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					Next Week’s Schedule
please note: Next week, we have changed our trip! We are now going to the Maritime Center to see all the cool animals and even meet some penguins. Please make sure you pack a bag lunch!

Wednesday – Bonim Parents

This Week’s Events

Theme Days
Monday-50’s Day (dress-up) Tuesday-Wacky Hair Day (dress-up) Wednesday-Mets Game for Tzof 3-6 Maritime Center for Bonim Wear your O-la-mi shirts for trips Thursday-Israel Day Friday – Science Day
(wear your O-la-mi shirts for Shabbat)

BBQ Menu
Savory Burgers Juicy Watermelon Fruity Ice Pops

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La Cucaracha! Week 5 began with an amazing Fiesta Day! There were so many of our O-la-mi kids in sombreros and ponchos. We enjoyed singing Spanish songs all day. At lunch, we enjoyed tortilla chips and salsa. They were delicious. On Tuesday, we celebrated Disney Day! There were so many different outfits and costumes to see! We saw characters from the movie “Cars” and many, many Disney princesses: Arielle, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Jack Sparrow, and of course, lots of Mickey and Minnie ears. Some of the counselors dressed as Tinkerbell; that was fun to see. We enjoyed lots of music from classic Disney movies at lunch. Danny Magic wowed us with his cool tricks and humor during his amazing magic show. The kids were blown away- they simply loved him! We all laughed and laughed! The best part for the Chaverim campers was that they all got the chance to pet a real bunny named Stew. He was sooooo soft! Our afternoon couldn’t have been more perfect with another one of our JCC Maccabi Color War challenges! The blue and white faced off in capture the flag games, relay races, and potato sack races. It got intense at times, but they all pulled through to show good sportsmanship. On Scavenger Hunt Day, Thursday, all the kids at O-la-mi had to find clues to solve scavenger hunt questions such as, “How many leaves are on the Tree of Life?”, and “How many drinking fountains are in the JCC?” They did a great job solving the questions and really good at finding lots of fun stuff in the building! Friday was Shabbat and a hot dog barbeque. It was also Mitzvah Day, where we all had the chance to do something “extra” nice for someone else. We were given stickers for being such kind and helpful friends. Doing good deeds makes us feel amazing! We had a food drive in the morning where we collected non- perishable food items to donate to those in need. Another great week at O-la-mi!


Specialist News TAG with Bob T = Torah, the Five Books of Moses A = Avodah, service G = G’milut Chasadim, acts of kindness

This week we learned more about the Ninth of Av – Tishah B’Av – the day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. (This year, Tishah B’Av begins Wednesday evening and ends on Thursday evening.) Our Sages tell the story of Kamtza and Bar-Kamtza, where one of these men is accidentally invited to the very formal party of a very important man in Jerusalem. As it turns out, the host is bitter enemies with the mistakenly invited guest, and proceeds to embarrass this guest repeatedly in front of all the other guests. As a result, the insulted guest leaves the party and concocts a story declaring that the Jewish nation is in the process of rebelling against the Roman authorities. The Roman governor winds up believing the story and the ramifications lead to the ultimate destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 of the Common Era at the hands of the Roman Empire. Our Sages ask a very important question – who in this story is to blame? They answer that the guests who remained bystanders and let the events unfold are the ones to blame. They are the ones who could have stopped the host’s embarrassment of his guest, and hence, the monumental and disastrous events that unfolded. In addition to being timely, this story provided us with the opportunity to discuss how we should treat one another, and that we should be involved in making peace with each other and treat one another with respect and friendship. After all, our theme this year in TAG is “Who should be shown respect? The person that shows respect to all of creation.”

Art with Holly

In art this week we met some new friends who have joined us in the second half of camp and the week went great. Chaverim B, Bonim K A and Kinderplace got the music going for fiesta day by making maracas. Bonim K B, and Chaverim A made Mickey/Minnie mouse ears to wear on Disney day while Tzofim 3 sculpted their favorite characters out of model magic clay. Bonim 1A and Bonim 2 made there own hand print in model magic and decorated them for a fun camp keepsake. Bonim 1B learned a little about the ancient art of origami paper folding. And Tzofim 4/5/6 made their own scratch paper. Another fun week, only to be topped by the ones to come.

