; Warning Counterfeit Hair Straighteners
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Warning Counterfeit Hair Straighteners


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									Warning: Counterfeit Hair Straighteners
Warrington Trading Standards would like to warn residents about dangerous fake designer hair straightening irons. Among the look-alike irons being sold are counterfeit versions of the top-rated ghd brand’s Hot Pink irons, a limited edition product sold in October this year to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month. Other styles GHDs are also known to have been counterfeited. The genuine articles are on sale for £100 to £155, but the counterfeit ones are being offered from anywhere between £60 and £100. The fake stylers look just like the real thing, including holograms and packaging, and experienced Trading Standards Officers need to check with GHD to confirm if these are genuine or not. Tests have shown that these fakes are made from poor quality materials and with little or no thought to consumer safety. Those buying counterfeit ghd stylers risk electrocution due to poor quality construction and lack of safety checks on the products.


If you suspect you have purchased counterfeit GHD hair straighteners visit the GHD website at www.ghdhair.com/uk/customer-care/counterfeit and register your product. GHD will then be able to check whether you have bought a genuine product or not. The website also identifies registered stockists of genuine ghd products. Genuine GHD hair stylers cost approximately £100 to £155 and are only sold through websites and salons that are authorised by GHD. Counterfeits are typically sold for £60 to £100 at car boots, market stalls and in some cases by salons who have bought them from individuals who have visited the premises. We urgently need to trace the source of these hair straighteners before someone is electrocuted. We would ask anyone who is offered such items to let Consumer Direct know on 08454 04 05 06

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