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									2 0 0 9 N A F SA We b i n ar Se r i e s CD Or d e r F o r m
Directions: Please fill out form fields in Word; fax or mail signed order form with payment by check or credit card.

Name: Member

Date of order: Member # required Nonmember

Institution: Office/Division/Department: Mailing Address:

Phone Number: E-Mail:


Name(s) and date(s) of webinar CD requested: 1) 2) Cost: 2009 $140 per CD-NAFSA Member, $185 per CD-Nonmember Note: 2009 webinars are now 90 minutes. 2008 and earlier $100 per CD-Member, $150 per CD-Nonmember Except: Financial Aid and College Education Abroad: Basics for High School Guidance Counselors (9/12/08)—$25 per CD. Understanding the Needs of Arabic Speaking Students on U.S. Campuses (5/7/08). No charge for CD/Nominal handling and shipping fee of $20 applies. Payment Information: Name on the Card: Billing Address:

Total Payment: Check one: Card # Visa

Check Enclosed: MasterCard American Express

Expiration Date:

Print name of cardholder: Signature:
I hereby authorize NAFSA: Association of International Educators to charge my account for the amount stated.

PLEASE FAX FORM TO: 202.737.3657, Attention: Accounting OR MAIL TO: NAFSA: Association of International Educators, P.O. Box 79159, Baltimore, MD 21279 Attention: Accounting
If you have questions, please contact Lindsay Possiel: , 202.737.3699 x2579. Webinar CD Order Form 1-23-2009 vl

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