“Beehive” is a new chant that has all the Chaverim campers buzzing. The children enjoyed counting the number of bees coming out of the beehive (their cupped hands of course). The Bonim campers are learning new songs like “Shiru” with dance moves and “Heyvenu” with hand motions. Our favorite parts are the “doo wop” and the “shimmy.” The most requested songs are “Of Yavo Shalom” and the “Beaver Song.” Tzofim welcomed lots of new campers to their group with a musical name game where they made up imaginary scenarios that began with the same letter as their name.

Music with Sarah


Look at the Chaverim campers go!! It is absolutely amazing that the three and four year olds are swimming around on their own. Some of the children are so comfortable in the water that they are jumping in with confidence. Most of them love putting their faces into the water and are ready to use the correct form with their arms for the front crawl. So many Bonim campers who are in the Minnow and Level I group have already been moved up a level. These children are learning so quickly and we are so proud of them. The children who are in the other levels of swim are learning not only new skills, but stroke refinement as well. There are not any Tzofim campers in Level I anymore. Each child is excelling in their skills at such a rapid rate. The children are swimming so nicely and are very involved in learning new skills and allowing us to correct what needs to be corrected with their form. Nice Work everyone!


Sports and Color War with Coach Mo

This week all the groups played basketball. The Chaverim and Kinderplace kids worked on improving their dribbling skills with some fun games like basketball freeze tag, relay races, beanbag pick up, and dribble knockout. The Bonim and Tzofim groups worked on their jump shots and lay-ups. They are starting to learn how to shoot with proper form. On Wednesday we had one of the biggest games of Capture the Flag!!! It was a close and competitive game, but in the end the blue team came out on top. Later on that day we had some great relay races that had the kids grabbing tennis balls out of a bin and going through and obstacle course to drop their ball in their team’s buckets. The score as of now stands at 428 for Blue and 365 for White.

Games with Coach Jen

This week we have been playing capture the flag. The kids learned the rules of the game and had a great time. They were all well prepared for the color war challenge we had on Wednesday. The team work was fantastic!

Dance with Roni

This week we learned a new dance to “I Like to Move it, Move it.” The kids loved it! Ask them to show you the dance at home. We also did our High School Musical dance again this week. In electives we warmed up to a Disney song and did an Israeli dance called “Tzigale Bom.” The Tzofim dancers did a crazy “Grease” dance. All of the campers were amazing this week – good job to all!

We had a Hebrew competition this week! There are Hebrew signs all over the JCC. The kids had to memorize the signs and their meanings for points. Bonim K A were the winners! We also focused on the Israeli Army, also known as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), or “Tzahal.” The Bonim and Tzofim groups heard some of Stav’s personal experiences. We talked about why it is important for everyone in the army not only to dress in the same uniform, but to behave according to the same rules, and to demonstrate the value of equality. We imitated army behavior for a few minutes, and they saw pictures of Stav’s army service. They were so interested, and asked a lot of questions. We read a Hebrew book, “Tiras Cham”, “Hot Corn” with Chaverim and KinderPlace, and we sang the song from that book, “Bim Bim Bom, Tiras Cham.” All the kids learned the song and got stickers! What a fun week!

Israeli Adventures with Stav


Group Highlights Chaverim Highlights
and Jake thought the magic show was great. Aaron and Joreh loved singing and moving to “Hurry, Hurry Drive the Firetruck” during music. Ayden and Zachary had so much fun cutting out their Mickey ears in art. Abril like playing “Clean My Backyard” with Coach Mo. The Angelfish: We had a blast in sports with Coach Mo. The children played basketball. Ella, Lee, Max, Alana and Ryan all made a basket! In art we made maracas. Jacob Z., Emma, Tamar and Nurit enjoyed decorating and shaking their maracas. Our group loves to sing. Music with Sarah is always exciting. Lilly, Zoe, Ariana, Sophie, Sam L., and Jacob L. all like the song about “Tiny Tim the Turtle.” Danny Magic was terrific! Eli, Matthew, Emily and Anne really laughed and enjoyed the show.

