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1. ES300(1997-2003) 2. GS300(1997-2003) 3. GS400(1997-2000) 4. GX430(2001-2003) 5. IS300-IS200(2001-2003) 6. LS400(1997-2000) 7. LX470(1998-2002) 8. RX300(1999-2003) 9. SC300(1998-2001) 10. SC400(1998-2001) 11. 4Runner(1999-2003) 12. Avalon(1998-2003) 13. Cammry-4cly(1998-2005) 14. HighLander(2001-2003) 15. Lander Cruiser(1998-2003) 16. MR2(2000-2003) 17. RAV4(2000-2003) 18. Sequoia(2000-2003) 19. Sienna(1998-2003) 20. Solara(1999-2003) 21. Previa(1999-2003) 一.The external appearance explain

二,Operating Instructions: Insert the DC15V power supply plug into the instrument power supply bore, after be to hear “di”,and the instrument beginning to check itself and scan the screen, show"P" after scanning be over, as follows picture: 三.Read the key data operation: 1. Press 【READ】, the window will show"RE" ,the instrument is placed in the date responds to read state .If the screen show"ER"(error), then operates again, keeping it to show"RE". 2. pls Close the key which needs to be match to respond area, the instrument starts to read the key data, be to hear"di..di..di.." three times and the screen show"OK", the key data has already read completely .If it show "ER" pls operates step1 and step2 again , till hear"di..di..di.."three times ring and show"OK"

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四:The operation of date write 1.take the EPPROM chip out of the engine’s ECU, clean it and put it into programme socket: 2.Press 【MODE】and choices an opposite car type, choose"56" modes is matches Toyota, the type of the chip is a 93 C56, and the chip which take out of the ECU is in the IC601 positionses;Choose"T1" mode is match Toyota 4700 etc.,the chip is the 93 C56 or 93 C66, and the chip which take out of the ECU is in the IC900 positionses;Choose"T2" mode is matches America version, Europe 4700 version etc. the chip is a 93 C66, these two cars have to alarm computer, dismantle the chip(93C66) in alarm computer,there is no chip in ECU;Choose"86" is match new Toyota cars the chip is a 93C86, and the chip which take out of the ECU is in the IC900 positionses.The mode as follow picture: 3.Choose a match car,press the 【program】the key date will be placed in to ECU,when it show "WR"with gleam mean the data to be writed in, after writing the data it will show"OK", combine chaperonage"di.." a long ring , mean the data writes in success.If it is show"ER" means to write in failure, the reason : the chip put a wrong position, the chip didn't clip good, the mode chooses wrong etc., please check again. 4.Return the chip into the ECU, the key matches completion, the new keys can start the engine now.

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Match car key: 1 The Toyota key programmer can match three keys in the same just need to repeat the step1 and step2 in the <read the key data operation > 2 instruments can use the 12 V Vs-15s direct current power supply, when the instrument arenot working, please break the power supply. 五.note: This function will clear all codes of legal keys before. Have to all car keys (include new keys) match to the engines’s ECU and guard against theft computer, complete to match procedure in the meantime. If the customer lose a legal of key, for the sake of the safety, its legal key have to a rematch the losed key can't start to engine.

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