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					Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association

Representation The local, provincial and national organizations work closely with their respective governments and agencies to ensure that economic and regulatory reform increases the affordability, quality and choice in housing. Participation Members help set the agenda through participation in committee, general and annual meetings. Members have voting privileges at all three levels. Education & Information Members have access to a wide-array of technical information, market intelligence, training opportunities, marketing initiatives, regulatory and tax information, product information and economic research. National, provincial and local newsletters and web sites keep you well-informed and up-to-date on the latest industry news and initiatives. Professional Recognition Home builders receive professional recognition through the completion of the Certified Professional Home Builders’ Program. Consumers recognize industry professionals when they see the Canadian and the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association membership logos. Membership gives businesses credibility & increases consumer confidence in members’ products & services. Our Master Awards publicly recognize excellence in the residential construction industry.

Industry Networking Members connect with industry colleagues to share information and make important business contacts. The opportunity to build business relationships with other industry professionals is a valuable part of membership. Training & Employment Human resource development and training initiatives and partnerships are helping to recruit and retain a professional workforce. The Provincial Association assists businesses recruit employees and upgrade existing skills. Connecting with Customers
Members connect with fellow members and with consumers through listings and advertising in our Membership Directory. 20,000+ Directories will be distributed at the Spring Home Show. Listings, advertising and a link to members websites are also placed on the RRHBA on-line directory at Members connect with customers at the Spring Home Show, and all members receive a discount on their booth rental. Master Award winners are publicized on the RRHBA website and in the Leader Post. Members also take advantage of the many sponsorship opportunities to promote their business. New members are offered free advertising in the RRHBA newsletter, the HomeFront, as well as on the website. Marketing initiatives are undertaken to promote the RRHBA brand in the minds of consumers, with messaging encouraging consumers to purchase products & services from the qualified professionals who make up RRHBA membership. Marketing initiatives contain valuable consumer information regarding the residential construction industry.

The Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, trade association representing over 240 companies. The membership includes land developers, builders, renovators, trade contractors suppliers, subcontractors, manufacturers, and financers, amongst many others. Collectively, they employ thousands of people working directly in the residential construction industry. Three Memberships In One… Your membership in the Regina & Region Home Builders' Association automatically gives you membership in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Saskatchewan. Your interests are not only represented locally, but also provincially and nationally.
The voice of the residential construction industry

The Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association represents members’ interests at the local level. The organization’s mandate encompasses a fifty-mile radius around Regina. Through ongoing representation to municipal government and agencies, the Association addresses issues important to the residential construction industry and its consumers. The organization offers a full-slate of services and activities that give members the opportunity to make business contacts, gain knowledge, build recognition with consumers and contribute to the future of their industry. Members participate in general and special interest meetings, workshops, an awards program, an annual consumer trade show and social events. RRHBA members have voting privileges and members-only website access. They receive the monthly newsletter “HomeFront” and are listed in the annual membership directory. RRHBA vision is to be recognized as the voice of the residential construction industry. Its mission: To lead the residential construction industry for the benefit of all.

Consumers know that when they deal with a company displaying the RRHBA logo they are dealing with a company committed to high standards for the residential construction industry.

Canadian Home Builders Association- Saskatchewan, headquartered in Saskatoon, deals with a range of provincial government regulations and policies from codes and standards to infrastructure financing, environmental issues and consumer protection. Education and training programs for Association members are organized at the provincial level. CHBA - Saskatchewan employs three staff in the Regina office to assist members with skill development and apprenticeship training. They provide human resource and recruitment services to RRHBA members. Members of RRHBA are also members of CHBASaskatchewan. They have voting privileges and receive a monthly email newsletter and other publications and reports focused on provincial issues. Learn more… Visit:

• Members shall work toward the improvement of
applicable building codes.

• Members shall plan their sites and homes to conform to the principles of good community planning and support for the environment.

• Members shall deal justly with their employees,
subcontractors and suppliers of goods and services.

• Members shall deal honestly and fairly with their
customers, and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments.

• Members shall exchange information and experience, and encourage research on materials, technical advancements and building techniques in order to provide the best value for their customers.