The Ladybugs: Zoe, Tamar, Ethan and Ali had an absolute blast in the pool this week. Naomi, Reese, Keira

The Penguins (late stay)

The Penguins had a great week! On Monday we painted with kitchen utensils. The children got very creative with this activity. They stamped, splattered and mixed the paint all together. It was messy, but it was fun! On Tuesday we made, “Ants on a Log” with celery, cream cheese and raisins. The children spread the cream cheese themselves and were very proud of it! On Wednesday we played circle games. The children love learning new games to play with their friends. On Thursday we had a “tactile” scavenger hunt – locating various items with different textures. On Friday we had spoon relay races with beads. The children had to carry the beads on the spoon to the team on the other side without spilling any. If they did, they had to go back and pick them up. It was really cute to see them all concentrating so hard.

enjoyed salsa and chips at lunch, yummy said the children. We enjoy the great stories that Mr. Abrams shares with us about kindness, respect and working together. Music with Sarah is very exciting, she teaches us new songs, a favorite is the fire truck song. The children really loved Danny Magic, he had some great tricks. Some of the children helped to clean the garden as well as do some much needed weeding. As always there was a ton of action on the climber with friends and don’t forget the fun on the hill with scooter cars. It’s been hot and sticky so Maria has been cooling the children down with a gentle spray from the hoses (they love it).

KinderPlace Highlights The Springing Preying Mantises: What a fabulous week. On fiesta day we decorated maracas in art and

Bonim Highlights The Big Silly Monsters have had another great week! We made maracas in art out of red cups, ribbon

and feathers. In Israeli Adventures, Stav told us all about the Israeli Army. Dylan, Andrew and Aiden were discussing the army all day. This week each camper got a Hebrew word to learn – we got 15 points in Stav’s game! See if they still remember their word. Adam and Sophie helped get many of these points. Aaron, Ben and Jeremy showed their athletic skills in sports with Coach Mo, what fast runners they are and they protected their home bases in capture the flag. On the playground, Eliza and Marcello had fun doing the monkey bars and playing with all the other kids. Carly, Mollie and Sarah showed their dance skills during freeze dance with Roni. The Big Silly Monsters are happy to have Andrew back with them – he was missed last week.


The Fiery Sleeping Transforming Pikachus from Montana We welcomed back three campers this

week: Mira, Bruce and Ruthie. We would also like to welcome Talia to The Transformers. This was a very exciting week. Drew and Jordan L. had fun eating chips and salsa on fiesta day. Julia, Maddie and Noa boogied on down in Contemporary dance with Roni and Stav. Miles and Matthew F. got some runs in baseball. Mathias and Matthew C. had a blast in basketball with Coach Mo. Jordan S. and Marco made some cool experiments in science. Disney Day and Magic Day were fantastic. Everyone had a great time this week.

