact our office at 337-235-Roof (235-7663) or 800-350-0451. Or visit our website @

Did you know?

     When is the last time you inspected your roof or cleaned debris from it? Insulation – 40% of energy lost in your home goes out the roof Does the roof need repair or replacement, do you have unknown leaks? Does your roof have missing shingles? This can cause interior damage and health problems. Even if you are able to climb a ladder, can you fix the problem properly.

FACT: Over 99,000 emergency rooms visits, each year directly contributed to people falling off ladders.

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