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association, headquartered in Ottawa, represents and serves the membership from coast to coast. CHBA keeps a constant eye on the regulatory environment and marketplace and develops clear, practical positions on issues that matter to the industry and consumers. It has successfully advocated on behalf of the residential construction industry since 1943. Members of RRHBA are also members of CHBA with full voting privileges and members-only website access. They receive the monthly magazine Home Builder, regulatory and tax information, the latest market intelligence and other national publications and reports. Learn more… Visit:

• Members shall avoid all conduct or practice detrimental to the house building industry, to the Association, to the good name or reputation of any of its’ members, or to customers.

• Members shall commit to continuing learning
through human resource policies and practices, including employment practices which treat employees as assets.

• Members shall actively promote health and safety
Learn more…


• Members shall treat their competitors, including their
property and ideas, with respect.

Commitment to RRHBA Code of Ethics I acknowledge receipt of Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association’s Code of Ethics and promise to operate my firm in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Code. These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed and are part of an obligation as a member of CHBA. I understand that violation of any portion of the Code of Ethics will be subject to disciplinary procedures set out in the Association’s by-laws. and Information Disclosure Consent CHBA promotes its membership and fosters communication within the industry and with consumers through directories, websites, etc. I consent that the information contained in this application may be used for such purposes (banking and credit card information exempted) by all levels of the CHBA. ___________________________________________
Signature of Corporate Signing Officer

Membership is open to individuals, firms and corporations providing some form of product or service to Regina and region’s residential construction industry. Members are obligated to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics. Membership Fees Fee Breakdown: National CHBA Provincial CHBA Local RRHBA General Meeting Meals Industry Marketing Website Redevelopment Annual Fee GST Total Process $ 300.00 $ 324.00 $ 91.00 $ 160.00 $ 100.00 $ $ 25.00 50.00 $1,000.00 $1,050.00

Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association

Declaration for New Home Builders, Renovators and Developers I commit that all new homes built by our company that are eligible for warranty coverage will be enrolled in a new home warranty program. I commit that our company will achieve and maintain the required designations set out by the Certified Professional Home Builders’ Program. I agree that, where an Association-required voluntary workplace health and safety program is available, our company will participate in the program. ___________________________________________
Signature of Corporate Signing Officer

Applicants meet with RRHBA staff to discuss the benefits and obligations of membership. Applicants submit a completed application form, including two industry referrals (preferably RRHBA members), and payment. New members are subject to Board approval and are profiled in the RRHBA newsletter and website for member approval purposes. New members are also subject to a one-year probation period. Builder Category Applicants requesting membership in the ‘Builder’ category are required to enroll in the Certified Professional Home Builders’ Program and be a member of a recognized third party warranty program.

#100-1801 MacKay Street Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 6E7 Contact: Tammy McLean Membership Coordinator Phone: (306) 546-5224


Company Name (legal) Start date of Company Address City Telephone E-mail Address Website Province Postal Code Fax

Type of Business Home Builder Renovator Land Developer Material or Product Manufacturer Material or Product Supplier Trade Contractor Service & Professional Sales & Marketing Services Financial Services Media Government Agency Existing members that change their type of business to a builder must reapply for membership in order to be recognized in Home Builder category.

Declaration for All Membership Categories I hereby make application for membership in the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association and submit payment for membership fees. I certify that none of the principals of this company has been refused membership, refused renewal of membership or had membership revoked by any level of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, across Canada. I state that all information contained on this application is true and accurate and I authorize the Association to undertake investigative procedures to confirm the accuracy of such information including, but not limited to, a verification of the credit worthiness of the applicant and reference checks. Should my application be rejected, I agree to fully indemnify and save harmless the Association and its directors from any and all loss, cost, claims or damage of whatever kind and however arising as a result of such refusal of this application. ________________________________________ Signature of Corporate Signing Officer ________________________________________ Position Date The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any application for membership in the Association or to defer consideration of an application.

WCB# GST# Business Licence # Third Party Warranty Registration # (Home Builders only)

Key contact Position Telephone Cellular Phone Email Home Phone

Industry References (preferably RRHBA Members) Company: Address: Telephone: Contact: Company: Address: Telephone: Contact: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

Name of Additional Representative Name of Additional Representative

Position Position

Payment: Annual Fee: $1,000.00 + GST $50.00 = $1,050.00 Method of Payment: ___________________________ ____________________________________________