Team Rocketpower: Kayleigh and Avi got to be special helpers for Danny Magic during the magic show. Josh, Billy, Julia L., Connor and Andrew loved being the winners of the races in the fun fitness elective. We welcomed Ming Ming and Annie this week to Team Rocketpower. So far they have enjoyed every minute of O-la-mi. Julia B. and Kathryn loved doing art with Holly for their elective this week. Brendan and Leo got another chance to work on their baseball skills in the baseball elective. Emma had so much fun dancing to “We Go Together” with Roni and Stav. We then learned all the words to that song with Sarah in music. Of course we all loved color war – looking forward to seeing which team wins! The Cool Rock Star Dragons: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro! Week 5 at O-la-mi started with a camp-wide fiesta, complete with sombreros, Spanish tunes and salsa! The Cool Rock Star Dragons welcomed back Daniel and Ella this week. On Disney day, each Rock Star became a prince or princess for the day. Daniel’s homemade Peter Pan costume was a hit, showing us all the kid within; Scarlett transformed into Cinderella effortlessly. Zevi, Kara and Joey became little Einsteins in science…bubbling volcanoes of baking soda and vinegar. Etan may soon become the next Picasso. Spells and tricks invaded on Wednesday. Dafna and Caitlin really enjoyed the show. Color war brought out the competitive side of us all. Josh and Arnav have such energy. Shaina demonstrated her great moves in dance and Maya showed great skill in capture the flag. Alana is becoming a better swimmer each day. Ella’s knack for the clues helped us get place to place during our scavenger hunt. We wrapped the week up with Mitzvah Day and the group came together to show kindness and help one another. What a fun week! The Wiggly Waggly Worms: We welcomed Mark, our new CIT this week and four new campers. Kaila, Morgana and Jordana were mystified by Danny Magic! Abby, Jake and Jocelyn exploded with fun in science making volcanoes. Hoyt, Harrison and Ethan knocked one out of the ballpark in baseball. Noah and Daniel stole the show at capture the flag with Jen. Andrew, Gwyn and Alexander painted beautiful pictures in their art elective. Sydney and Hadas were fascinated with Stav’s stories of Israel and the army. Amanda and Lily loved Maccabi color war this week. Go Blue! Go White! We missed Jeison this week – see you next week.

Tzofim Highlights

The Japanese Tiger Eagles had two great new campers this week. Welcome Arthur and Noam!! Arrribbbba! Monday was truly a fiesta to remember. Chips and salsa for all. Dylan wore a great sombrero. Disney day was just as exciting. Evie and Nicole were rockin’ it as Hannah Montana and Tamar wore a fabulous Mickey hat. Everyone had a fantastic time competing in the color war challenge. The score is constantly changing. Danny Magic was awesome! Sam, Caitlin and Arthur especially loved it! Noam thought the burning wallet trick was super cool. Mia, Madison, Josh, Jayce and Casey are becoming great young artists in cartooning. Aliyah, Charlotte and Hannah are working to become the next Paula Deans in cooking. Jacob lost a tooth this week at swimming. He commented, "Now I have another big hole in my mouth!" Finally Kevin and Brett swing for the fences in baseball. The Japanese Tiger Eagles are looking forward to week 6.


The 456 Super Blue Skeletons are so happy to announce we have some great new campers who joined

our group this week. Jocelyn, Alexa, Aaron, Nathan, Dustin, Tal, Sabrina, Melanie and Marissa. Everyone in the group was so excited and is looking forward to the next three weeks. This week our themes were fiesta, Disney, magic, scavenger hunt and mitzvah day. Cooking was a huge hit. Sam, Melanie, Bryce, Michael and Emily made delicious nachos and frosted cupcakes. Music was a melody trip around the world. Zoe and Jocelyn sang amazing African music. The kids in baseball all played like stars. Alexa, Lewis, Aaron, Pavel, Evan and Tal were amazing. Dustin, Marissa and Matthew made beautiful cartoons – they are hanging in the hallway. Come check the art out. Miranda had a great time swimming with her friends in the pool. Sabrina shouted her lungs out in our color war song session during lunch. Nathan played a great game of capture the flag; what a good sport. Color war is getting very intense. We all love the competition.

CIT Highlights

We welcomed a few new CIT’s this week: Lily Scacht (Bonim Kb), Alex Seibert (Tzofim 3), Marc Cerulli (Bonim 2), Jackoby Jackson (Bonim 1b), and Johhny Nguyen (Sports CIT). They have been doing an amazing job with the kids in their group! Our other CIT’s have been doing fabulously as well. As always, Rudy got us energized during “Ruach” at lunch, Caitlin wowed us with her patience, Sam did a great job playing with Team Rocket Power. Another great week, guys!

We give a warm good-bye to the following campers: Chaverim: Zoe Hurwitz and Emma Salvatore Bonim K: Eliza Auslander, Bruce Balinsky and Dylan Lanci Bonim 2: Jake Balinsky Tzofim 3: Joshua Lewis We will miss you. We hope to see you again next summer! “We Go Together…”

See you next week!


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