Present: Mr. Byrne, Christine McCarthy-Romanick, Sue Dominato, Anna Boston, Jeff Rivard, Jackie Jamail-Lopez, Pam Emery, Lisa Soulliere, Catherine Thomson-McGhie, Carmela Fenos, Brenda Verkoeyen, Bernie Robinet, Lori Robinet, Fiona Bryden, Sharon Haskell Guest: Mr. Jim Minello 1. 2. 3. Welcome – Anna Boston - chair Prayer – Mr. Byrne Review minutes November 5, 2008 Accepted: Lori Robinet Seconded: Catherine McGhie Chairperson’s Report – Anna Boston • Grade 8 night – successful – snacks donated by Life Skills department Parents were shown pre-recorded DVD’s in the classrooms while all students assembled in Carmelitta Hall – teachers led groups of parents around the school • Anna recommending a volunteer attend the monthly Teacher’s meetings held Monday nights after school (approx 2:30 PM) as lack of communication as to what Parents Council is doing – Lori Robinet suggest Parent Council minutes be given at the Teacher’s meetings – Mr. Byrne advised that school website is updated daily with announcements – recommended sending any activity announcements to him, he will approve for display on internet – Christine (secretary) to alert principle of any announcements to be placed onto the internet (i.e.: fundraisers etc) – recommendation for minutes be placed onto the internet under Parent Council icon (minutes icon be developed) but must be approved by Mr. Byrne or designate first – school website now displays French and English school headings Student Council Report – Mr. Rivard representing Student rep • December 2008 – pictures with Santa Claus – recycled decorations for Gr 8 assembly/events • Jan 31/09 – Semi-formal (Sat night) – dance/food – 7PM – 11PM – expect approx 450 students – rules will be enforced (no alcohol etc) – breathalyzer will be used and OPP will be patrolling the school grounds – 15 chaperones in the building • Feb – Valentine’s Day • High School Musical play - Feb 19, 20, 21, 22 (1st week); Feb 27, 28 (2nd week) – bring Gr 7/8 feeder schools for daytime show Feb 18th





Principal’s Report – Mr. Byrne • Grade 8 night – much competition to bring students into the school – successful – usually 30% admissions from St. John’s the Baptist (Belle River area) – this year 80% • Jan 22/09 exams begin – students must be in class at AM bell, exams start 0845 with latest exam completion by 1200 – all students must stay in exam rooms until 10AM – no buses until 2:15PM – no exam in Civics/Careers therefore students will not attend school on that exam day • Sat Jan 31/09 – Semi-formal • Feb 16/09 – New Family Day – no school • Feb 27/09 – PD Day – last day Mr. Byrne will be principal at St. Anne’s HS – retiring by March 1/09 – introductions of Mr. J. Minello (new principal) – was principal at Holy Names x5yrs – previously at Brennan, Cardinal Carter (Leamington), department head at Brennan, his sister is department head Religious Studies at St. Anne’s and son attends St. Anne’s – beginning semester 2 will work with Mr. Byrne to learn the ropes Treasurer’s Report – Sue Dominato representing Anne Marie Silva • Spirit Wear account - $2,087.96 – no outstanding bills • General account - $26,171.70 Sue Dominato presented 3 requests for funding assistance from Parents Council: • Campus Ministry – requests $1,000 to purchase alter cloths (present ones not liturgically correct); 1 set small linens for mass; 1 plate; 3 banners each with colors; large wooden cross/stand; funds develop campus ministry team of students; resources – finance committee recommended more information required with details of itemized costs – council in agreement – to be presented again at next meeting • Special Education Life Skills – requesting $150.00 for materials - making quilt to hang in school – each student own square – funding for field trips, busing expenses, entertainment, any financial assistance – council in agreement to fund • Grade 9 – Excel breakfast – Honor Roll – requesting approx $700.00 – week before March break – council in agreement to fund • Anna informed council that supplies were taken from Parents Council office for Movie Day for underprivileged children – St. Anne’s students had fundraised supplies and needed more (chips/water) – recommended council donate supplies to event – council in agreement – Mr. Byrne informed council that Diane Minello (Dept Head Religious Studies) spearheaded Christmas packages for underprivileged students at Catholic Central HS; St. Anne’s has fundraised for last 3 years for Immaculate Conception school and Fr. Goyeau did the mass




