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Minutes of the 11 (b) meeting of the Student Council held on Wednesday 5th December 2007 at 4.30pm in London North Campus
MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY Executive Committee: President Vice President Education & Representation City Campus Vice President Education & Representation North Campus Communications Officer Participation & Development Officer Diversity Officer Welfare Officer Student Volunteering Officer Student Development & Mentoring Officer International Students Officer Independent Student Council members: Independent Member (North Campus) Independent Member (North Campus) Clubs & Societies Representatives: Holistic Society All 4 one Christian Union African Caribbean Society Accounting Society People of Faith Soviet Union Society Business Students Society Bangladeshi Students Society Islamic Society Nigerian Society Engineering and Technology Society Cocktail Society Radio Society Muslin Shia Society People of Faith Society MEMBER Abu Shohid (Vice-Chair) Monty Sultan Kafil Uddin Ahmed Sharif Hyder Shariar Sami Nizam Uddin Shariar Rahman Nargis Pauran Adib Manzur Nazmul Chowdhury Present Apologies Present Present Present Present Present Apologies Present Apologies

Multammed Zarrar Ahmad Richie Sethi Sarafim Florea LucyAnne Lawrence Sharene Alexander Soumya Adnan O.S. Kumuyi Ernest Reid Abdul Karim Seyd Muhammed Ali Rashid Ansari Temidayo Israel (Chair) Rose Salinganan Stephen Gray Richi Pancholi Masomah Shareef Malvis Idenkpoma Present Present Present

Present Apologies Present Present Present Present Present


Academic Departmental Representatives: Applied Social Sciences Business School

Selin Webb Karon Tranaman Fatima Saleem Laila Jivraj Rameez Ali Daureeswoo Helena Alam Emmanuel Aybo Ayodeji Iiesanmi Franco Manesis Elliott Hind Iram Ahmed Charles Chukwal Paul Ebanks Thomas Artast Malika Williams Iona Charles Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant



Computing, Communications Tech. & Maths

Health & Human Sciences

Present Present Present Present Present

Humanities, Arts & Languages Law, Governance & International Relations London Metropolitan Polymers Centre Psychology Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design Education Architecture & Spatial Design



Halls of Residences Representatives: Claredale House James Leicester Hall John Bell House Sir John Cass Halls of Residence The Arcade Tufnell Park IN ATTENDANCE Eddie Rowley Mark Northcott

Laura Atiend

Secretary Assistant Secretary

Present Present


Opening Remarks The President (Vice-Chair) opened the meeting with 25 members present (with the quorum at 22 members). He gives apologies for the Temidayo Israel (Chair) Monty Sultan, Nazmul Chowdhury and Nargis Pauran. Vice-Chair welcomed the members to the second half of the first Student Council meeting of this academic year. In his opening remarks, the President informed Council what an important year this was for the Students’ Union, partly due to a review of its governance as well as the developments in staffing resources across the University. Vice President North talks meeting through the Student Council Handbook, which explains the workings of the Council and how members can propose motions etc.

0eb450cd-95ba-49d4-b103-54a159b99cec.doc 11.2 Elections There were no elections; all took place at the last meeting. Minutes of the last meeting The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed to be a true record by a vote of For: 16 Against: 0 Abstention:9 Matters arising from the minutes Secretary asks Council to check correct spelling and names in the minutes, as the handwriting of council members at the last meeting was not good. Malvis Idenkpoma and Ayodeji Iiesanmi leave meeting. 23 left, quorate is 22. 11.5 Executive Report Executive Reports are distributed to Council. The President apologises for the late arrival of the report. The Vice-Chair asked Council if there were any questions with regards to any areas covered by the Executive Report. Q Radio Station Richi Pancholi from the Radio Society points out in the Executive Report it says the Radio cannot proceed due to insufficient funding. Richi asks why there is insufficient funding. Communications Officer informs Council that current media funding goes on the diary and website. There is currently no funding for the radio station and that any funding should come through the Participation and Activities Service (Student Office). Q Funding breakdown in Executive Reports Serefin Florea requests that the Officers produce a breakdown of their spending in the executive reports so they can see what the Officers have done is ‘value for Money.’ The President agrees in the next Executive Report officers are to add what monies they have spent to the report. Q StARS Iona Charles says there has been delays in StARS Elections and that communication between departments and the SU has been poor. Vice President North replies that on the 17 September he met with the department regarding the election of the StARS. They have improved the way they work with departments this year. They have worked well with 6-7 departments but some communication has been effected by changes within departments. Iona Charles said the Course Leaders briefed students on StARS very well. VP North replied this was good as they had asked Course Leaders to do this via a Powerpoint presentation. Council takes a 5 minute break Vice-Chair proposes that the Council adopt the report. Vice Chair explains that the following motions can be moved on the report:  Adoption of the report  Reference back of the report or specific parts  The instruction that an unfulfilled direction be fulfilled  The censure of a named member of the Executive Committee



0eb450cd-95ba-49d4-b103-54a159b99cec.doc  The removal of responsibility for a specific area of work from a named member of the Executive Committee.

Committee vote on report: Adopt report: 11 Reference back:1 Abstain:7 Report is adopted. 11.6 Executive Motions There were no executive motions Ordinary Member Motions Motion 1 Rashid Ansari proposes a motion on Student Union match funding for societies. Each SU affiliated society to get £5 per head from the SU, so 100 members means £500. Communications officer asks for clarification on whether the SU still funds clubs and societies. President tells Council that they do not and that to do so would mean taking resources from elsewhere. The President tells Council that at present the SU budget has not been agreed. President explains that society funding comes from the student office and not the SU now. Serefim Florea speaks in favour of the motion Participation and Development Officer speaks in favour of the motion Elliot Hind expresses concern that both Council and the wider student body do not know how much the SU spends and what on. LucyAnne Lawrence says her society has had very little support from the Union or the University. Summation by Rashid Ansari, proposer of the motion For: 17 Against: 1 Abstain:4 Point of Information Mark Northcott, Participation and Activities Services Manager explains to Council that the Union doesn’t not fund societies and that societies have to apply for funds of the Student Office and decisions on this will be made on merit. Point of Order Vice-chair requests a quorate count as more people left the meeting. Number down to 20 (quorate at 22). The 2 return and the meeting continues. Communications Officer states the quorum level as set in the constitution makes it very difficult to get things done and must be sorted out.


0eb450cd-95ba-49d4-b103-54a159b99cec.doc Motion 2 Rashid Ansari proposes a motion to request the Student Union’s full help and support in a new prayer room for Muslim students at the Moorgate Campus. Elliot Hind asks if the University has a legal obligation at each centre, Rashid does not know. LucyAnn Lawrence raises concerns about integrated, shared prayer facilities as this can often lead to ‘rowdiness.’ For: 16 Against:1 Abstain:6 Motion passed Motion 3 Rashid Ansari proposes a motion regarding the use of foyers and corridors for the promotion of religious societies. Rashid speak in favour of the motion For: 16 Against: 3 Abstain: 2 11.8 Emergency Motions There are no emergency motions. Guest Speakers There are no Guest Speakers


11.10 AOB None raised Next meeting: Week beginning Tuesday 8 January Vice Chair declares meeting closed at 7.00pm

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