Trustee’s Report – Lisa Soulliere • Many policies up for review – 2 P&P – Principal’s/Vice-Principal’s Selection – email any concerns to chair – access Board website to comment on any policies – go under section entitled “Policies” • Last meeting reviewed audit August 2008 – were in a deficit $500,000 – ended with surplus $400,000 – good position for 2009 – will work on deficits from 2 yrs ago • $800,000 revenue for Special Education • French Emersion elementary – committee met Jan 20/09 – public agenda package posted on Board website Jan 23/09 • New Chair – Fred Alexander; New Vice-Chair – Mary Diemenia • St. Anne’s signage on building – raised issues that old building had name in both English/French – bottom line, name was supposed to continue – oversight by Senior Admin. – placed into budget to change name – Mr. Byrne informed council that the same sign will stay but will add Ecole Secondaire in front of St. Anne’s initial sign • 10 classes at St. Anne’s totally French Emersion – receive School Board certificate for French Emersion (diploma) – must complete all requirements – most students bilingual when come to the school – most English speaking students go into French Emersion programs and those at 1st language French speaking go into French as 1st language schools Committee Reports: • Spirit Wear – Anna Boston Catherine McGhie reports sold more dark blue track pants than light blue – sold few shirts but more yellow/navy shirts; requests for Hoodies; hats all sold – Sue Dominato reports sweats sell for $30.00 and council makes $10.00/pair Anna Boston met with Graphics Design and has samples – idea to expand and sell Hoodies not for the school/Spirit Day but for after school and games/championships: Hoodies – no pricing at this time - light ones, heavier ones – T-shirts; sweat shirts with no hoods; Hoodies zippered; bellbottom sweat pants; lanyards; sticky labels in a box $45.00 for school plate and $2.00 package of labels Jackie Lopez sells at Holy Names – navy, gray, white, red Hoodies – either pullovers ($40.00) or zippers ($42.00); sweat pants $27.00; sweat suits – pullover/pants $60.00 or zippered/pants $62.00 – make $5.00 on sweats and $8.00 on Hoodies Mr. Rivard suggested Parent Council rep sit with student reps – 20 students from Gr 9-12 (meet every Tuesdays in classroom) and ask what they want – Anna suggested pin emblem on sweat and put in Parent Council office on display – 2 logos only to pick from – do not hold stock – suggest Hoodies - one color (navy) with zip or no zip Mr. Minello enquiring any goal projections for fundraisers??? Anna and Catherine agreed to pick samples and arrange to meet with Student Council • High School Advisory – deferred




New Business • Umbrella Meeting – Bernie Robinet Violence in the Media – TV/Graphic Video games #1 showing of violence to kids – increase awareness – U-tube – wrestling between men/women; kids playing rougher in schools on playgrounds; video camera on computers can still see what is going on even if not on – can get email address and blackmail you; teenagers have ring tones that only they can hear therefore can text in classroom undetected Website: – can decipher language teen’s text on Ipods – tells what meanings are in songs • Uniform Meeting – Anna Boston Diane O’Neill met with Freeds September 2008 – voted to change 2-pleated dress pants to 1-pleat; reduce the rise on female pants – no pockets as increased expense – most broken zippers are due to girls rolling their pants below the waist – most girls buying boys pants; removing yellow stain from shirts – not laundered properly; skort – not solved the problem with pulling up to make skirts shorter; white shirts are too shear – Freeds to look into it Motion to adjourn – Anna Boston Seconded – Christine McCarthy-Romanick Next meeting: Wednesday February 25, 2009 St. Anne’s High School Library 7PM



Minutes prepared by: Christine McCarthy-Romanick - Secretary (January 25, 2009)


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